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More on the earthquake

 Mark As Read    

  You’ll have to forgive me for feeling a little philosophical today about our wine industry, but a disaster will do that to you. We still don’t know the full extent of the damage from the big Napa earthquake, and we may never, but the fact is, if you escaped unscathed—as most wineries and wine […]

Steve Heimoff| Wine Blog 2 hours, 45 min ago

Roux Wine Tours: Whisk(e)y Wednesday presented by Lock & Key Whiskey Bar

 Mark As Read    

Photo Credit: Bob Hamilton PhotographyOn this wonderful Whisk(e)y Wednesday presented by the Lock & Key Whiskey Bar, I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome new sponsor, Roux Wine Tours! Owner and Certified Sommelier Myrna Arroyo specializes in traveling around the world and taking people on exclusive journeys. She has some incredible thin...

Bite and Booze 3 hours, 7 min ago

Napa Valley Earthquake ~ Halt The Sampels

 Mark As Read    

This is a public service announcement (PSA) from the Napa Valley office of Wine Spectator… You know how you ask, "What can I do to help?" Yeah… it's one of those moments. NAPA VALLEY EARTHQUAKE 2014 I just received this Email and know it's importance, as I have samples that I'd like to send in […] The post NAPA VALLEY EARTHQUAKE ~...

Wine Blog 7 hours, 6 min ago

Get On Up: James Brown moment + a lifetime memory + a befitting wine

 Mark As Read    

Get On Up… What a chant… It's no secret that I have a rock n' roll background, long before I moved to California and segued into wine. Our friend Corinne Reichel of Respite Wines just asked us, before seeing the movie  Get On Up, "Did you ever meet James Brown?" Ask about most rock and […] The post Get On Up: James Brown moment + ...

Wine Blog 7 hours, 7 min ago

Schiller's Favorite Oyster Bars and Seafood Places in Seattle, USA

 Mark As Read    

Pictures: Pike Market in SeattleI am not that frequently in Seattle, but from time to time I am. I already issued a posting about Schiller's Favorite Wine Bars in Seattle: Schiller's Favorite Wine Bars in Seattle, USAHere are my favorite oyster bars and other seafood places in Seattle. The list is a mixture of own experiences, recommendations by o...

Schiller Wine 11 hours, 37 min ago

Philippine de Rothschild, Wine Nobility, Dies at 80

 Mark As Read    

The baroness moved from a career as an actress into the lead role in her family business, producing some of the world’s most renowned Bordeaux.

The Pour 13 hours, 57 min ago

Gilles Azzoni, Ardèche (Rhône)

 Mark As Read    

Gilles Azzoni Saint Maurice d'Ibie, Ardèche (Rhone) Gilles Azzoni's domaine sits at a safe distance from the noisy Rhone valley with its freeways and endless suburban sprawl, you need to drive winding secondary roads to reach the idyllic Ibie valley,...

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: The Drinker’s Manifesto

 Mark As Read    

We fear alcohol’s bad effects too much, and those of food too little.

The Pour 18 hours, 8 min ago

T Magazine: MAD4 Food Festival in Copenhagen: A Rallying Cry for Social Change

 Mark As Read    

This year’s symposium asked “What is cooking?” — a question that may have proved too difficult to answer.

The Pour 18 hours, 20 min ago

Raising a Glass for Jim Dyke, a New Candidate

 Mark As Read    

Mr. Dyke is building a constituency for a new winery.

The Pour 21 hours, 30 min ago

Off the Menu: Dirty French, From the Creators of Parm and Carbone, Opens Sept. 2

 Mark As Read    

From the creators of Parm and Carbone comes Dirty French in the Ludlow Hotel.

The Pour 22 hours, 4 min ago

Restaurant Review: BAstard in TriBeCa

 Mark As Read    

At BAstard in TriBeCa, Markus Glocker sends a clear message with memorable cooking.

The Pour 22 hours, 28 min ago

Saraghina, a Spanish Bakery, Opens in Brooklyn

 Mark As Read    

More dining news, including a smoked olive oil, a book about apples, ordering fish online, a new beer hall in Brooklyn and the King Cole Bar’s Bloody Mary recipe.

