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Indigenous versus Autochthonous ~ Thankful for Thomas R. Riley

 Mark As Read    

There is a huge difference between Indigenous versus autochthonous, I've just learned. On Facebook I wrote. "Every now and then you meet someone w-a-y smarter than you. "And HE said that there are NO indigenous grape varieties in Italy." This was in reference to an experience I had just had in San Francisco, when I […]

Wine Blog 7 hours, 22 min ago

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours!

 Mark As Read    

I'm so thankful for a wonderful family, now all over the US (Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Colorado, Atlanta, Puerto Rico, Florida, and California). This all happened in my generation. (Incredible!) My friends are all over the globe, and that number has greatly expanded via social media. Where are you from? Places I've yet to ...

Wine Blog 1 day ago

This Full Moon in Scorpio calls for and demands extreme passion “ Viader is in the House

 Mark As Read    

Viader is in the House of Scorpio… And, Welcome… November 25's full moon is going to be with the Sun in Scorpio (dig deeper detective), opposing the Moon in Taurus (strong builder on a solid foundations.) In my wine work, I've noticed that Delia Viader exemplifies these characteristics with her cult wine standing. Delia Viader, […...

Wine Blog 2 days ago

Thanksgiving Wines continued…

 Mark As Read    

Continued from yesterday… This collection has inspired the following story. Each wine is fitting of any Thanksgiving celebration, and also popped into my head as I looked at the world map on the treasure chest, that we're all one from around the globe. White 2014 Gran Reserva Sauvignon Blanc, Produced by Concha y Toro ~ […]

Wine Blog 3 days ago

Thanksgiving Wines ~ Oooo la la, from France and beyond

 Mark As Read    

You've heard the saying, "my cup runneth over," right? Well, this is my Thanksgiving, so I'm sharing the bounty in any way that I can. Life has delivered all of this over the last month or so. The basket and its wine has arrived from Wine of The Month Club. Its contents will be going […]

Wine Blog 4 days ago

A mistake working in favor of Jeff Cohn

 Mark As Read    

I HATE making mistakes. I'm really hard on myself, but not as hard as I used to be, or some others might even be… A Wine Writer, a White Feather, and a Wine Maker A mistake realization always brings me back to my Happy Daze, and how I learned to ease up on myself and […]

Wine Blog 7 days ago

Sara Matthews ~ A photographer with an extraordinary eye for beauty

 Mark As Read    

Sara Matthews is going to be in California shooting in both May and September. If you'd like to have her photograph your wine world, because you might benefit from her eye and perspective, let her know. She normally spends a day or two at a winery to create a whole portfolio of images, which you […] The post Sara Matthews ~ A photographer wit...

Wine Blog 8 days ago

Cabernet labrusco – The creation of an indigenous red grapevine variety

 Mark As Read    

[All images are from Dr. Jeronimo Rodriques.] Cabernet labrusco is the successful creation of a brand new red grapevine variety, which has recently been achieved in South Africa, called ‘Cabernet labrusco.' This makes it an indigenous grape to South Africa. From his Cabernet labrusco Website: In 1994, Dr. Jerry Rodrigues crossed two Vitis vin...

Wine Blog 9 days ago

And HE said that there are NO indigenous grape varieties in Italy

 Mark As Read    

Definition of indigenous: "…originating in and characteristic of a particular region or country; native (often followed by to): the plants indigenous to Canada; the indigenous peoples of southern Africa. 2. innate; inherent; natural (usually followed by to): feelings indigenous to human beings." From this definition, can we find many indigeno...

Wine Blog 10 days ago

The Bordeaux Wine Experience says, “Attacks in Paris: We will never surrender”

 Mark As Read    

In a message from Ronald Rens, M. Sc., Wine Master, wine writer, and president of the Bordeaux Wine Experience: Cheers from Bordeaux, International solidarity after the callousAs attack on our Western Civilization… Bonjour Jo, It's not going to happen. I was shocked by the callous attacks in Paris last Friday and we mourn those that were [...

Wine Blog 11 days ago

Wine and Cheese Pairing 101

 Mark As Read    

[Image of Bill and Gerry Brinton, with Laura Martinez, on the right.] A few years ago, I took a cheese class in the home of Bill and Gerry Brinton. Since the holidays are upon us, here's that primer by Laura Martinez of The Artisan Palate. Each cheese had a unique style, and offered something companionable […] The post Wine and Cheese Pairing...

