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The sipping forecast – part one

 Mark As Read    

Under the watchful eye of our buyer and Italian wine expert David Berry Green, a trio of our winemakers reflect on the progess of Italy’s 2014 vintage Giovanni Scarfone at Bonavita, Sicily After a dry winter with little rain and higher than average temperatures we were met with a wet spring. The summer was very […] The post The sipping foreca...

Berrys' Wine Blog 4 days ago

Welch's Commercial: Talking Grapes

 Mark As Read    

Children of the Concords The average American watches more than five hours of live television every day. Somewhere in that television viewing, there are several commercials. Commercials have a way of either enticing us with their goods or just numb our brains. I know when and if I watch a channel dependent on an onslaught of commercials, it is my ...

Bites: Restaurant Report: Char in Singapore

 Mark As Read    

Two brothers are quietly trying to revolutionize the island’s Chinese-style roast meat scene.

The Pour 4 days ago

Are Wine Critics More Qualified Than Wine Bloggers?

 Mark As Read    

A friend of mine – Elaine Brown of Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews – recently sent me a note indicating that another friend of mine (David White of Terroirist) and I were mentioned in an online article over at that was written by yet another friend of mine, Jonathan Cristaldi. Yeah, the wine world is […] Grab The 1WineDude....

1 Wine Dude 4 days ago

SEO and wine blog pitches – beware

 Mark As Read    

When I get pitched about things that surpass my HyperText Markup Language (HTML) 101 class, I turn to Jose. I know there are a lot of things that take down my blog, because I've had so many crashes. The good news for me is my IT person is living with me, and goes into immediate […] The post SEO and wine blog pitches – beware appeared fi...

Wine Blog 5 days ago

Are single-vineyard wines better than blends?

 Mark As Read    

  Of the five wines I gave perfect scores of 100 points to during my years as a wine critic, two were blends: Cardinale 2006 and Verite 2007 La Muse. (Yes, both were Jackson Family Wines, which is one of the reasons I love working here.) If I’d thought, by the time I reviewed them, […]

Touring (and Tasting the Wines of) Vini e Distillati Angelo Delea SA, with David Delea, Switzerland

 Mark As Read    

Picture: Christian G.E. Schiller and Angelo Delea at Vini e Distillati Angelo Delea SAAs part of the 2014 Digitul Wine Communications Conference in Montreux, Switzerland, I explored the wines of Ticino during a post-conference press trip. This posting - Touring (and Tasting the Wines of) Vini e Distillati Angelo Delea SA, with David Delea, Switzerl...

Schiller Wine 5 days ago

Truchard Vineyards – a step back in time

 Mark As Read    

[…] The post Truchard Vineyards – a step back in time appeared first on Luscious Lushes - a wine, food, and travel blog.

Luscious Lushes 5 days ago

Everyday Economics: How Forbidding Foie Gras Increased the Appetite for It

 Mark As Read    

Telling Californians they couldn’t have foie gras has led people to use it in ways they previously didn’t.

The Pour 5 days ago

Animal Welfare at Risk in Experiments for Meat Industry

 Mark As Read    

In the past 50 years, lamb chops have gotten bigger, pork loins less fatty and steaks easier to chew — all thanks in part to the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center. But these achievements have come at a steep cost to the center’s animals.

The Pour 5 days ago

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Let’s Address the State of Food

 Mark As Read    

There are at least four crucial issues the president should mention in his speech that affect our health. But will he?

The Pour 5 days ago

Only You Can Prevent Vegetable Abuse

 Mark As Read    

Vegetables often get a very bad name. Sometimes it is deserved, but more often than not it's your fault. Yes, your fault! Mine too. Here's one half of the problem; people like me make fun of vegetables, and probably even … Continue reading →

another wine blog 5 days ago

Jolie Pearl Sets the Bar for Oysters

 Mark As Read    

Beausoleil Oysters at Jolie PearlJolie Pearl, located at 315 North Blvd.Recently I had the opportunity to check out one of Baton Rouge's newest and most hyped restaurants, Jolie Pearl. The downtown oyster bar, situated across from the North Boulevard's Town Square, serves raw and cooked oysters that delight the senses. Upon entering the old Jobe's ...

Bite and Booze 5 days ago

Wine Reviews: Weekly Mini Round-Up For January 19, 2015

 Mark As Read    

So, like, what is this stuff, anyway? I taste a bunch-o-wine (technical term for more than most people). So each week, I share some of my wine reviews (mostly from samples) and tasting notes with you via twitter (limited to 140 characters). They are meant to be quirky, fun, and easily-digestible reviews of currently available […] Grab The 1W...