The Pour 23 hours, 11 min ago

Oregon, Unexpected ( August 2014 Wine Article Roundup)

 Mark As Read    

Summer, we hardly knew ye… August is drawing to a close, as is what felt like the briefest (and mildest, for us Communistwealth of PA dwellers) Summer on record. As we’ve been doing every month for quite some time here, we now take a gander back at this month’s wine articles, which I humbly […] Grab The Tasting Guid...

1 Wine Dude 1 day ago

Social Media Faux Pas, Reminder to Keep Your Social Media Local

 Mark As Read    

The Napa Valley Earthquake was very close to home. It was also quite a reminder for me how important it is to keep your business local; most especially your social media. Don't expect someone sitting in Kentucky, for example, to understand the local geography. And, how can you even begin to measure someone's emotional intelligence […] The pos...

Wine Blog 1 day ago

A tasting at Verité

 Mark As Read    

  Wonderful trip yesterday to Verité, the Jackson Family-owned property that quite frankly is killing it in Bordeaux blends. I’ve been on that opinion at least since I gave the 2006 La Muse a perfect 100 points, their first ever; but not their last, for Robert Parker recently gave no fewer than seven 100-point scores […]

Wijnhoeve De Kleine Schorre - Making Fine Wine in The Netherlands

 Mark As Read    

Picture: Christian G.E. Schiller and Johan van der Velde at Wijnhoeve De Kleine Schorre in The NetherlandsMy interest in The Netherlands got a boost recently when my daughter Katharina accepted a position as junior researcher at the University of Wageningen. I started to do some research on winemaking in The Netherlands and visited one of the best...

Schiller Wine 1 day ago

Sharky Brings Locavore to Myanmar

 Mark As Read    

A one-man empire producing European food in the tropics.

The Pour 1 day ago

Okra’s Triumph of Taste Over Texture

 Mark As Read    

Riding a wave of globalism and Southern culture’s star turn, okra has found audiences beyond those who appreciate its fibrous slime as thickener for gumbo.

The Pour 1 day ago

A Good Appetite: The Galette Forgives You

 Mark As Read    

A free-form pastry that splits the difference between a homey pie and a fancy tart.

The Pour 2 days ago

Video: The Stunning Landscape of Lisbon and Sesimbra, Portugal

 Mark As Read    

Summer is almost coming to end. The leaves are just starting to change ever -so-slightly. The air is cooling. And offices around Europe are coming back to life. Here at Catavino, we're enjoying this last week of fabulousness before coming on the grid full-time in September. Come September, ensuring that […]

Catavino 2 days ago

Fraud In The Wine Business

 Mark As Read    

The finale of a high-profile wine-fraud along with a review of the Barkan Assemblage Tzafit 2010 and a look at Irish Whiskies including a review of Tullamore D.E.W. Irish Whiskey. A few weeks ago, wine fraudster Rudy Kurnaiwan was sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined $20 million, according to The New York Times. The court also required him to...

Grapelines 2 days ago

Wine Reviews: Weekly Mini Round-Up For August 25, 2014

 Mark As Read    

So, like, what is this stuff, anyway? I taste a bunch-o-wine (technical term for more than most people). So each week, I share some of my wine reviews (mostly from samples) and tasting notes with you via twitter (limited to 140 characters). They are meant to be quirky, fun, and easily-digestible reviews of currently available […] Grab The 1W...

1 Wine Dude 2 days ago

Earthquake rattles nerves, causes extensive damage in Napa area

 Mark As Read    

  The shaking woke me up at exactly 3:19 a.m. early Sunday morning. It woke Gus up, too. I’ve been awakened many times in the middle of the night by earthquakes but Gus never was. The last several years have been remarkably quiet in the Bay Area, enough so that I’ve had several conversations lately […]

Sonoma Wine Country Weekened!

 Mark As Read    

[…] The post Sonoma Wine Country Weekened! appeared first on Luscious Lushes - a wine, food, and travel blog.