Wine Blog 14 days ago

Adam Richardson ~ Then and Now

 Mark As Read    

Years ago, when we were both working for Concannon Vineyard, Adam Richardson was hired to be their winemaker, while I was already their PR consultant. I had the joy of writing Adam's bio for the winery. At the time, Adam had a strong background with Gallo. If you want to learn the wine business on […] The post Adam Richardson ~ Then and Now a...

Wine Blog 15 days ago

Wines from the Douro Region of Portugal

 Mark As Read    

[Image of the Douro was purchased.] When we think of wines, we think, "Port." And it's a beginning. These "Porto" wines are from the Douro Region of Portugal. That would be right, except there's so much more to the Douro. It begins with their terroir, the most unusual in the world. To think I was […] The post Wines from the Douro Region of Po...

Wine Blog 16 days ago

Being Thankful ~ Winesellers, Ltd.

 Mark As Read    

Winesellers, Ltd. Named "Importer of The Year" by Wine Enthusiast Magazine Why I'm especially jazzed is because in the past year, I've been asked and responded to tasting their imported wines. It's enriched my life and palate, because I'm able to taste wines from all around the world… Wines I would otherwise have missed. To […] The post...

Wine Blog 17 days ago

Get Your Gris On – Think Appetizers

 Mark As Read    

On November 14 and 15, 2015, Oak Knoll Winery is again getting its Gris on. Long standing proponent of Oregon Pinot Gris, Oak Knoll Winery has historically supported this variety. And, it has good reason to do so… Pinot Gris is the state's largest wine grape crop. Many would love to have Chardonnay catch up […] The post Get Your Gris On...

Wine Blog 18 days ago

Food does not grow in boxes

 Mark As Read    

Once upon a time, in a tasting room, not so far away, I as telling some visitors about wine having health benefits. They thought that was pretty cool. They bought some wine (for their health), and left to visit more wineries. As soon as they left, my tasting room manger came flying around the corner […] The post Food does not grow in boxes ap...

Wine Blog 21 days ago

The Carmenere Wines of Chile from the Cachapoal Valley

 Mark As Read    

FIRST THE ACCOMPANYING BOOK: The Carménère Wines of Chile, from the Cachapoal Valley, originally published in 1990. Class act: Along with these three wines pictured below, I also received "Red Grapes, Hidden Treasure: The Carmenere Wines of Chile, from the Cachapoal Valley." The book is gorgeous, and I'm about to get a major knowledge bump [̷...

Wine Blog 22 days ago

Angels, Thieves, and Winemakers, by Joseph Mills, Second Edition

 Mark As Read    

I received the newly released Second Edition of Angels, Thieves, and Winemakers, by Joseph Mills. Every bit as good as his first edition, he begins this journey with his penchantAs  for humor, but then he leans into more thoughtfully provocative musings. "This second edition contains new poems, completely revised poems, and a re-arranged sequence."...

Wine Blog 23 days ago

Suisun Valley Grape Growers hired Paul Skinner of Terra Spase

 Mark As Read    

Suisun Valley Grape Growers (Suisun Valley Vintners and Grape Growers Association) hired Paul Skinner of Terra Spase to create weather stations in their pastoral appellation; and, that's what "put them on the map." This is according to Roger King, the president of the Suisun Valley Vintners and Winegrape Growers Association. They hired Paul Skinner...

Wine Blog 24 days ago

Portugal has a very abundant food and wine legacy

 Mark As Read    

If you're not familiar, Portuguese historical adventures have created an abundant food and wine legacy, for which they are most proud… while being very humble about it as the same time. During the past 3,000 years, Portugal experienced an ebb and flow of different civilizations invading their country. From Iberian to Tartessian, Celtic, Phoen...

Wine Blog 25 days ago

Happy Halloween!

 Mark As Read    

Happy Halloween and Boo! The post Happy Halloween! appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 26 days ago

Book Review ~ Tangled Vines, Greed, Murder, Obsession, Arson

 Mark As Read    

Tangled Vines is one of the most fascinating wine history books I've read to date… I dove in, nearly drowned from the greed, murder, obsession, arson… Two decades in the wine business and this is nothing that I knew about, except for Mark Anderson's horrific deed… But, even that was limited. I almost vomited when […] The pos...

