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Nordic Food Is a Doorway for Scandinavian Spirits

 Mark As Read    

The New Nordic cuisine opens the way for Baska Snaps, Bjork Birch Liqueur and other Scandinavian-style drinks.

The Pour 10 hours, 8 min ago

Second Look: Tavern on the Green

 Mark As Read    

Holding out hope that Jeremiah Tower, formerly of Chez Panisse, can rescue Tavern on the Green.

The Pour 10 hours, 37 min ago

Efficiency in the Kitchen to Reduce Food Waste

 Mark As Read    

Restaurants, home cooks and now a growing number of cities are embracing the belief that efficiency, composting and wasting less in the kitchen are just smart economics.

The Pour 11 hours, 16 min ago

Tips to Reduce Food Waste

 Mark As Read    

A guide to storing food wisely and using nearly every bite, scrap and smidgen in your kitchen.

The Pour 11 hours, 25 min ago

Even Composting Comes With Sticker Shock

 Mark As Read    

Stickers have become all too common in grocery stores, creating headaches for composters.

The Pour 11 hours, 28 min ago

Off the Menu: Kiin Thai Eatery Opens in East Village

 Mark As Read    

The owners of Somtum Der have opened another offshoot. This time, instead of Isan food, they’re serving home-style country Thai.

The Pour 11 hours, 39 min ago

Restaurants: Restaurant Review: Via Carota in the West Village

 Mark As Read    

The chefs Jody Williams and Rita Sodi, partners in business and domestic affairs, are the owners and chefs of Via Carota in Greenwich Village.

The Pour 11 hours, 57 min ago

Say I Love You, to Wine!

 Mark As Read    

Just because Valentine’s Day is over, doesn’t mean the romance has to stop! Keep the sparks flying by showing some love for your one true soul mate who will never let you down …wine! Touring & Tasting has picked out some romantic getaways in wine country that are sure to impress that special someone! Red

Ken's Wine Guide 16 hours, 49 min ago

MS, MW, 1WD (DIAM Wine Conversations Forum 2015)

 Mark As Read    

What do you get when you cross a Master Sommelier, a Master of Wine, and… me? I don't know, either, but it's happening, and I am guessing that it will be entertaining, and hopefully not a little informative. I'll be joining Master Somm Evan Goldstein, and Master of Wine Bob Paulinski in both Santa Rosa […] Grab The Tastin...

1 Wine Dude 17 hours, 56 min ago

Letter of Recommendation: Letter of Recommendation: LaCroix Sparkling Water

 Mark As Read    

“My seltzer fixation broadcasts to the world that I’m getting older.”

The Pour 18 hours, 59 min ago

The Thank You That Changed My Thinking

 Mark As Read    

Do you have a publicist? Second question… Have you ever said thank you? PR – for the most part – is a really thankless job in many regards, and so it should be. I have no doubt about that one. I've learned some things along that way that are really worth sharing, though, that have […] The post The Thank You That Changed My T...

Wine Blog 22 hours, 55 min ago

2009 Glencorrie Red Blend of Cab, Merlot, Malbec 750ml

 Mark As Read    

We aim for mature black fruit aromas and good natural acidity which will pair well with seasoned meats and sauces.Price:$23.00 Read more

Wine Blog Pro 23 hours, 15 min ago

Tuesday Twaddle: Jon Bonné, Wine Scams, and Can Napa’s Neighbor Steal Their Business?

 Mark As Read    

  For some time now, the San Francisco Chronicle—Northern California’s largest newspaper, and a force in its wine industry for decades—has been cutting back on wine reporting. The paper used to have a standalone wine section. They did away with that some years ago, and merged it into a weekly wine and food section. Then […]

Steve Heimoff| Wine Blog 23 hours, 46 min ago

Vineyard Walk, Cellar Tour and Wine Tasting at Weingut Künstler “ Germany-North Wine Tour by ombiasy (2014)

 Mark As Read    

Picture: Wine Tasting with Stefan Traub at Weingut Künstler in HochheimWhile I were drinking wine for dinner at home with my parents, I got serious about wine, when I studied and taught at the University of Mainz in Mainz between 1973 and 1983. I was joined on that path by my then girlfriend and later wife Annette, who I met and got married to in ...