1 Wine Dude 5 days ago

Interview with Nelson Carvalheiro: Award Winning Portuguese Travel Writer

 Mark As Read    

Editor's Note: Today we're heading off the beaten path to introduce Nelson Carvalheiro, an award winning Portuguese travel and photo blogger who's been garnering heaps of attention for his dynamic and passionate tales. We, however, are more interested in what causes saudades (homesickness) when he's thousands of miles from home.  What instigated yo...

Catavino 6 days ago

What some of today’s digital writers are being paid these days

 Mark As Read    

Web 2.0 launched; it opened the flood gates to digital writers. The playing field became a time lapsed frenzy on the field, like at the end of a Super Bowl. So many writers, almost free talent, if publishers are willing to switch off history for a while. That crashed many of those traditional jobs for […] The post What some of today's digital...

Wine Blog 6 days ago

On the art of blending

 Mark As Read    

  The new book The Winemaker’s Hand, which contains interviews of winemakers, is a testament to the art of blending. “Blending is very intuitive…it’s neither linear nor logical,” Cathy Corison tells author Natalie Berkowitz, adding, “A plus B doesn’t equal A plus B.” Her fellow Napan, Bill Dyer, refers to the “hunches and perceptions” involved...

Weingut Bickel-Stumpf in Franken: Vineyard Walk and Wine Tasting with Reimund Stumpf, Matthias Stumpf and Melanie Stumpf-Kröger - Germany-North Wine Tour by ombiasy (2014)

 Mark As Read    

Picture: In the Vineyard with Reimund Stumpf, Weingut Bickel-StumpfThe Germany-North Wine Tour by ombiasy (2014) took us to 2 exceptional winemakers in the Franken region. One of them was Weingut Bickel-Stumpf in Frickenhausen.Picture: Welcome at Weingut Bickel-Stumpf - Melanie Stumpf-Kröger Weingut Bickel-Stumpf is a typical family run winery and...

Schiller Wine 6 days ago

2012 Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Forty Licks Merlot Mendocino County 750 mL

 Mark As Read    

To capture the essence of Forty Licks, the 40 tracks that cover the Rolling Stone's career, Winemaker Mark Beaman chose to work with Merlot. This varietal captures the comfort of turning to a solid classic that stands the test of time. Much like the band itself, Mendocino County winemaking stays true to its roots with […]

Wine Blog Pro 7 days ago

A Good Appetite: Lemon Bars With a Touch of the Tart and the Tangy

 Mark As Read    

Olive oil and sea salt bring complexity and sophistication to this lemon bar recipe. (Article plus video.)

The Pour 8 days ago

The fondue delimma and the Swiss Franc surge

 Mark As Read    

The Swiss franc surged in foreign currency trading yesterday as the central bank decided to stop defending the 1.20 floor with the euro. Last trade in the EURCHF was 0.99, so that's a 20% surge for the Swissie. The CEO of Swatch was appalled at the currency move will likely send prices higher in foreign […] The post The fondue delimma and the...

Dr Vino's wine blog 8 days ago

Anthony's Italian Deli Glows on Government!

 Mark As Read    

Anythony's famous muffolettaFor years now I've raved about the muffoletta at Anthony’s Italian Deli. An elegant combination of olive salad, mortadella, salami, mozzarella, ham, and provolone sandwiched between round Sicilian sesame bread, the muffoletta might just be the perfect sandwich. In fact, Country Roads Magazine named it the best sandwich i...

Bite and Booze 8 days ago

Good times for DTC

 Mark As Read    

  Ever since I’ve been a wine writer—the 1980s—direct-to-consumer sales has been the Holy Grail of wineries. Why pay a middleman a cut of the profits when you can make 100% of every dollar by selling direct? In the 1990s and early 2000s, though, DTC was as elusive as unicorns. Some wineries did a lot […]

No answer is an answer

 Mark As Read    

No answer is an answer, if you don't understand that yet. When "no" is an answer, it t can mean several things: The person is on vacation The person isn't quite sure what to say and needs more time to think about it It's a "no," but the person is not even going to get […] The post No answer is an answer appeared first on Wine Blog....

Wine Blog 9 days ago

New German Arrivals from Rudi Wiest Selections at MacArthur Beverages, with Nancy Peach and Phil Bernstein, Washington DC, USA

 Mark As Read    

Picture: Nancy Peach Pouring Rudi Wiest Selections Wines at MacArthur Beverages in Washington DC, USARudi Wiest is the Grand Seigneur of German wine in the United States and his import company Rudi Wiest Selections a leading importer of fine German wines in the United States market.The new Northeast Sales Manager of Rudi Wiest Selections, Nancy Pea...