Luscious Lushes 2 days ago

Napa quake registers 6.0

 Mark As Read    

An area south of Napa was the center of a big earthquake overnight. The 6.0 quake, the biggest in the Bay Area in 25 years, shook wine barrels and bottles off of shelves and onto the ground. What the damage is remains to be seen; we hope that it is fixable and that the barrels […] The post Napa quake registers 6.0 appeared first on Dr Vino�...

Dr Vino's wine blog 2 days ago

Napa Valley Earthquake: Not too shaken, just a little stirred in Sonoma County

 Mark As Read    

I terrible pun, I know, but actually very true, about this Napa Valley earthquake, as it relates to outlying regions. Our hearts go out to all of the wine companies, their owners, and their employees, whose lives just got turned upside down. this is PR pro Mia Malm's office. While This is an office pick-up, […] The post Napa Valley Earthquake...

Wine Blog 2 days ago

Fall Back in Love with the Wine Country

 Mark As Read    

It's been a long, hot summer this year and we know you're as excited as we are for the weather to cool down and for fall to roll in. This fall, don't restrict yourself to your usual wine destinations, try something new and visit one of these wine country hotspots Touring & Tasting has hand-selected

Ken's Wine Guide 3 days ago

Things are a little yeasty in there

 Mark As Read    

[…] The post Things are a little yeasty in there appeared first on Luscious Lushes - a wine, food, and travel blog.

Luscious Lushes 3 days ago

Dishing with Jameson Fink at Grape Collective

 Mark As Read    

Recently Jameson Fink asked us to be his very first wine blogging duo interview for Grape Collective's Speakeasy feature. A mix of journalism and commerce, Grape Collective is the brainchild of Publisher Christopher Barnes. In addition to Barnes and Fink, … Continue reading →

another wine blog 3 days ago

City Kitchen: Beyond Potluck: A Bean Salad Worth the Shucking

 Mark As Read    

A harmonious bean salad delicately dressed in a Japanese-inspired vinaigrette.

The Pour 4 days ago

The Virtues of Green Bell Peppers

 Mark As Read    

Other cooks are welcome to banish green peppers from the plates. For me, they will always taste of the languor of long summer days and the occasional comfort of small things.

The Pour 4 days ago

When it’s time to kiill off a brand

 Mark As Read    

  When is it time to retire a tired brand? The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week that Procter & Gamble is thinking of dropping one of its flagship brands, Ivory Soap, as part of an effort “to clear out weaker performers to focus on…brands that account for almost all its revenue and profit.” […]

Month of Salads #7: Pronto Truck

 Mark As Read    

The Pronto Truck's Baja Shrimp Cob SaladGourmet Girls Fine Catering has recently spawned the Pronto Truck. A drop of bright yellow sunlight at the base of the Perkins Road Overpass is the new "it girl" on the grab and go lunch scene. Gourmet Girls started the Pronto Truck because people kept trying to go to their storefront for lunch. After the dem...

Bite and Booze 5 days ago

Conscientious wine making and scrupulous storage are required to go the distance

 Mark As Read    

[Image borrowed from the Best of Wines.] Bacchus, author of the site, writes of Jim Ruxin: You will receive an email twice a month listing current holdings in Bordeaux, California, collectibles from current Parker-rated wines, Burgundies, Alsatian (a fetish), and even German Rieslings. His specialty is older vintages but you may have to wait until ...

Wine Blog 5 days ago

The 10 Winners of the 2014 Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition, USA

 Mark As Read    

Picture: Christian G.E. Schiller with Oyster Guru Jon Rowley in Seattle tasting oysters and oyster wines: West Coast Oysters and Wine with Jon Rowley in Seattle, USAThe 10 winners of the 2014 Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition were announced. The Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition is an annual event, now in its 20th year, orchestrated by Seat...

Schiller Wine 5 days ago

James Oseland, Saveur’s Editor, Quitting to Revamp Magazine at Rodale

 Mark As Read    

Mr. Oseland, who has led the food magazine since 2006, will transform Rodale’s 62-year-old Organic Gardening publication into Organic Life.

The Pour 5 days ago

Sauvignon Blanc Summer Wrap Up – Top Selections So Far

 Mark As Read    

Summer is the best time to enjoy Sauvignon Blanc. It is one of the most refreshing wines that I cover. It is perfect choice for hot days. It this post, I will highlight be best Sauvignon Blancs that I have discovered so far this summer. We will start the post with a perennial favorite.

