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Louisiana Culinary Trails: Red River Riches

 Mark As Read    

Tommy Talley leads the tommysTV crew at Inglewood FarmsThe Shreveport/Bossier area may not be know for their food, but Louisiana Culinary Trails says otherwise. Follow the Red River through the Northwest corner of the state all the way to Alexandria and you'll find some great local eateries. In filming, tommysTV and I were able to chat about what m...

Bite and Booze 31 minutes ago

Zinfandel poised for growth

 Mark As Read    

  Some wine varieties in California are permanently popular with the population. Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, for example. In now, in last year, and they’ll be in next year. Then there are varieties that seem to come and go in cycles, and of them none more so than Zinfandel. It’s had more ins and outs […]

Steve Heimoff| Wine Blog 1 hour, 16 min ago

The last word in festive wines – part five

 Mark As Read    

In our final look at the modish bottles capable of providing vinous pleasure this Christmas, three of our Berry Bros. & Rudd team members – Richard Veal, Fergus Stewart and Martin Hudson MW – look to the far reaches of the Old and New Worlds for the brightest stars. Richard Veal on South Africa, New […] The post The last word in festive w...

Berrys' Wine Blog 7 hours, 29 min ago

Portugal Offers ‘Best Value’ in UK Supermarkets

 Mark As Read    

Of course we want the BEST wine. But let’s be honest, we don’t mean the ‘best’ like Magnus Carlsen is the Best Chess player in the World, or Noma is the Best Restaurant in the World. What we really mean is something more like: “I want the wine that will […]

Catavino 14 hours, 58 min ago

What the Heck Do Hobbits Drink, Anyway?

 Mark As Read    

With the opening of the final chapter in the Hobbit trilogy of films, it seems natural to wonder what hobbits drink—I mean, when they aren’t haring off on adventures with roving troops of dwarves, crawling atop mounds of treasure guard...

Tasting Room 16 hours, 21 min ago

Holiday Gift Guide

 Mark As Read    

This year's holiday Gift Giving Guide for the wine lover on your list. While no wine-lover will ever complain about receiving a special bottle as a holiday gift, there are many other options that would please even the snobbiest on your list.

Grapelines 23 hours, 3 min ago

The Halal Guys in the East Village

 Mark As Read    

With four carts, a restaurant in the East Village and one set to open on the Upper West Side, Halal Guys patrons can’t get enough of the white sauce.

The Pour 23 hours, 27 min ago

Tweets From The Tasting Room

 Mark As Read    

This is a guest post from Mari Kane. She has worked in several tasting rooms throughout California and is now a writer, blogger and WordPress consultant living in Vancouver, BC. She blogs about wine at Tasting Room and about blogging at Blogsite Follow her on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus. Twitter has emerged as t...

Vin 65 23 hours, 59 min ago

Larry J. Cano Dies at 90; Founded El Torito Restaurants

 Mark As Read    

Starting with his first Los Angeles restaurant in the mid-1950s, Mr. Cano helped popularize Mexican food among Americans with his version of the cuisine.

The Pour 1 day ago

Thoughts On Thoughts On Thoughts On Influential Wine Blogs

 Mark As Read    

Back in October (yeah, I really am about that far behind on things), the scientifically-minded Becca Yeamans-Irwin wrote on her blog about a research study that examined five influential English language wine blogs (including this lil’ ol’ one right here) using content analysis software called Leximancer. As you no doubt already expected from the a...

1 Wine Dude 1 day ago

McDonald’s in Japan Is Driven to Ration Fries

 Mark As Read    

A dockworker dispute at American ports has led to a shortage of processed potatoes.

The Pour 1 day ago

The last word in festive wines – part four

 Mark As Read    

Chris Pollington and Martyn Rolph of our Fine Wine team find no shortage of exciting wines to savour this Christmas from Italy and Spain Chris Pollington on Italy What I choose to drink with the main Christmas meal has changed over the 20 years or so that I’ve been in the wine trade. The medium […] The post The last word in festive wines – pa...

