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Discovering Writer Mark Pendergrast

 Mark As Read    

[This photo is borrowed from Mark Pendergrast's Website.] I enjoy introducing you to other writers in the wine business, or related to it in some seamless way. In this case, it's a fellow writer whose expertise has earned him columns in Wine Spectator, which are related to coffee and evaluating it. Mark is best known […] The post Discovering ...

Wine Blog 2 days ago

Decopas ~ A wine for the (Millennial) ages

 Mark As Read    

Decopas is a wine dedicated to the Millennial audience, and I believe that this wine is perfectly suited to that age group; however, I love it, too. Their label tells the story perfectly, doesn't it? (See below) The label doesn't tell the story of the winemaker, we don't know about the Estate Vineyards, we don't […] The post Decopas ~ A wine ...

Wine Blog 3 days ago

The Claw Factor of Sauvignon Blanc

 Mark As Read    

What's the Claw Factor? Sauvignon Blanc is a wine that has a fascinating range and it deserves its own rating system, in my humble opinion. On one end of the spectrum, there are the commodity Sauvignon Blancs. You know, the ones that have no character, no finesse, and something important is missing (like flavors). On […] The post The Claw Fac...

Wine Blog 4 days ago

Wine is a civilizing beverage

 Mark As Read    

I was just reminded that "wine is a civilizing beverage" as I tasted through some wines of Turkey. The post Wine is a civilizing beverage appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 5 days ago

Tasting Wines of Turkey for the Very First Time

 Mark As Read    

There's a first for everything, I know. Never, in my wildest dreams, did I even think of Turkey as a county producing wines, which just shows how naive I am, even after 20+ years in the wine business, learning everything one step at a time. I guess after 20 years, I deserve to know more […] The post Tasting Wines of Turkey for the Very First ...

Wine Blog 7 days ago

1000 corks – two things about that

 Mark As Read    

1000 Corks Does anyone need or want 1,000 corks. I've just emptied a wine barrel with over 3,000 corks and don't want to just throw them away. If you pay for shipping for 1,000 of them, I'll send them to you. 1,000 corks, the Website   1000 Corks, the offer Please email me: 1000 […] The post 1000 corks – ...

Wine Blog 9 days ago

Italian Wine Equals Great Romance

 Mark As Read    

Italian wine equals romance in my world. Why? I don't really know, they just do. Perhaps it's the past life I've had in Venice? Maybe it's dreaming in Italian, but in my waking life I don't understand the language, but in a dream I understood every word… So much so that it woke me out […] The post Italian Wine Equals Great Romance appea...

Wine Blog 10 days ago

Weight of Wine Bottles and Being Unduly Impressed in a Time of Sustainability

 Mark As Read    

How do you feel about the weight of wine bottles these days? I know of one wine writer who, when the bottles began to take on the "Big Boy" effect, had serious issues right away. It's only been within the last 10 years that wine bottles have put on the extra pounds… As part of […] The post Weight of Wine Bottles and Being Unduly Impress...

Wine Blog 11 days ago

Holiday book recommendations for wine and food lovers

 Mark As Read    

Each year I like to share book recommendations for wine I've read in the past year, for those who like to up the ante on their family and friends' wine libraries… The book library, of course. Here's my list and a paragraph about each one for new books in 2014: Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt, […] The post Holiday book recommendations f...

Wine Blog 12 days ago

Spot-Not for wine enthusiasts

 Mark As Read    

Gadgets, doodads, and fooferettes is where I'd categorize Spot-Not. I can be anal retentive about my wine glasses and decanters. I want them spotless. Did I want to dedicate an entire blog post to one product? No, how much can be said? Then… I read the bottom of the E-Mail from Julie Weber: "This Wednesday […] The post Spot-Not for wine...

