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Restaurant Review: Élan in the Flatiron District

 Mark As Read    

David Waltuck has moved on from Chanterelle and is writing a new script, filled with surprises.

The Pour 68 days ago

Ratings winners

 Mark As Read    

Damian Carrington, Commercial Director of our wholesale arm, Fields, Morris & Verdin – and a well-seasoned veteran of dining out – on what it takes to elevate a respectable restaurant experience to a truly remarkable one. How do you judge a restaurant? What really makes the difference between the truly great and the merely good? […] The p...

Berrys' Wine Blog 68 days ago

Barbecue Bites: Jay D's Chicken Quesadillas

 Mark As Read    

Jay D's Barbecue Chicken QuesadillasI enjoy fine dining just as much as the next guy, but sometimes you just want to settle down, lay low, and enjoy a hearty snack attack. Enter the barbecue chicken quesadilla: a righteous, no frills handheld delight.Jay D's Barbecue Chicken QuesadillasMakes 4 servings 8 ounces cooked chicken, shredded (use a rotis...

Bite and Booze 68 days ago

Best Oyster Bars in the US

 Mark As Read    

Picture: Christian G.E. Schiller with Oyster Guru Jon Rowley in Seattle tasting oysters and oyster wines: West Coast Oysters and Wine with Jon Rowley in Seattle, USAIn my home country Germany, oysters are very high on the list of any food aficionado, but you do not see them often on menus in restaurants nor is there a significant number of oyster b...

Schiller Wine 68 days ago

An Autumnal Crush On Sicilian Wine (Fall 2014 Publix Grape & Interview)

 Mark As Read    

As part of my incessant campaign to annoy the hell out of you by popping up just about everywhere when it comes to wine, I give you two more tidbits in the seemingly never-ending stream of Dude-ness in wine media. Look, at this point, I am kind of sick of me, too, okay? First, I’ve […] Grab The Tasting Guide and start getting m...

1 Wine Dude 68 days ago

The Wall of Wine, Stories, and Consumer Psychology

 Mark As Read    

I was on the panel of a wine event last week, and one of my fellow panelists was from one of the nation’s biggest Big Box grocery retailers. I asked him, “Will the infamous Wall of Wine be always with us?” and he answered, “Yes. Retail is here to stay.” Indeed it is, as a […]

Bass River Winemaker Dinner at Merchants Wine Cellar in Singapore

 Mark As Read    

Pictures: Bass River Winemaker Dinner at Merchants Wine Cellar in Singapore with Ainslie Kenny, Frank Butera, Christian G.E. Schiller and Annette Schiller from Ombiasy WineToursHelmed by the Australian team Ainslie Kenny and David Elliott, Merchants Wine Cellar is a wine bar and wine store on Duxton Road that exclusively carries wines from Australi...

Schiller Wine 69 days ago

The Ortolan: A Tiny Songbird as a French Cause Célèbre

 Mark As Read    

Celebrity chefs are waging a campaign to bring the bird, banished from menus since 1999, back to the table, prompting protests to keep it protected.

The Pour 69 days ago

A Shot and a Beer: The Boilermaker Stages a Comeback

 Mark As Read    

The boilermaker, as the classic combo is often called, has elbowed its way into dozens of bars where the bartenders know their aperitifs from their digestifs.

The Pour 69 days ago

Wine shops as jewelry stores?

 Mark As Read    

The good folks over at NPR's Planet Money had a short piece on pricing at jewelry stores recently (Episode 572, mysteriously not on their website). Frustrated with why jewelry stores hide the price tags of items in the case, the reporter wondered whey they would do that. It turns out that then shop owners can […] The post Wine shops as jewelr...

Dr Vino's wine blog 69 days ago

Fall Creek Vineyards: A Wonderful New Venture in Driftwood, Texas

 Mark As Read    

Fall Creek Vineyards: A Wonderful New Venture in Driftwood, Texas The biggest news that I’ve heard is some time started with an email out of the blue from Susan Auler that said, “Just wanted to let you know about our wonderful new venture.” The details that followed were about a new Fall Creek Vineyards location

VintageTexas 69 days ago

Pampas, Gauchos, Cattle and Brazilian Assyrtiko

 Mark As Read    

One sip of Sigalas Santorini Assyrtiko altered James Carl’s life path. Three years ago, the acupuncturist in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande de Sul knew little about wine. A budding interest in winemaking led him to start studying catalogs and scientific articles on grape varieties. James’ interest was soon drawn to indigenous varieties from [...