Wine Blog 28 days ago

Wine Bottle Names and Their Capacity

 Mark As Read    

Wine bottle names and their capacity is always a fun question for those trivia moments. Split ~ 186 milliliters ~ 1/4 bottle Half bottle ~ 375 milliliters Bottle/Fifth ~ 1 bottle Magnum ~ 2 bottles Burgundy Jeroboam ~ 4 bottles Rehoboam ~ 6 bottles Methuselah ~ 8 bottles Salmanazar ~ 12 bottles Balthazar ~ 16 […] The post Wine Bottle Names an...

Wine Blog 29 days ago

Winemaker Marty Johnson and his Ruby Magdalena

 Mark As Read    

Winemaker Marty Johnson is a Facebook friend of mine. We've been friends for a long time, if now feels like, and the exchanges have always been good. I learn from him, and he helps me to teach others; especially during my Vit 101 series. Marty is Winemaker/Cellar Master at Eaton Hill Winery [If you click […] The post Winemaker Marty Johnson a...

Wine Blog 30 days ago

This Full Moon in Libra calls for and demands extreme balance – Iron Horse Bubbles

 Mark As Read    

Oct 27, 2015: Today, the Libra Sun is opposite the Aries Moon (Balance from Libra, and martial energy from Aries; it's a powerful one, people, and what's in your glass could give you great balance is a very energizing way. Are you ready for that kind of energy? (I am.) I stopped being an astrologer […] The post This Full Moon in Libra calls f...

Wine Blog 31 days ago

Gov. Chris Christie joins The Wine Train Crowd

 Mark As Read    

Yesterday, Govern Chris Christie was kicked off Amtrak's "quite car." No joke… Why? Screaming into his cell hone. According to WND: " He got on last minute yelling at his two Secret Service agents I think because of a seat mixup, sat down and immediately started making phone calls on the quiet car, Mann told […] The post Gov. Chris Chr...

Wine Blog 32 days ago

The Postmodern Winemaking Symposium ~ Third Annual

 Mark As Read    

Join us behind the curtain of standard platitudes to tap into the cutting edge of wine science and taste the liquid visions of seasoned veterans and emerging hipster winemakers. The post The Postmodern Winemaking Symposium ~ Third Annual appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 35 days ago

Austrian Wine and the 2014 Harvest ~ Let’s Learn

 Mark As Read    

[Image from the Pratsch Vineyards.] Thanks to Winesellers, Ltd., my global palate experiences are growing by leaps and bounds. What this has to do with YOU is that what I am leaning, I'm passing along. And, it's with the hope that you step outside of your own comfort zone. Search out these worldwide wines. What […] The post Austrian Wine and ...

Wine Blog 36 days ago

Cadaretta Wine Soil Composition ~ fractured and decayed basalts

 Mark As Read    

Cadaretta Wine's Soil Composition at Southwind Vineyard is a story that I wrote for our client. Because it's for their Website, it's got a copyright on it and stories like this I never put onto my blog ~ like so many other internal documents that I produce daily. But this one has just stuck with […] The post Cadaretta Wine Soil Composition ~ ...

Wine Blog 37 days ago

How Much Wine Comes From One Vine?

 Mark As Read    

Have you ever wondered how much wine comes from one vine? This is a great trivia question, for those opening moments, instead of asking, "So, what's your sign?" "Either way, you're a geek, though," said she, who used to get hit on. On average, one plant equals about 14 pounds of fruit, if crop isn't […] The post How Much Wine Comes From One V...

Wine Blog 38 days ago

Middleton Family of Wines Harvest Update from Washington and California

 Mark As Read    

The following is a report from winemaker Kendall Mix of the Middleton Family of Wines. Historically, the Middleton family has been in business in Washington since the 1890s. "Our family has been working the land since 1898, when we started a lumber business in Aberdeen, on the coast of Washington State. We began with lumber […] The post Middl...

Wine Blog 39 days ago

Continuing its down to earth traditions – Oak Knoll Winery

 Mark As Read    

Down to earth, that's what defines Oak Knoll Winery. The family came in as humble farmers, and they cling to their original humble beginnings. In a world of wine, where a bit of pretense is crafted into being the original beverage of kings, queens, and priest alchemists, it's been easy to slip into a snob […] The post Continuing its down to e...

Wine Blog 43 days ago

Petite Sirah Winemakers: Why is Petite Sirah Important

 Mark As Read    

Petite Sirah winemakers know firsthand why PS is a winemakers wine. I know that, too, as the founding director of PS I Love You. But most wine writers still don't understand. So, I asked some winemakers that I know, "Why do you make Petite Sirah?" They tell great aspects of this story. Larry Schaffer, tercero […] The post Petite Sirah Winemak...