Wine Blog 17 days ago

The comma coma ~ writing wine press releases

 Mark As Read    

One use of the comma Here's how it works, just to make your press releases read as they should. Addressing Ann and Peter: Michael and Mary moved with their two children, Ann and Peter, to the San Francisco Bay Area, in the fall of 1996. Talking about Ann and Peter: Michael and Mary moved with […] The post The comma coma ~ writing wine press r...

Wine Blog 18 days ago

Holiday Coctails with NON GMO Zulka

 Mark As Read    

The NON GMO labeling of Zulka Morena Sugar is inspiring to me. I was asked to share a recipe for the holidays, and Zulka was an ingredient. When I learned what it was, I knew that I had to share. SIDEBAR: Mr. Shapiro, my seventh grade home room teacher helped my class to remember how […] The post Holiday Coctails with NON GMO Zulka appeared f...

Wine Blog 18 days ago

Current Issues in Vineyard Health to be held at UC Davis Extension

 Mark As Read    

Brought to you by the UC Davis Extension Department, the following is the day's agenda and registration information for the ‘Current Issues in Vineyard Health' course. It is going to be held this year in the UC Davis Conference Center, on December 2, 2014. According to Deborah Golino the director of the Foundation Plant Services […] The...

Wine Blog 21 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

 Mark As Read    

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Each year, once our family is about to have our Thanksgiving meal, we like to first say why we're thankful. I, like most of you, have a lot of thanks for the people who have a great impact my life. I'm going to try to include you all here. This is just a snapshot of […] The post Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! ap...

Wine Blog 22 days ago

Thanksgiving Wines ~ The Reds and a White

 Mark As Read    

Today's blog is about red wines for this coming holiday. Since the weekend is a time when we do some shopping for Thanksgiving, I thought I'd give you wines to research and buy well ahead of this coming Thursday. Wines are a natural  topic during this time of giving thanks, since I'm in the wine business… […] The post Thanksgiving Wines...

Wine Blog 23 days ago

Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt

 Mark As Read    

Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt, The Compete History of Presidential Drinking, by Mark Will-Weber, is a well researched and documented history book, the likes of which we've yet had revealed. Enlightening, frightening, and really captivating, This book will never be pried out of my stiffly clutched arms. I think I'll take it with me for fun [̷...

Wine Blog 24 days ago

Thanksgiving wines with a big thank you ~ The Whites

 Mark As Read    

Thanksgiving wines are a natural wine topic. During this time of year, from one year to the next, I reflect upon who's been there for me in the past cycle… entrusting me with their stories. This blog post is more about giving thanks, than it is about Thanksgiving wines. It is more interesting, however, if […] The post Thanksgiving wines...

Wine Blog 25 days ago

Newspapers are dead as we knew them; or, the turkey in the room

 Mark As Read    

One by one, I've watched trusted newspaper wine columnists get the sack from their editors. Some have been replaced by younger, rising stars, some columns went into syndication, and some just had wine disappear all together. In all of this, the evolution has been fascinating to watch… But, today the final bomb just fell from the […] The...

Wine Blog 28 days ago

Beaujolais Nouveau Day is Here!

 Mark As Read    

Beaujolais Nouveau Day is here once again, and I was fortunate enough to enjoy an early bottle, so I could blog aobut it on this very day. This year the 2014 Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau is très fabuleux, once again. It has delicious aromas of bright red fruit, like raspberries and strawberries.  When I sipped […] The post Beaujolais No...

Wine Blog 29 days ago

Still blogging after all these years

 Mark As Read    

What does a wine blogger do on her time "off." Hum… Still writing, when so much else has to get done, but the focus has greatly shifted… And, it's not about wine. It's come to writing children's stories for my grandchildren. It slowly started years ago, with my two first grandsons Jonathan and Nate, given to me […] The post Still ...

Wine Blog 30 days ago

How important is defining an AVA? Ask anyone in Paso Robles

 Mark As Read    

Paso Robles has just gone through tremendous growing pains, and this map is proof of all of their geological research… Air, soil, water, and climate all playing contributing parts to defining terroir; as well as the people involved, the flora, and the fauna… Having traveled to 41 of our 50 US states, I can tell […] The post How im...