Schiller Wine 9 days ago

Jean-Claude Baker, a Restaurateur, Dies at 71

 Mark As Read    

Mr. Baker created the Manhattan restaurant Chez Josephine in memory of Josephine Baker, who had befriended him as a child and whose biography he wrote.

The Pour 9 days ago

A Texas Food & Wine Extravaganza from Three Texas Authors: Texas by the Book

 Mark As Read    

A Texas Food & Wine Extravaganza from Three Texas Authors: Texas by the Book  When: Friday, February 27, 2015, 6:30 p.m. Where: At Cabernet Grill – Texas Hill Country Restaurant in Fredericksburg, Texas The Cabernet Grill Restaurant at the Cotton Gin Village in Fredericksburg, Texas, is pleased to announce a celebratory early-spring Texas wine ...

VintageTexas 9 days ago

May 16th 2015 Spring WineFest at Nuyaka Creek

 Mark As Read    

Come on out to the winery and taste our Oklahoma wines! EVENT: 2015 Nuyaka Creek Spring WineFest DATE: May 16, 2015 Noon until 7:00 PM ADMISSION: Buy one $5.00 souvenir wine glass and taste all of... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more! ]]

Oklahoma Wine News 9 days ago

Steak Marinade Recipe

 Mark As Read    

Cheers2Wine is pleased to offer this flavorful steak marinade recipe.

Cheers2Wine Blog 9 days ago

The Pour: 20 Wines for Under $20

 Mark As Read    

A selection of inexpensive bottles that won’t be found on the main highways of wine.

The Pour 9 days ago


 Mark As Read    

BENDING BRANCH WINERY WELCOMES JENNIFER McINNIS NEW  MARKETING & SALES MANAGER Bending Branch Winery is proud to announce that Jennifer McInnis will join its team January 26 as the company's Marketing and Sales Manager. Jennifer will be responsible for marketing initiatives, social media and on premise restaurant sales. Jennifer comes from the ...

VintageTexas 9 days ago

Next NYU wine class starts Feb 4

 Mark As Read    

Make good on your new year's resolution to learn more about wine and sign up for my next wine class at NYU. It's open to all adult learners and, fear not, there are no grades so you don't have to worry that your parents will be disappointed if they were to see a bad grade […] The post Next NYU wine class starts Feb 4 appeared first on Dr Vino...

Dr Vino's wine blog 9 days ago

Hungry City: Plant Love House in Elmhurst, Queens

 Mark As Read    

At Plant Love House in Elmhurst, Queens, a mother and her daughters offer Thai street food with house rules that will have you grinning.

The Pour 9 days ago

Secrets from the cellar

 Mark As Read    

  As an old karate hound, I stay in touch with my senseis. One of them recently sent me an article about a very great aikido sensei who refuses to demonstrate any technique more than once, “because if I do a technique twice, it will be stolen!” For a martial arts student, that’s pretty funny; […]

Furmint Adventures Episode 2: Tokaj-Hétsz?l? Vineyards

 Mark As Read    

The second installment of my (drunken) Tokaj Furmint adventures is now available, embedded below for your viewing edu-tainment! In this week’s video, you’ll meet the affable (and very, very tall) Gergely Makai, winemaker at the famed Tokaj-Hétsz?l?. In this episode, Gergely and I manage to combine modern winemaking, Jedi Knight mind tricks, one of ...

1 Wine Dude 9 days ago

What to drink in 2015: Port

 Mark As Read    

Our Cellar Plan Manager Tom Cave sings the praises of Port, shining a light on which vintages to retrieve from your cellar and uncork in 2015 The 1970 wines and the superb pair of vintages 1963 and 1966 are all now at their pinnacle. While many are still developing and urging no haste, this trio of vintages is […] The post What to drink in 20...

Berrys' Wine Blog 10 days ago

Wine Country Artist Erin Hanson is an Impressionist

 Mark As Read    

Artist Erin Hanson is an Impressionist, which happens to be my favorite style of oil… Long the lover of fine arts, Impressionism is my favorite time in art history; both then and now.  I appreciate how blending strokes come together to masterfully become visual experiences of landscapes. My Jose says this frequently: "Art is anything […...