Elloinos 69 days ago

Wines of San Juan, Argentina

 Mark As Read    

Wines of where? Puerto Rico? Nope, these wines are from the up-and-coming province of San Juan, Argentina, and they offer a pleasant reminder of the value that lesser-known wine-producing regions around the world can deliver. They also remind us that … Continue reading →

another wine blog 69 days ago

Portuguese Meals Anyone Can Make: Octopus Salad with Black Eyed Peas

 Mark As Read    

Editor’s note: ‘Portuguese Meals Anyone Can Make’ will be part of a series of recipes centered on Portuguese canned seafood. We offer up tasty meals that are simple to make and easy on the pocketbook. When suddenly canned seafood became trendy in Portugal, I couldn’t help but have mixed feelings […]

Catavino 69 days ago

Wine Reviews: Weekly Mini Round-Up For October 13, 2014

 Mark As Read    

So, like, what is this stuff, anyway? I taste a bunch-o-wine (technical term for more than most people). So each week, I share some of my wine reviews (mostly from samples) and tasting notes with you via twitter (limited to 140 characters). They are meant to be quirky, fun, and easily-digestible reviews of currently available […] Grab The 1W...

1 Wine Dude 69 days ago

Nine years of wine blogging, should I have just written a book?

 Mark As Read    

I'm reflecting on nine years of wine blogging this morning… having started just about this time nine years ago, in terms of thinking I should, and then getting Jose to build a site for me. I've had about four wine blog sites in the process. In 2005, WordPress wasn't even born yet, so he had […] The post Nine years of wine blogging, shou...

Wine Blog 69 days ago

Having trouble “getting” social media? Welcome to SMOG!

 Mark As Read    

  We are pleased to announce the launch of “Social Media Odd-vice from Gus [SMOG],” a new team of experts designed to help YOU and YOUR BUSINESS navigate the complicated world of digital communications. Are you tired of not knowing how to maximize Twitter to increase ROI? Frustrated with not showing up on your friends’ […]

Refugio Ranch – a hideway for the stars

 Mark As Read    

[…] The post Refugio Ranch – a hideway for the stars appeared first on Luscious Lushes - a wine, food, and travel blog.

Luscious Lushes 69 days ago

It’s Alive! And It Grows Into a Jack-o’-Lantern

 Mark As Read    

With the strangely shaped “pumpkinstein,” a California farmer found a way to carve himself a piece of the $7 billion in business Halloween now generates.

The Pour 70 days ago

Weinfeder: Die Deutsche Weinprinzessin Sabine Wagner auf Ostküsten Tour in den USA

 Mark As Read    

Photo: Die USA-Tour der Deutschen Weinprinzessin Sabine Wagner, hier flankiert von Annette und Christian Schiller, war ein Highlight während ihrer Amtszeit. (As© C. Schiller)This article is a re-release of an article which was initially published in Weinfeder Edition #44 (Ausgabe Nr. 3/2014). Weinfeder Journal is the quarterly on-line journal of...

Schiller Wine 70 days ago

VinEdge – a life preserver for your favorite bottles

 Mark As Read    

[…] The post VinEdge – a life preserver for your favorite bottles appeared first on Luscious Lushes - a wine, food, and travel blog.

Luscious Lushes 70 days ago

Wine around $20: Copain Syrah Tous Ensemble

 Mark As Read    

The signature characteristic for syrah from the Northern Rhone is an alluring savory character with a note of black olives. This Copain Syrah, "Tous Ensemble," 2011, comes from three vineyards in Mendocino County and sees nine months in neutral oak. It's in the Northern Rhone vein, favoring restraint instead of anything over the top–no "gobs"...

Dr Vino's wine blog 71 days ago

5 High-End, Superstar Wines You Can Always Find

 Mark As Read    

We tend to think of the best wines in the world as rarities—in fact, the current term for super-sought-after, once-in-a-lifetime bottles amidst the sommelier crowd is “unicorn wines.” But the truth is that there are some great wi...