Wine Blog 31 days ago

Tell me why I should be a member of your group

 Mark As Read    

If I hear "Tell me why I should be a member" one more time…  Well, I still don't know what I'll say; but, I know what I'd like to say. It would go something like this: If I have to tell you why you should be a member of any organization, I'd just be wasting […] The post Tell me why I should be a member of your group appeared first on Wi...

Wine Blog 32 days ago

Acorn Winery ~ 25 years in the making and worth the celebration

 Mark As Read    

Acorn Winery  & Alegría Vineyard When Acorn Winery was just a twinkle in Bill Nachbaur‘s eye, I was there to see the glow. At that time, Bill and Betsy Nachbaur only owned Alegría Vineyards, and Bill was getting itchy to see what his grapes would taste like, if he were involved in the winemaking process. […] The post Acorn Winery ~ ...

Wine Blog 35 days ago

Throwback Thursday ~ Wine and other medicinals

 Mark As Read    

Here's a little Throwback Thursday for you… These Were the Good Ole Days? I just got one of those Emails that circulates around and around until it finally makes its way to your computer. Being in the wine business, I'm fascinated by the history of wine. I didn't realize that at the turn of the […] The post Throwback Thursday ~ Wine and...

Wine Blog 36 days ago

Stiletto Wine ~ The making of a wine brand

 Mark As Read    

Stiletto Wines is brought to us by Middleton Family Wines. Middleton is based in Washington State, and these wines have carefully selected and imported from Sicily. Four generations of family have been contributing to this company. According to them, "Our family has been working the land since 1898, when we started a lumber business in Aberdeen, on...

Wine Blog 37 days ago

Customer service PR lessons; the good, bad, and the ugly ~ Part 2

 Mark As Read    

Today's part of this two part story is about the good…. Culinary customer service at its worst… Yesterday's blog post was about customer service at its best. RECAP Jose and I recently went to the Asheville, North Carolina, area to visit my daughter Katie, son-in-law Ray, and our two grandsons; Jonathan (14 years old) and Nate […] ...

Wine Blog 38 days ago

Customer service PR lessons; the good, bad, and the ugly ~ Part 1

 Mark As Read    

Today's part of this two part story is about the good…. Culinary customer service at its best… Who thought when I'd visit my kids I'd end up with a customer service story. Proving… you can take the wine PR person out of wine country, but you can't take the PR out of the wine person. And […] The post Customer service PR lesso...

Wine Blog 39 days ago

Slogging along in the wine blogging world

 Mark As Read    

My friend Steve Heimoff just wrote: Wine bloggers: Blogging, or slogging? Well, this week it's more like slogging for me, versus wine blogging. I've actually not posted anything since this past Tuesday, and today is Friday. Why? Life has just taken over. Wines to taste, wine competition forms to fill out, reports to write, bookkeeping […] The...

Wine Blog 42 days ago

Lisboa ~ While visiting a monastery a play broke out

 Mark As Read    

The culture of wine transcends what's in the vineyard, in the wine cellar, and what's in the glass. It takes all of that into account, and it also the people, the customs (including foods) and the arts. When I study wine, I immerse myself in every single aspect of it, most especially if I'm traveling. […] The post Lisboa ~ While visiting a mo...

Wine Blog 45 days ago

Piemonte’s Fall Favorites

 Mark As Read    

Piemonte in the fall… Um, the splendor. Piemonte is translated as the foot of the mountain.  And, I'm going with the Italian version of how it's written and pronounced for this blog story, to be more genuine with the location. This was an excellent lesson about geographical locations, when I visited Lisboa… Right, Lisboa… Differen...

Wine Blog 46 days ago

Throw Back Thursday with wine and other medicials

 Mark As Read    

I thought I'd have a fun a Throw Back Thursday post, about the Good Ole Days? I just got one of those Emails that circulates around and around until it finally makes its way to your computer. Being in the wine business, I'm fascinated by the history of wine. I didn't realize that at the turn […] The post Throw Back Thursday with wine and othe...