Schiller Wine 1 day ago

Revisiting an old friend: Morrison Lane Syrah - 2005

 Mark As Read    

Syrah is one of France's most noblest black grape varieties. This dark inky grape is known for its dark brooding color, distinctive and intense nose and palate. Here on the West Coast people will often think of California for Syrah. However, I will differ on that. Washington State, notably those Syrah vines from Walla Walla AVA, and especially now ...

Fried Foods of Portugal! You know you want it!

 Mark As Read    

Though there’s every reason to tout the Mediterranean traits of the Portuguese diet, let’s be real, there’s also plenty of fried and fatty goodness to gorge on. On my latest trip to Portugal, I checked off a few savory and sweet items that had been on my long list of […]

Catavino 1 day ago

Front Burner: Bonnie Slotnick Finds a New Home

 Mark As Read    

A vintage cookbook shop; hamantaschen, triangular pastries for the Jewish holiday; a cake stand that stands out; a new ramen spot at City Kitchen; and more.

The Pour 1 day ago

In France, Pesticides Get in Way of Natural Wines

 Mark As Read    

Growers are going to court to be able to refrain from spraying their vines.

The Pour 1 day ago

A Blend Of Regions

 Mark As Read    

Reviews of the Herzog Variations Four Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 and 2 Cragganmore Single Malt Scotch Whiskies. It is often said that wine makes itself, and that all that is really needed are grapes and the right conditions. This is largely true. Left alone, grapes will indeed start to decompose, the skins will break and natural yeast will work its m...

Grapelines 1 day ago

Wine Reviews: Weekly Mini Round-Up For March 2, 2015

 Mark As Read    

So, like, what is this stuff, anyway? I taste a bunch-o-wine (technical term for more than most people). So each week, I share some of my wine reviews (mostly from samples) and tasting notes with you via twitter (limited to 140 characters). They are meant to be quirky, fun, and easily-digestible reviews of currently available […] Grab The 1W...

1 Wine Dude 1 day ago

Food safety guidelines for wine and food events, the rigors

 Mark As Read    

I was told, by one of our food partners, at Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah, The Alameda County Environmental Health Department is the most stringent, for compliance regulations being met in the entire US, as an example of letter-of-the-law compliant. That's the bad news. The good news is that any event, which anyone goes to […] The post Fo...

Wine Blog 1 day ago

Could Chardonnay’s long stranglehold as our top wine be ending?

 Mark As Read    

  I was surprised to read that Sauvignon Blanc “is Britain’s favorite wine,” white or red, in the Daily Mail. It has “pipped Chardonnay to number one,” the story says. (That “pipped” was a new one on me. I assumed it meant “surpassed,” so I looked it up on Google, with an additional search qualifier […]

Winemaker Dinner with Vincent Bottreau and his Maison Bouchard AÃne & Fils Wines at L'Auberge Chez François in Great Falls, Virginia, USA

 Mark As Read    

Picture: Winemaker Vincent Bottreau, Maison Bouchard AÃne & Fils, Annette Schiller, ombiasyOR and WineTours, and Sommelier Hilaire L. Creamer, L'Auberge Chez FrançoisA few weeks ago, Annette Schiller and I enjoyed a massive Bouchard Père et Fils wine tasting, organized by Panos Kakaviatos at Ripple in Washington DC. I have provided a write-u...

Schiller Wine 2 days ago

Another Wine Blog is headed to Spain!

 Mark As Read    

In a few hours I will board a plane headed for Barcelona! That's right, I'm headed to Spain to visit the lovely land of Cava, Priorat and the sunny Mediterranean with the nice people at Freixenet. The visit promises to … Continue reading →

another wine blog 2 days ago

Paris wine bars : le Repaire de Cartouche

 Mark As Read    

Rodolphe Paquin standing, Aaron pouring a great Beaujolais white (in the carafe : an old Philippe Jambon) Rue Amelot, Paris 11th arrondissement I was supposed to come there for a glass, so said Aaron who was having a small party...

City Kitchen: A Chicken Thighs Recipe With Mediterranean Flavor

 Mark As Read    

Braised thighs with lemon and olives can be tweaked for various tastes from the region.

The Pour 4 days ago

A Good Appetite: A Coconut Layer Cake Recipe From Telepan

 Mark As Read    

The pastry chef Larissa Raphael’s confection is no harder to make than any other layer cake, but the precision of the ingredients makes it shine.

