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CraigCamp “@michaelyoungSTL: Yum. It's almost #CabernetFranc drinking season in #stl. : 90 pts. Cornerstone Stepping Stone”

 Mark As Read    
53 minutes ago

CraigCamp 5 Futuristic #Food Wrappers That You Don’t Have to Throw Away

 Mark As Read    
1 hour, 48 min ago

EricAsimov RT @Bulk_Nasty: Just finished reading "How to Love Wine " by @EricAsimov AMAZING book. Must read for anyone with even a slight interest in …

 Mark As Read    
1 hour, 53 min ago

EricAsimov “@djtombooth: @EricAsimov but then your high school beer review column would have been less entertaining. PS: digging your book.” Ha, thx!

 Mark As Read    
1 hour, 53 min ago

EricAsimov I'm pretty sure Joe D would have enjoyed this wine. I know I did, and I was thinking of him.

 Mark As Read    
2 hours, 34 min ago

EricAsimov @dianagill child of the 60s....

 Mark As Read    
2 hours, 44 min ago

EricAsimov If I only knew then what I know now.

 Mark As Read    
2 hours, 55 min ago

CraigCamp MT @Wyneman: 90 pts. Cornerstone Stepping Stone Cabernet Franc: Wine Review: 2011 Cornerstone #CabernetFranc

 Mark As Read    
3 hours, 41 min ago

Culinary Trends in New York

 Mark As Read    

The hot dishes, drinks and other details to watch for in restaurants this fall.

The Pour 5 hours, 19 min ago

CraigCamp These 5 Crops Are Still Hand-Harvested, And It's Hard #Work #food

 Mark As Read    
5 hours, 34 min ago

synclinewine Naomi and Ava, Steep Creek Vineyard

 Mark As Read    
5 hours, 49 min ago

Big Arrivals: One Diner Looks Ahead

 Mark As Read    

Florence Fabricant tells which New York restaurant openings she is most looking forward to.

The Pour 6 hours, 21 min ago

CraigCamp RT @tonyrynders: First Pinot Noir off of our estate vineyard. very exciting! @TendrilWines

 Mark As Read    
6 hours, 30 min ago

EricAsimov RT @jorgrama: Beverage packaging unchained. Cider in a 750, Pinot Noir in a can.

 Mark As Read    
6 hours, 47 min ago

EricAsimov “@COWinePress: ... 2/2 Does anyone remember what happened in Return of the Jedi?" The Jedi returned?

 Mark As Read    
7 hours, 9 min ago

Restaurant List: the Season’s Newcomers

 Mark As Read    

Florence Fabricant’s tip sheet on restaurants that will open soon.

The Pour 7 hours, 19 min ago

EricAsimov Novel of the summer? @DwightGarner may well be right. "Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot'' is great fun and more.

 Mark As Read    
7 hours, 27 min ago

Cue the Toucans and Iguanas

 Mark As Read    

Avocado tacos, so simple yet so good, like butter.

The Pour 7 hours, 30 min ago

CraigCamp RT @WillieBoySF: You said it!??RT @CraigCamp: Almost out of the nightmare of @BrightPearlHQ #but they must #ripoff us for 1 more month #fail

 Mark As Read    
7 hours, 32 min ago

Restaurant Review: Bar Primi in the East Village

 Mark As Read    

Pasta takes center stage at Bar Primi in the East Village.

The Pour 7 hours, 50 min ago

CraigCamp @Chefharbour to me it's all about the wine, the nostalgia is in the glass not the bottle

 Mark As Read    
8 hours, 9 min ago

Chris Cannon to Open Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen in Morristown, N.J.

 Mark As Read    

Chris Cannon, of the former Alto and Convivio, is opening Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen in Morristown, N.J., to showcase New Jersey foods.

The Pour 8 hours, 20 min ago

CraigCamp @Chefharbour why would you love something with such a high rate of failure?

 Mark As Read    
8 hours, 29 min ago

CraigCamp Almost out of the nightmare of @Brightpearl but they just have to screw us out of one more month #ripoff #fail

 Mark As Read    
8 hours, 34 min ago

CraigCamp Contributing Op-Ed Writer: The Drinker’s Manifesto #food #wine

 Mark As Read    
8 hours, 57 min ago

Stalking New York: The Mexican Chef Enrique Olvera

 Mark As Read    

Intent on getting it right, the Mexican chef Enrique Olvera immerses himself in the New York food scene before opening Cosme, one of the season’s most high-profile restaurants.

The Pour 9 hours, 23 min ago

vinologue "Want to be a bigtime sommelier? Learn to make shit up." All genius by the one and only Hosemaster of Wine

 Mark As Read    
9 hours, 38 min ago

vinologue "Riesling is like James Joyce’s “Ulysses,” widely admired as the greatest novel no one has read." via @Timatkin

 Mark As Read    
9 hours, 39 min ago

vinologue "One basic rule of thumb: Silver Oak Cabernet pairs with everything." via @Timatkin

 Mark As Read    
9 hours, 40 min ago

CraigCamp RT @cono_sur: #Earthquake and a New Harvest via @CraigCamp #Napa #wine

 Mark As Read    
9 hours, 50 min ago

EricAsimov @patrickwine I always loved that picture of Joe and Sharon.