Wine Blog 10 days ago

Best German Wines and Winemakers “ Stuart Pigott's Favorites (December 2014)

 Mark As Read    

Picture: Christian G.E. Schiller with Achim von Oetinger, Weingut Achim von Oetinger, at Schloss Johannisberg - Achim von Oetinger is Stuart Pigott's Discovery of the Year 2014A few weeks ago, German wine journalist Stuart Pigott published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung his favorite German wines and favorite German wine makers of the...

Schiller Wine 10 days ago

School Daze – Further Adventures in Wine

 Mark As Read    

[…] The post School Daze – Further Adventures in Wine appeared first on Luscious Lushes - a wine, food, and travel blog.

Luscious Lushes 10 days ago

After Suspending Supplier, Chipotle Takes Pork Off Menu in 600 Stores

 Mark As Read    

The unidentified meat supplier failed a routine audit to ensure that it met the company’s animal-welfare standards, causing a shortfall in the main ingredient in carnitas.

The Pour 10 days ago

Berlin wine bars : Maxim

 Mark As Read    

Maxime (on right) with Yann Hugel Berlin, Germany Here is another of these very recent wine bars of Berlin (It's one year old to the day !), it is located on Gormannstraße, a quiet street also opportunely situated in the...

Blanton's: Whisk(e)y Wednesday presented by Lock & Key

 Mark As Read    

Blanton's BourbonWhisk(e)y Wednesday gets back to reviews this week with Blanton's Bourbon. The original single barrel bourbon from the Buffalo Trace distillery in Frankfurt, Kentucky certainly fared well in our taste test.Before I get to the notes, I have a couple housekeeping items. First, we'll be going to the Buffalo Trace distillery in July! I...

Bite and Booze 10 days ago


 Mark As Read    

Review of the Kadma Syrah 2011 and Tomatin 18 Year Old, Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Among the many programs established by the United Nations is the “Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.” The purpose of the catalog is to ensure the continued viability of specific folk practices and encourage dialog to reflec...

Grapelines 10 days ago

Exceeding expectations

 Mark As Read    

Following on from yesterday’s annual Burgundy en primeur tasting, Anne McHale MW shares the wines that she felt stood out from the crowd There was a great buzz at One Great George Street yesterday as press and customers alike joined Burgundian vignerons to explore the 2013 vintage. With more than 100 wines on show, it […] The post Exceeding e...

Berrys' Wine Blog 10 days ago

Jamón Experience: Tasting Spanish ham in Barcelona on a Budget

 Mark As Read    

Unless you fancy yourself a bit of a sweet talker, convincing a vendor at Barcelona’s world-famous La Boqueria market to sell you just one slice each of six different kinds of jamón isn’t likely to happen. I’ve enjoyed once or twice the feeling of hammy contentment after copping a free […]

Catavino 11 days ago

The Warner Wine Guide

 Mark As Read    

I curiously had to click on the pdf and what I realized is that I could learn a lot from this one graphic, so it's worth sharing. I'm giving you the smaller image, so you can see that it's wroth your time and/or interest. The post The Warner Wine Guide appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 11 days ago

Sutter Home Fre Merlot Non-alcoholic Wine

 Mark As Read    

This soft, fruity red possesses the cherrylike fruitiness and smooth texture characteristic of the Merlot variety. It should appeal especially to nonalcoholic wine drinkers seeking the health benefits of red wine along with the sophistication of a world-class varietal.Price:$22.00 Read more

Wine Blog Pro 11 days ago

Einstein, wine quality and a great San Francisco day

 Mark As Read    

  After 1918, when the General Theory of Relativity made headlines all over the world, and Albert Einstein was the most famous scientist in history, the theory became the basis, in the popular mind, for a singular misconception. “The phrase ‘everything is relative’ became very popular. It was thought to mean that nothing is better […]

Weingut Freiherr von Gleichenstein in Baden: Tour and Tasting with Baron Johannes von Gleichenstein “ Germany-South Wine Tour by ombiasy (2014), Germany

 Mark As Read    

Picture: Vintage 2014 Grapes Just HarvestedThe Germany-North Wine Tour by ombiasy (2014) took us to 4 exceptional winemakers in the Kaiserstuhl region. One of them was Weingut Freiherr von Gleichenstein, owned by Baron (Freiherr) Johannes and Baroness Christina von Gleichenstein. Baron Johannes von Gleichenstein toured with us the winery and led a ...

Schiller Wine 11 days ago

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Let Them Eat Foie Gras

 Mark As Read    

To single a tiny fraction of meat production and label it “cruel” is to miss the big picture: Almost all meat production in the United States is cruel.

The Pour 11 days ago
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