The Pour 4 days ago

San Francisco and Oakland: Not-so kissing cousins

 Mark As Read    

  I’ve spent a good part of the last three days in San Francisco on winetasting missions, a lot even for me, although I live just 3 subway stops away from Embarcadero Station and Ferry Plaza. I’ve been in Oakland now for 28 years: nearly ten years before that in San Francisco. So you’ll have […]

Friday Feature Photo: The Homeless Clowns of Spain

 Mark As Read    

Photographer: Ryan Opaz Capture Date: January 27, 2006 Location: Madrid, Spain About: There's something to be said for originality and pure cojones, and his dude most definitely falls into this category; because not only is he stating that he's hungry, but he goes so far as to dress up in "sad clown" attire. Add the fantastic […]...

Catavino 4 days ago

Avoid Sleeping on the Left Side

 Mark As Read    

Instructions Sleep ?n th? right ?id? if ??u h?v? heart problems. Sleeping ?n th? right ?id? lowers blood pressure ?nd ??ur heart rate. Fall asleep ?n th? right ?id? ?nd switch t? th? right ?id? position during th? night if ??u find ??ur??lf sleeping ?n th? left side. Y?u will g?t u??d t? th? right […]

Number Three – a publication past

 Mark As Read    

Our Chairman Simon Berry examines the origins of an extraordinary in-house publication, the Number Three magazine, whose articles today offer a portal to the wine trade of the past. Had he not joined the wine trade, I suspect my father Anthony Berry might have been a publisher. There was a possibility – as a younger […] The post Number Three ...

Berrys' Wine Blog 4 days ago

Pardonez moi in writing

 Mark As Read    

Portia (1888) by Henry Woods… Portia is the heroine in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice. This is my wine publicist's journal. In most journals, nothing written matters to anyone but the author… but this one is public. In a public one, everything matters to everyone. Portia: The quality of mercy is not strain'd, It […] ...

Wine Blog 4 days ago

Island Mist – Merlot Ho Ho

 Mark As Read    

Sure to warm you on even the coldest days. Round, fruit forward Merlot with notes of orange, cranberry, spice, and cloves. Enjoy this wine at room temperature or slightly warmed garnished with a cinnamon stick. Excellent within three months, this wine will age gorgeously-if you can keep any that long! This 23 Liter wine kit […]

Wine Blog Pro 4 days ago

Camouflage Bedroom Ideas for Girls

 Mark As Read    

Bedding Dress u? h?r b?d in camouflage u?ing soft, ladylike colors. A variety ?f camouflage patterns ?r? available, fr?m elongated patches t? heart shapes. Opt f?r solid-colored sheets with a pink camo comforter t? avoid g?ing ?v?r th? top, ?????i?ll? if th? camouflage pattern will b? implemented int? ?th?r areas ?f h?r bedroom. Include a […]

At Maison Trimbach in Alsace with Hubert Trimbach “ Germany-South Wine Tour by ombiasy (2014)

 Mark As Read    

Picture: Annette and Christian Schiller and Steven Kent with Hubert Trimbach at Maison TrimbachThe Germany-South Wine Tour by ombiasy (2014) included a visit of a French winery - Maison Trimbach in Alsace. When you look at the map, Alsace is just opposite of the Baden region on the other side of the Rhein Valley and below (south of) the Pfalz regio...

Schiller Wine 5 days ago

Cheese & Wine ~ Your Pairing Guide

 Mark As Read    

The quintessential match made in heaven, right? Here's a website that does a great job giving you the nitty-gritty on the cheese: The Cheese Course> We've taken it a step further and paired each type of cheese with a wine in the shop that would taste fabulous! Category 1: FRESH CHEESE – fresh, tangy & crisp flavors […]...

Portalis Wine 5 days ago

Wine School: Your Next Lesson: Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

 Mark As Read    

For the first time, we’ll examine a reinterpretation of one of the fundamental types of wine.

The Pour 5 days ago

Nora McGunnigle: Head Mistress of Hops

 Mark As Read    

Nora McGunnigle at Avenue Pub in New OrleansThe world as it pertains to Louisiana beer bloggers, is what the average person would expect. A small group of white males who have nice day jobs, but by dark fall, they're cloaked in a cape of Untappd beer patches, home brew tools in hand, and opinions in tow. For a moment, let me suggest a different ima...