 Mark As Read    
10 hours, 13 min ago

DeanAndDeLuca Fuel Up For #FashionWeek with DEAN & DELUCA! Purchase any two fruit and/or nut tins at our NYC or Georgetown...

 Mark As Read    
10 hours, 16 min ago

foodwinechickie @melodykettle Glad you got to @villalobos_nj this week!

 Mark As Read    
11 hours, 34 min ago

Front Burner: Some of New York’s Signature Dishes Are Yours to Take Out

 Mark As Read    

Some of the city’s best restaurants offer a few of their finest offerings in a takeout version, but be ready to go get them yourself.

The Pour 11 hours, 58 min ago

vinologue Great to re-taste this wine from Grifoll Declara as the 2012 vintage offers up a more rounded and…

 Mark As Read    
11 hours, 58 min ago

CraigCamp MT @aboutdamnwine: Find this!! Delicious!! @CornerstoneNapa #ORwine Pinot - great acidity & flavor! #wine

 Mark As Read    
12 hours, 35 min ago

DeanAndDeLuca RT @kimconte: You know summer's over in NY when the @DeanAndDeLuca coffee line is so long you're by the cheese. #byesummer…

 Mark As Read    
12 hours, 44 min ago

CraigCamp Nat Adderley: A Player's Player #jazz

 Mark As Read    
13 hours, 16 min ago

Beefstock: Beef, Beer, & Beats

 Mark As Read    

The Bite and Booze team, in conjunction with Jay D’s Louisiana Barbecue Sauce and the Tin Roof Brewery, is launching a new event in Baton Rouge this fall. Beefstock is an all beef cook-off being held at the Tin Roof Brewery on November 2nd. The competition is currently looking for teams to compete at Beefstock, which will include all of the followi...

Bite and Booze 15 hours, 16 min ago

Getting The Whiskey’s ‘Backstory’

 Mark As Read    

A review of the Ramot Naftaly Duet 2010 and a revisit to High West whiskies. We are often asked why we do not assign a numerical score to the wines and spirits we review. After all, it is a process employed by many of the most popular reviewers including the eminent Robert Parker, the glossy Wine Spectator and the high-end British publication Dec...

Grapelines 16 hours, 0 min ago

Why Pennsylvania Liquor Control Is Doomed

 Mark As Read    

It has occurred to me recently that Pennsylvania’s monopoly control of the purchase, distribution, and sale of alcohol in the state is doomed. I cannot tell you exactly when it will fall, or exactly how it will fall, but I think I can safely tell you that fall it will, and that we can safely […] Grab The Tasting Guide and start...

1 Wine Dude 16 hours, 46 min ago

The Start of a Portuguese Beer Revolution?

 Mark As Read    

Upon our arrival to Spain, beer was an afterthought. Cheap lagers dominated the landscape with their banal, indifferent flavors that paired well with a sunny terrace. But in 2008, everything changed. With the enormous wave of craft beers pouring through the USA, Spain prepared for its own beer revolution. The initial beer movement began in […...

Catavino 18 hours, 5 min ago

You can’t ride two horses with one behind + professional ethics

 Mark As Read    

Whomever said, "You can't ride two horses with one behind,"  never saw the circus act where the pretty, young girl is riding two horses while standing up. You can ride two horses, but you have to be on your feet to do it, not on your behind. That's where I am… I'm riding two horses, […] The post You can't ride two horses with one behind...

Wine Blog 18 hours, 45 min ago

The Empire Strikes Back: Laube Takes on IPOB

 Mark As Read    

  Brother Laube comes out swinging against In Pursuit of Balance, in the Sept. 30 issue of Wine Spectator. (Sorry, no link. The Spectator has one of the best firewalls in the business. No subscribe, no read.) I’d been wondering how long it would take him. After all, Jim is famous for giving high scores […]

Steve Heimoff| Wine Blog 21 hours, 35 min ago

CraigCamp @WineORL thank you

 Mark As Read    
23 hours, 13 min ago

CraigCamp RT @WineORL: Beautiful piece @CraigCamp

 Mark As Read    
23 hours, 13 min ago

Germany's Grosses Gewaechs “ Grand Cru - Vintage 2013 White Wines and Vintage 2012 Red Wines Released. Notes from the Pre-release Tasting in August 2014 in Wiesbaden, Germany

 Mark As Read    

Photo: Germany's Grosses Gewaechs “ Grand Cru - Vintage 2013 White Wines and Vintage 2012 Red Wines Pre-release Tasting in August 2014 in Wiesbaden, Germany (Photo: Weinkaiser)Germany's VDP.Grosse Gewaechs “ Grand Cru - vintage 2013 white wines and vintage 2012 red wines were released on September 1, 2014. These are the ultra-premium dry wines fro...

Schiller Wine 23 hours, 16 min ago
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