Tasting Room 72 days ago

A Good Appetite: For Full-Flavored Schnitzel, Try Pork

 Mark As Read    

For fuller flavor, try pork for schnitzel and serve it with quick homemade pickles.

The Pour 72 days ago

City Kitchen: The Vietnamese Noodle Salad Known as Bun Bo Xao

 Mark As Read    

The warm noodle salad is a quick stir-fry dish.

The Pour 72 days ago

Drink: Pastis and Ouzo: The Soccer of Liquors

 Mark As Read    

Like that of most other spirits laced with anise, their indisputable greatness is better appreciated elsewhere in the world than in America.

The Pour 72 days ago

Noma’s New Pastry Chef Is Bronx-Born Malcolm Livingston II

 Mark As Read    

Malcolm Livingston II, who has spent five years creating desserts at the chef Wylie Dufresne’s WD-50, will move to Denmark not long after WD-50 closes at the end of November.

The Pour 72 days ago
The Pour 72 days ago

The Food Issue: Can Second Graders Appreciate a Seven-Course, $220 Tasting Meal?

 Mark As Read    

Students from P.S. 295 in Brooklyn learn the fine points of French cuisine at one of New York’s poshest restaurants.

The Pour 72 days ago

Kate Moss makes a Champagne A-cup

 Mark As Read    

Kate Moss has launched a new line of champagne stemware taken from a mold of her breast. The model famously displayed her skin-and-bone frame (topless) in ads for Calvin Klein's Obsession. Which might lead one to think the champagne coupe is called the A-cup? But apparently not. The coupe was purportedly modeled on Marie Antoinette's […] The ...

Dr Vino's wine blog 72 days ago

Friday Feature Photo: The Fairytale Forests of the Canary Islands, Spain

 Mark As Read    

Photographer: Marcos Bolaños Capture Date: January 2014 Location: Canary Islands About: Despite its small size, the Canary Island Volcanic Archipelago is one of the most beautifully diverse places on earth supporting rare endemic species of animals and plants sequestered in the thick laurisilva forests. Hence, the islands aren't just for sandy beac...

Catavino 72 days ago

Melting Pot Cooking: Joyce Goldstein and Petite Sirah

 Mark As Read    

Renowned chef and cookbook author Joyce Goldstein excitedly applauds the new food craze of "melting pot cooking" and her experiments with Petite Sirah. "Petite is a niche variety perfectly matched for this cuisine," stated Goldstein at the Tenth Annual Petite Sirah Symposium. Concannon Vineyard, the first winery in the world to varietally label Pet...

Wine Blog 72 days ago

Health Benefits of Wine

 Mark As Read    

What are the health benefits of wine? Wine is good for health; find out why different types of wine can keep you healthy. Wine is good for you.

Cheers2Wine Blog 73 days ago

Deputy Managing Director Jochen Becker-Köhn and Export Director Nicolas Pfaff of Weingut Robert Weil in Singapore

 Mark As Read    

Pictures: Deputy Managing Director Jochen Becker-Köhn and Export Director Nicolas Pfaff of Weingut Robert Weil in SingaporeWhen at the end of 2013, Robert Parker stepped down as editor-in-chief of The Wine Advocate, took three investors from Singapore on board and appointed Singapore-based Lisa Perrotti-Brown, as editor-in-chief, this was another ...

Schiller Wine 73 days ago

The Pour: 10 Manhattan Restaurants With Affordable Wines

 Mark As Read    

These 10 Manhattan restaurants offer good bottles without Champagne prices.

The Pour 73 days ago

5 Wines From a South African Wine Star

 Mark As Read    

“If there’s actually a time machine that works, it’s wine.” That’s a quote from Eben Sadie, arguably South Africa’s brightest young winemaking talent, and certainly one of its most quotable. The occasion was a v...

Tasting Room 73 days ago

Hungry City: Arepa Lady in Elmhurst, Queens

 Mark As Read    

The Arepa Lady of Jackson Heights, Queens, has expanded from her street cart to a small restaurant two blocks away.