Bite and Booze 5 days ago

Wine School: Langhe Nebbiolo Tasting Notes

 Mark As Read    

The results of the Wine School exam on Langhe nebbiolo.

The Pour 5 days ago

Hungry City: Hungry City: La Morada in the South Bronx

 Mark As Read    

While much of La Morada’s menu is taken up by tacos and quesadillas, a few dishes offer a taste of the “infinite gastronomy” that is Oaxacan cooking.

The Pour 5 days ago

The history of wine reviewing

 Mark As Read    

  Did my annual wine class last night for the U.C. Berkeley Haas School of Business’s Wine Club. It’s always so cool to go there, with the big banners celebrating their Nobel Prize winners, and those super-smart students who, one imagines, might be running the show someday. One of the things they wanted to know […]

Furmint Adventures Episode 8: Kvaszinger Winery

 Mark As Read    

First off, for this video you're going to need to pour yourself a glass of perky Furmint and queue up CCR's "Green River" (BRAAAWHHHHWWWWW…. brahw-wahw-wahw-wahw-whaw-WHAW!). That's because from a rainy day, with nice people, fine wine,  and a backdrop that's a fisherman's wet dream (get it?… ok, whatever…) comes the next installm...

1 Wine Dude 5 days ago

Rhône wasn’t built in a day

 Mark As Read    

Simon Field MW fondly recalls his early experiences as our Rhône Buyer, and the growth of the offer – both in volume and status – in recent years The launch of our annual Rhône offer is, as usual, a source of great satisfaction and an opportunity to reflect on the process of its gestation and, maybe […] The post Rhône wasn’t built in a day ap...

Berrys' Wine Blog 5 days ago

From the “Get a Clue” department on Bad PR form

 Mark As Read    

Get a clue, PR people…You're giving all of us a really bad name, when you do something like the following story, but before I go there… I once read how this one writer hates PR reps. I didn't get "why," because PR people try to bring joy to writers, so they have a good story. […] The post From the "Get a Clue" department on Bad PR...

Wine Blog 5 days ago

Winemaker and Owner Marc Pasquet from ChÃ-teau Mondésir-Gazin in Bordeaux Presented his Wines at a Dinner at Del Ray Café in Alexandria, Virginia, USA

 Mark As Read    

Picture: Marc and Laurence Pasquet, Christian G.E. and Annette Schiller, and Other Guests Marc Pasquet's wines are not in the class of ChÃ-teau Petrus, but they do not cost as much as ChÃ-teau Petrus said owner Laurent Janowsky of Del Ray Café, when he introduced his guest of honor, Marc Pasquet. Marc Pasquet and his wife Laurence make what is c...

Schiller Wine 6 days ago

Edible Coffee Cup in KFC Tests in Britain

 Mark As Read    

KFC restaurants in Britain soon will introduce an edible coffee cup, a product that addresses consumer concerns with the environmental impact of packaging.

The Pour 6 days ago

In an endless winter, wines that will transport you to summer

 Mark As Read    

As I write this, it's about to drop down to two degrees again here in New York, hardly the kind of weather that brings on thoughts of refreshing summer wines. But as part of my own strategy for coping with this brutal blast of winter we've been enduring for weeks, that's exactly what I've been tasting. It's not a substitute for a warm beach, but it...

Vint-ed 6 days ago

5 White Lies about Chardonnay, Plus 25 Excellent Bottles to Try

 Mark As Read    

No wine has ever been so unfairly maligned as Chardonnay. F&W’s Ray Isle debunks the myths and extols the magnificence of great bottlings at every price and in every style. Myth: All California Chardonnay Is Big & Buttery Once upon a...

Tasting Room 6 days ago

Eat: A Spicy Spinach Stew From Ghana

 Mark As Read    

Ghanaians living within bunting distance of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx can have a taste of home with this dish.

The Pour 6 days ago

Networking in San Francisco’s wine and food scene

 Mark As Read    

  I used to go to every P.R. event I was invited to—which was a lot—when I started out as a wine writer. With Wine Spectator cred, I was on all the A lists in San Francisco. When I moved over to Wine Enthusiast as chief California critic—a big step up in power—the invitations only […]

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