Wine Blog 48 days ago

This is NOT like one-of those foreign-emails you probably get

 Mark As Read    

A day in the life of a wine publicist… Hi, I came across-your contact over the-web and wanted to-share a brief note. I think a few-changes, aesthetically and/or SEO-wise, can make your site-convert more-visitors into leads-and also get it placed-higher in the organic search-results, for a few of the select terms. (Search-Engine-Optimization i...

Wine Blog 49 days ago

Scarily great wines for your adult Halloween moments

 Mark As Read    

I love good marketing and that's primarily what this story is about… Some great marketing that recently came my way, in preparation for this Friday's Halloween moments and memories. I'm also one of those people who stays home to take care of the kids that come to my door on Halloween night.  Why? Because someone […] The post Scarily gre...

Wine Blog 51 days ago

Off beat and darned happy to be… Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah

 Mark As Read    

The premier tasting event for Petite Sirah lovers in-the-world continues to celebrate Petite, with its Ninth Annual Tasting, on February 20, 2015. Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah again features a varied selection of Petite Sirah styles, and delectable foods that pair well with Petite. As is the tradition, the wines will be shared by both […...

Wine Blog 52 days ago

Is living on principles a good thing, or am I holding myself back… from NoteStream?

 Mark As Read    

As it turns out, I'm not holding my self back, when it comes to principles, and I may have helped the current writing condition take a teeny tiny step forward. I have my principles, and I thought that I may just be stubbornly holding myself back… But then, I'm also not looking to conquer the […] The post Is living on principles a good t...

Wine Blog 53 days ago

Asteisms ~ Ingeniously Polite Insults

 Mark As Read    

Asteisms… Yes, it's a TGIF kinda day… My own ignorance is totally eclipsed by own dumbfounded curiosity. Four years ago, I heard the word "asteism" defined, after hearing a great insult. I actually began this blog story at that time, so I could use this story one fine day, like today. I'm sorry to tell […] The post Asteisms ~ Inge...

Wine Blog 56 days ago

Off the Beaten Path with Joe Roberts, Red Wine Varieties

 Mark As Read    

I received an E-Mail from FIX that's worth sharing, about red wine varieties that are off the beaten path, which includes Petite Sirah. Hey, Jo, My name is Kat and I work for We recently published an article by Joe Roberts, creator of wine website 1WineDude about branching out, and discovering different varieties of […] The post Off ...

Wine Blog 57 days ago

Scandal continues to amuse in its wine Chateaux Du Bolet ways

 Mark As Read    

Chateaux Du Bolet… I have a wine friend who's equally fascinated with the television show called Scandal. Her website is called  Grapefriend, and Jose just found her for me, in a very amusing way, as I was contemplating another blog about this show. We were watching and enjoying Scandal. As the new Season 4 opens, […] The post Scandal c...

Wine Blog 58 days ago

Cement Suitcase ~ A Wine Sojourn

 Mark As Read    

Cement Suitcase is a comedy – tragedy about a character named Franklin. He works at a winery in Yakima Valley, and has to deal with life's blows. It's an award-winning, independent film about a tasting room manager and his humorous attempts to get control of his life. If you love independent films, and you love […] The post Cement Suitc...

Wine Blog 59 days ago

Are Genetically Modified grape vines ever going to be good for wine?

 Mark As Read    

Let's consider if Genetically Modified grape vines are ever going to be good for us… In order to do that, we have to look at studies that are being done independently, many of which are happening outside of the United States, as regards other crops. It's also important to note that a study handed off […] The post Are Genetically Modifie...