The Pour 73 days ago

Supermarket Diaries: You had me at Rabbit Legs

 Mark As Read    

Editor’s note: When Sonia’s in Portugal her favorite thing to do is to peruse the supermarket aisles. As she shuffles between the U.S. and Portugal, we’ll be bringing you her discoveries in “Supermarket Diaries.” When I lived in Connecticut, I got into an argument with the butcher at the local supermarket […]

Catavino 73 days ago

Telling a story about stories

 Mark As Read    

  I speak later today at The Exchange, an organization, sponsored by Nomacorc, that periodically gathers “to improve the marketing of wine by creating a forum for the sharing of ideas related to wine marketing.” The topic of today’s gathering, which is at Bardessono, in Yountville, is “Telling the Story.” I’ve been amazed the last […]

Reader Mailbag: Trying New Wine Is A Pain In The Ass

 Mark As Read    

1WD reader Matt (that’s all your getting, as I don’t have permission to print the person’s full name here) recently wrote to me via an email with a title so intriguing, it sparked the first-ever “reader mailbag” style post on this site in its seven-some-odd-year history: “Trying New Wine Is A Pain In The Ass” […] Grab The Tasti...

1 Wine Dude 73 days ago

Napa Valley Wine Academy, from near and afar, you too, can learn more about wine

 Mark As Read    

The Napa Valley Wine Academy wants you to immerse yourself in the exciting world of food and wine in the heart of wine country. While their courses are taught at some of Napa Valley’s best wineries, they're also located in Tampa, Florida, and you can take courses online. After having immersed my own self in […] The post Napa Valley Wine Acade...

Wine Blog 73 days ago

Exploring Food and Wine

 Mark As Read    

Learn about food and wine including the different types of wine; both red wine and white wine. Learn about wine and food pairings and basic wine information.

Cheers2Wine Blog 74 days ago

Jean-Claude Lapalu (Beaujolais)

 Mark As Read    

Jean-Claude Lapalu tasting the press juice Saint-Étienne-la-Varenne (Beaujolais) Jean-Claude Lapalu is a Beaujolais vigneron whose parents and grandparents were growers selling their grapes to the local coopérative; he too became a grower in 1982, selling his grapes to the coop...

William Shatner’s Brown Bag

 Mark As Read    

When William Shatner is not negotiating deals for your travel, apparently he's been drinking wine out of a brown paper bag. Fear not for the former Star Trek Captain–he's swilling on camera in a newish (I'm the last to know, apparently), short interview show that incorporates a few minutes of celebrity chat followed by a […] The post Wi...

Dr Vino's wine blog 74 days ago

Choice Tables: In Detroit, Revitalizing Taste by Taste

 Mark As Read    

Considered a food desert not so long ago, Detroit is now a culinary oasis. Here’s a look at four of the city’s new restaurants.

The Pour 74 days ago

The Food Issue: What if You Just Hate Making Dinner?

 Mark As Read    

Cookbooks for parents encourage a lively curiosity about preparing meals, but every day around 5 p.m., I draw a despairing blank.

The Pour 74 days ago

5 Perfect Steak Wines

 Mark As Read    

Summer is done, grilling season is over, life is meaningless, and really, why not just eat lettuce from now on? That was how I was feeling recently, confronted with the sudden awareness of shrinking daylight hours and the first hints of cool weath...

Tasting Room 74 days ago

Distiller's "Whiskey Deconstructed" Part 3 - Barreling & Aging: Whisk(e)y Wednesday presented by Lock & Key

 Mark As Read    

A few weeks ago I shared parts one and two of Distiller's 'whiskeygraphics' called Whiskey Deconstructed which featured the ever-important mash and distillation process. This week we take a look at the final step in the process: barreling and aging. Obviously this is an important part of the whiskey process because all of the color and a lot of th...

Bite and Booze 74 days ago

Elephant Walls And French Whisky

 Mark As Read    

Review of Or Haganuz, Amuka Series, Idra Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 and Brenne Estate Single Cask, Single Malt French Whisky. One of the first things we are traditionally “required” to do after breaking our Yom Kippur fast is to begin building our sukkah. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the rabbinic discussions about the detail...

Grapelines 74 days ago

Matt Kramer got it right about bullies who put wine down

 Mark As Read    

  This think piece by Matt Kramer is a little opaque.(I hope you can open the Wine Spectator link.)  I had to read it twice to understand it—and I’m not sure I do even now—but it seems to be a rebuttal to the notion, widespread in America and somewhat anti-intellectual, that expertise is a form […]

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