Berrys' Wine Blog 1 day ago

Discovering Writer Mark Pendergrast

 Mark As Read    

[This photo is borrowed from Mark Pendergrast's Website.] I enjoy introducing you to other writers in the wine business, or related to it in some seamless way. In this case, it's a fellow writer whose expertise has earned him columns in Wine Spectator, which are related to coffee and evaluating it. Mark is best known […] The post Discovering ...

Wine Blog 1 day ago

Wine as “the good life”? The Wall Street Journal says so!

 Mark As Read    

  I’ve been watching the case of the New York Times for many years, to see what would be the fate of the Gray Lady. At the height of the Great Recession, the paper was said to be perilously close to going under, the result of (a) declining readership because younger people were not reading […]

Eat: In the Beginning

 Mark As Read    

Hors d’oeuvres that prepare the palate for the great work to come.

The Pour 1 day ago

Tasting Whiskey: Whisk(e)y Wednesday presented by Lock & Key

 Mark As Read    

Tasting Whiskey by Lew BrysonFor this week's Whisk(e)y Wednesday we are going to hit you with some knowledge, proudly sponsored by the Lock & Key Whiskey Bar. Whiskey is enjoying a huge surge in popularity from all segments of the population. Whether it is Scotch, Irish, bourbon, rye, Canadian, Japanese, or artisan American whiskies, the spirit...

Bite and Booze 2 days ago

The last word in festive wines – part three

 Mark As Read    

Laura Atkinson, Private Account Manager in our Fine Wine team, discovers a wealth of potential new faces for the Christmas table from Alsace, Austria and Germany Despite its diminutive size, Alsace is home to many of the world's finest white wines; from the majestic and ancient Riesling grape, the exuberant Pinot Gris or the richly-flavoured [̷...

Berrys' Wine Blog 2 days ago

Decopas ~ A wine for the (Millennial) ages

 Mark As Read    

Decopas is a wine dedicated to the Millennial audience, and I believe that this wine is perfectly suited to that age group; however, I love it, too. Their label tells the story perfectly, doesn't it? (See below) The label doesn't tell the story of the winemaker, we don't know about the Estate Vineyards, we don't […] The post Decopas ~ A wine ...

Wine Blog 2 days ago

Braswell’s Merlot Wine Sauce 8.5fl.oz (Pack of 6)

 Mark As Read    

All Natural Braswell's Merlot Wine Sauce. The sophisticated flavor of merlot wine is combined with plum and other spices to create this unique item. Use as a finishing sauce, marinade, or dipping sauce. Great with red meats, poultry or even fish.Price:$26.95 Read more

Wine Blog Pro 2 days ago

When is a review not a review?

 Mark As Read    

  The San Francisco Chronicle’s restaurant reviewer, Michael Bauer, really stirred up a dust storm with this post, “DNR: Three restaurants I’m not reviewing,” on his blog. First, let me say that I’m a Bauer fan. If I’m checking out a restaurant in the Bay Area, I first want to know what Michael said about […]

9 of the Year's Best Red Wine Values

 Mark As Read    

For holiday entertaining, buy your wines by the case—most stores offer a 10 percent or more discount. (And, unlike eggnog, say, bottles that you don’t get around to using for the holidays will still be good for months or potentially ye...

Tasting Room 2 days ago

Critic’s Notebook: Critic’s Notebook: Pete Wells Explores Korean Restaurants in Queens

 Mark As Read    

The Queens kimchi belt has got to be the least explored, discussed and celebrated of the city’s great ethnic-food districts. In and near Flushing, hundreds of restaurants serve classic Korean dishes.

The Pour 2 days ago

Off the Menu: Parm Opens Upper West Side Location

 Mark As Read    

A larger version of the red-sauce joint opens uptown, Sugar Couture comes to Williamsburg and more restaurant openings.

The Pour 3 days ago

Tuesday Twaddle: “Offloading” brands, and the old spinning cone

 Mark As Read    

  When is it time for a winery to “offload” underperforming brands? It happens. You’ve had a line, or SKU, in the market for years, but for some reason, it’s never gained traction. So the hard decision must be faced: Is it time to pull the plug on Grandma? This is the situation Treasury Wine […]

The Furmintation Of The Nation (Kicking Off Furmint USA)

 Mark As Read    

Back in October, I spent a couple of very hectic but very rewarding weeks in Tokaji, Hungary, acting as on-screen “talent” for a promotional push of the region’s excellent dry Furmint white wines, aimed at the American market. I had a fantastic time with everyone involved in the project, but aside from seeing a quick […] Grab The 1WineDude.c...