Wine Blog 60 days ago

Petite Sirah, The John Wayne of Grapes, Is Our All-American Legend

 Mark As Read    

As regards Petite Sirah being The John Wayne of Grapes… Imagine, if you will, being plucked from your homeland shortly after being born. (Some would argue that you were ostracized.) You’re brought to the Atlantic, where you board a steamship headed for America. You land in New York, are put onto the next train headed […] The post Petite...

Wine Blog 63 days ago

If you want a Moniker Wine, name it that… Moniker Wines

 Mark As Read    

MONIKER WINE: it's not brain surgery, people, but look how long it took someone to come up with the actual moniker as a wine brand. Now that it's out there, the rest of us are all slapping our foreheads. Leave it to the folks at Mendocino Wine Company, to branch out into the Moniker realm. […] The post If you want a Moniker Wine, name it that...

Wine Blog 64 days ago

Have you ever thought about Making Your Own Wine at Home?

 Mark As Read    

Making your own wine is done by a lot of home winemakers. And, if you've ever thought about making your own wine, right in the comfort of your home, there's a great new book on the market. Written by Lori Stahl, and published by Fox Chapel Publishing, Making Your Own Wine at Home is a […] The post Have you ever thought about Making Your Own W...

Wine Blog 65 days ago

Nine years of wine blogging, should I have just written a book?

 Mark As Read    

I'm reflecting on nine years of wine blogging this morning… having started just about this time nine years ago, in terms of thinking I should, and then getting Jose to build a site for me. I've had about four wine blog sites in the process. In 2005, WordPress wasn't even born yet, so he had […] The post Nine years of wine blogging, shou...

Wine Blog 67 days ago

Melting Pot Cooking: Joyce Goldstein and Petite Sirah

 Mark As Read    

Renowned chef and cookbook author Joyce Goldstein excitedly applauds the new food craze of "melting pot cooking" and her experiments with Petite Sirah. "Petite is a niche variety perfectly matched for this cuisine," stated Goldstein at the Tenth Annual Petite Sirah Symposium. Concannon Vineyard, the first winery in the world to varietally label Pet...

Wine Blog 70 days ago

Napa Valley Wine Academy, from near and afar, you too, can learn more about wine

 Mark As Read    

The Napa Valley Wine Academy wants you to immerse yourself in the exciting world of food and wine in the heart of wine country. While their courses are taught at some of Napa Valley’s best wineries, they're also located in Tampa, Florida, and you can take courses online. After having immersed my own self in […] The post Napa Valley Wine Acade...

Wine Blog 71 days ago

Astrological Signs With Their Astrological Wines

 Mark As Read    

Astrological Signs With Their Astrological Wines is something that I've pondered a bit. What sign matches which sign… For the lunar eclipse, here's what I have to offer… I was born on a lunar eclipse. According to the astrology that I studied (as a side interest) for 10 years, people born on a lunar eclipse […] The post Astrologic...

Wine Blog 72 days ago

Trending PR, is this the way of the future or just a guise?

 Mark As Read    

I got to thinking about an Email exchange that I had last week, and couldn't help but ask myself if this was trending PR or not. I'm going to just share the exchange and you be the judge. INCOMING EMAIL: Editor Deadline: Need Holiday Recipes Hi Jo, My name is Bob and I'm with Family […] The post Trending PR, is this the way of the future or j...

Wine Blog 73 days ago

Robert Parker is slowly fading into the sunset

 Mark As Read    

Robert Parker is slowly fading into the sunset… Yeah, right!  And, I mean… right…. Once upon a time, I was raised on Sabattus Lake in the summers of my youth. I remember watching sunsets across a lake that is five miles long and one mile wide… I was watching the sun go down, just one […] The post Robert Parker is slowl...

Wine Blog 77 days ago

Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah returns on February 20, 2015

 Mark As Read    

About the in Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah… ?   This image to the left,  is NOT a PS I LOVE YOU event. ?  This one is a case of registration infringement. ?  If other entities didn't decide that Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah events would be way cool and groovy to host, and […] The post Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah return...

Wine Blog 79 days ago
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