Ken's Wine Guide 5 days ago

California Golf Vacations

 Mark As Read    

Plan your California golf vacations here. Learn about golf courses in California. Combine a golf trip with wine tasting at world class California wineries. Enjoy romantic restaurants, unique hotels

Cheers2Wine Blog 5 days ago

The Pour: In Bordeaux, ChAsteau Palmer Dares to Experiment

 Mark As Read    

A leading estate moves decisively into the 21st century even as it still dabbles in the 19th.

The Pour 5 days ago

Hungry City: The Dogwood in Prospect Park South, Brooklyn

 Mark As Read    

At the Dogwood in Prospect Park South, Brooklyn, the cooking of North Carolina creates a place that is at once a neighborhood spot and a patch of elsewhere.

The Pour 5 days ago

A Quiet Resistance (Eyrie Vineyards Original Vines Pinot Noir, In Retrospect)

 Mark As Read    

Generally speaking, when you’re attending a Pinot Noir masterclass-style tasting hosted by one of a wine region’s most historically significant properties, it’s not considered good form to giggle like an eight year-old girl. Which, of course, didn’t stop me from doing it. The trouble was, I just found the irony so damned funny, it was […] Gr...

1 Wine Dude 6 days ago

Writing you don’t see, revealed… Cadaretta’s Soil Composition at Southwind Vineyard

 Mark As Read    

Cadaretta Wine’s Soil Composition at Southwind Vineyard is a story that I wrote for our client. Because it's for their Website, it's got a copyright on it and stories like this I never put onto my blog ~ like so many other internal documents that I produce daily. But this one has just stuck with […] The post Writing you don't see, revealed...

Wine Blog 6 days ago

The changing approaches to wine writing

 Mark As Read    

  I don’t think wine tasting notes are in “big trouble,” as this op-ed piece by Lewis Perdue suggests, but Lewis is correct to point out their inherent subjectivity and overall fuzziness. He’s hardly the first: People have complained about winespeak for generations. “Hocus-pocus,” “the double brusheroo” [love that] and “trying to make things c...

Juvéniles in Paris: Legend Tim Johnston Pulls Back and Daughter Margaux Moves In, France

 Mark As Read    

Picture: Margaux and Tim Johnston, and Christian G.E.Schiller, in 2014 and 2013.One of the best wine bars on the contemporary Parisian wine scene is Juvéniles, a cosy wine bar cum wine shop.Juvéniles - in the 1st Arrondissement on the Left Bank, at 47 rue de Richelieu, very close to Palais Royal, the Louvre and the Grands Boulevards further north...

Schiller Wine 6 days ago

Lake Tahoe Golf Courses

 Mark As Read    

There are many Lake Tahoe golf courses. In fact, Tahoe is known for being a golfer's paradise.

Cheers2Wine Blog 6 days ago

Noted: A Negroni Summer

 Mark As Read    

The Italian concoction is a latter-day Cosmopolitan.

The Pour 6 days ago

Lodging Amador County

 Mark As Read    

Looking for lodging Amador County? We have a great bed and breakfast inn to recommend called Foxes Inn that we have stayed in and loved. Wonderful travel accommodations while wine tasting in Amador.

Cheers2Wine Blog 6 days ago

Lake Tahoe Wineries

 Mark As Read    

Attention all wine lovers - Learn about Lake Tahoe wineries here. If you live in the region or will soon be visiting, we have information you need on wineries, wine, and wine tasting.

Cheers2Wine Blog 6 days ago

The Sazerac: Whisk(e)y Wednesday presented by Lock & Key Whiskey Bar

 Mark As Read    

Lock & Key's SazeracThe Sazerac is a cocktail of historic lore. The fact that it was created in New Orleans is undisputed, but the legends of apothecaries, pharmacists, and bartenders that contributed to the cocktail are vastly differing. One thing we do know is that the Sazerac started with a base of Cognac, Sugar, Peychaud's Bitters, a lemon ...

Bite and Booze 6 days ago
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