1 Wine Dude 3 days ago

The last word in festive wines – part two

 Mark As Read    

Adam Holden, Account Manager for our Wholesale Team, turns his expert gaze to the south of France for vinous inspiration befitting the Christmas season The reinvention of the south continues apace. Since the dark days when ‘Vin du Midi’ was more synonymous with quantity than quality, the South of France has become a centre of […] The post The...

Berrys' Wine Blog 3 days ago

The Claw Factor of Sauvignon Blanc

 Mark As Read    

What's the Claw Factor? Sauvignon Blanc is a wine that has a fascinating range and it deserves its own rating system, in my humble opinion. On one end of the spectrum, there are the commodity Sauvignon Blancs. You know, the ones that have no character, no finesse, and something important is missing (like flavors). On […] The post The Claw Fac...

Wine Blog 3 days ago

Celebrate with Franciacorta!

 Mark As Read    

[…] The post Celebrate with Franciacorta! appeared first on Luscious Lushes - a wine, food, and travel blog.

Luscious Lushes 3 days ago

Advertising: Bond’s Martini Will Be Shaken With a Different Vodka

 Mark As Read    

James Bond will be drinking a new brand of vodka in “Spectre,” the coming installment of the Bond thrillers.

The Pour 3 days ago

Wine News (61)

 Mark As Read    

A nice Pic Saint Loup A few weeks ago while on a weekend in the Loire I fell upon a nice Languedoc wine. I didn't know about this winery and chose the bottle who knows why, first because it was...

Napa Spas Where You Can Pamper Yourself

 Mark As Read    

Napa spas are a great place to pamper yourself in the Napa Wine Country. Enjoy a variety of spa treatments in the gorgeous setting of the Napa Valley.

Cheers2Wine Blog 3 days ago

Van Damme State Park

 Mark As Read    

Located just 3 miles south of Mendocino, Van Damme State Park is absolutely beautiful. Highway 1 divides the park in half. Turn inland off the highway to enter the campground and trail area. Van Damme Beach is west of the highway.

Cheers2Wine Blog 3 days ago

Ultimate Meatloaf Recipe

 Mark As Read    

This is the ultimate meatloaf recipe. Serve this comfort food with garlic cheese bread and asparagus. A truly delicious meatloaf recipe!

Cheers2Wine Blog 3 days ago

Front Burner: Riedel Creates a New Champagne Glass

 Mark As Read    

A California Olive Oil Bar in Brooklyn, Holiday Capons and More Food News

The Pour 4 days ago

Lindsay Nations: Baronness of Beer

 Mark As Read    

The Louisiana craft beer scene has taken off in the past few years and we definitely haven't seen the last of it. There are already talks of a handful of new breweries planning to open within the next couple of years. One of the newer kids on the block, the Great Raft Brewing Company out of Shreveport, Louisiana, has made quite a splash since the...

Bite and Booze 4 days ago

Wine Reviews: Weekly Mini Round-Up For December 15, 2014

 Mark As Read    

So, like, what is this stuff, anyway? I taste a bunch-o-wine (technical term for more than most people). So each week, I share some of my wine reviews (mostly from samples) and tasting notes with you via twitter (limited to 140 characters). They are meant to be quirky, fun, and easily-digestible reviews of currently available […] Grab The 1W...

1 Wine Dude 4 days ago

Coravin – The only gift for wine geeks this holiday season

 Mark As Read    

I’m not a fan of wine gadgets, I never felt I needed them. Despite this, we had invited Greg Lambrecht from Coravin, the high tech company which was regarded as the hottest thing on the market, to speak at sponsor our event, the DWCC, because of his potential to disrupt […]

Catavino 4 days ago

The last word in festive wines – part one

 Mark As Read    

Our trio of Berry Bros. & Rudd team members – Anne McHale MW, Edwin Dublin and Barbara Drew – have pooled their wisdom to divine the on-trend wines worth entertaining this Christmas, from Champagne, Burgundy and the Loire Anne McHale MW on Burgundy  Beaujolais is making a comeback. As a whole the region is gradually […] The post The last ...

Berrys' Wine Blog 4 days ago

Wine is a civilizing beverage

 Mark As Read    

I was just reminded that "wine is a civilizing beverage" as I tasted through some wines of Turkey. The post Wine is a civilizing beverage appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 4 days ago

Twelve Tips for Better Content Creation

 Mark As Read    

  I recently came across this statistic in an infographic on content marketing: “64% of B2B content marketers say their biggest challenge is producing enough content.” (B2B means business-to-business.) I would suspect that “producing enough content” also is the biggest challenge for B2C (business-to-consumer) content marketers. Cranking out co...

Waters Warm, and Cod Catch Ebbs in Maine

 Mark As Read    

The Gulf of Maine’s waters are warming — faster than almost any ocean waters on earth, scientists say — and fish are voting with their fins for cooler places to live.

The Pour 4 days ago

Opinion: Can Seafood Be Kosher and Sustainable?

 Mark As Read    

Observant Jews who want to eat eco-friendly fish face a dilemma.

The Pour 5 days ago

2012 House of Independent Producers Merlot 750ml

 Mark As Read    

2012 was another excellent and more normal vintage in Washington State, a welcome change after the cooler and wetter 2010 and 2011 vintages. The "fading" La Nina current brought warmer and more even spring and summer temperatures and an extended warm, dry autumn with perfect 80 to 85 Fahrenheit afternoon highs and 40 to 50 […]

Wine Blog Pro 6 days ago

Neighborhood Joint: Where Starbucks Meets Matcha: Ippodo Tea in Murray Hill

 Mark As Read    

Ippodo Tea, a Japanese company based in Kyoto, serves green teas in Murray Hill, including matcha, which is gaining a wider following in the United States.

The Pour 6 days ago

Canadian fisticuffs! Sipped & spit

 Mark As Read    

Oh, Canada! Check out this 5-minute radio segment from CBC wherein to Canadian wine personalities start sparring verbally–and then literally–in the studio. And there's no hockey involved. Good stuff. Very Monty Python-esque. You will be LOLing. In other wine news: AU REVOIR and BONJOUR: Jacques Puffeney, a viticultural leader in the Jur...

Dr Vino's wine blog 6 days ago

Friday Feature Photo: Christmas in Cabo do Roca

 Mark As Read    

Photographer: Ana Arpa Capture Date:  December 10, 2006 Location: Cabo do Roca, Portugal About: This photo was taken over the holidays near Cabo da Roca (Cape Roca), the westernmost point of mainland Portugal and continental Europe. It also happens to serve up some of the most delicious grilled fish in Portugal! Not a bad way to feast over Christma...

Catavino 6 days ago

A Good Appetite: A Porchetta Pork Roast Recipe

 Mark As Read    

The Italian version uses a baby pig, but this Brooklyn recipe keeps crowds coming back. (Article plus video.)

The Pour 7 days ago

Louisiana Culinary Trails: Seafood Sensation

 Mark As Read    

Dan Jones, Jay Ducote, Jordan Lewis, Fred Mince, and Tommy Talley interview Mike Krajicek inside of Botsky's in Downtown Lake CharlesTommy Talley sips on a Bayou Rum cocktail at the distillery in LacassineYou can find boudin, cracklin, and crawfish across the state of Louisiana, but some of the best stuff originates from Southwest Louisiana. The Lo...

Bite and Booze 7 days ago

Tasting Wines of Turkey for the Very First Time

 Mark As Read    

There's a first for everything, I know. Never, in my wildest dreams, did I even think of Turkey as a county producing wines, which just shows how naive I am, even after 20+ years in the wine business, learning everything one step at a time. I guess after 20 years, I deserve to know more […] The post Tasting Wines of Turkey for the Very First ...

Wine Blog 7 days ago
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