Wine Blog 46 days ago

Trashy Love Story, or… Why I Drink Wine and Not Gin

 Mark As Read    

From the Facebook page Born & Raised in Maine, I saw this picture. It inspired me to share and write: "In Maine, it could happen, but for me… It was squirrels, thankfully." My friend Terry Mcnulty: When we used to camp at Lake Pillsbury, we would take our food and put it in a big […] The post Trashy Love Story, or… Why I Drink...

Wine Blog 49 days ago

Top 10 intriguing things about France and its wines

 Mark As Read    

France and its wines As I have traced myself back to Charlemagne. And, yes, so can many other people of Europe, because he had 17 children with eight of his 10 known wives (or concubines). So, where does that put me? In line also with Pippin the Short, Charles Martel, and the Kings of Scot. I […] The post Top 10 intriguing things about France...

Wine Blog 50 days ago

Andy Blue Redo

 Mark As Read    

UPDATE, or an Andy Blue Redo… When I wrote my original blog story called "More brewhaha from Andy Bluehaha," it was in response to Anthony Dias Blue's editorial about Petite Sirah, and how he just doesn't "get it." I understood on a gut level; I don't eat foie gras, for instance. I'd gag if I […] The post Andy Blue Redo appeared first o...

Wine Blog 51 days ago

Darn, I missed Bourbon Month in September… Bourbon Curious, by Fred Minnick

 Mark As Read    

FACEBOOK: Take the book closest to you, turn to page 45, read the first sentence, and that will explain your love life. Okay… "President Franklin D. Roosevelt formed a whiskey council made up of industry executives to help the government create a distillery plan for the war efforts." Yeah, it would take a novel to […] The post Darn, I m...

Wine Blog 52 days ago

How to get a wine writer’s attention via Email ~ Josh Wine Cellars

 Mark As Read    

I decided to begin the blog in preparation for the future: And, as always, I went looking for the Web address, to create the link. I was immediately sucked in: The post How to get a wine writer's attention via Email ~ Josh Wine Cellars appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 53 days ago

Top 10 intriguing things about Germany and its wines

 Mark As Read    

Germany and its wines As How elders are treated is fascinating. Here's the link to the story, in its entirety. No sense trying to reinvent this one. LISTVERSE: FAKE BUS STOPS; Noticing that seniors tended to stray toward public transportation as a way of returning home, the homes teamed up with local organizations to erect fake […] The post T...

Wine Blog 56 days ago

Vinomaster ~ Corkscrew for easy access to your delicious wines

 Mark As Read    

I watched a brain surgeon once open a bottle of wine and I couldn't help but think, "Thank God that's not my brain." If you're also intimidated about opening a bottle of wine with a cork, head on over to Wine Turtle. It's a wine site for handy and fun learning about wines, and in […] The post Vinomaster ~ Corkscrew for easy access to your del...

Wine Blog 57 days ago

Variety versus Varietal

 Mark As Read    

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Variety versus varietal University of California at Davis, if you care about precious credential: Variety is a noun. Varietal is an adjective. Example, I love the varietal characteristic of this variety. It's that simple.   The post Variety versus Varietal appeared first on Wine Blog....

Wine Blog 58 days ago

Wines, motorcycles, cars, and planes – How did it all come together

 Mark As Read    

How did it all come together? Social media, people meeting people every single day, in the most unusual of circumstances… But, there they are, cultures of all kinds intermingling every day in our global world. Wines, motorcycles, cars, and planes PETER NOWACK A Q&A snippet from Jo Diaz‘ Wine Blog ~ 2/2014, BC (before cancer) […...

Wine Blog 60 days ago

Top 10 intriguing things about New Zealand and its wines

 Mark As Read    

Top 10 intriguing things about New Zealand Wines As Did you ever notice that New Zealand is an upside down boot? A boot and a leg warmer, to be exact; not contiguous, like Italy is. Thanks to social media being launched, I launched the story above in 2010, and because listed on Google as the first […] The post Top 10 intriguing things about N...

Wine Blog 63 days ago

The class of Jennifer Wall, winemaker for Barefoot Wines

 Mark As Read    

Very uptown, that's Ms. Jennifer Wall. And so are the companies for which she's worked. I first met Jennifer in one of my transitions: from my working at Belvedere Winery, as Belvedere's communications coordinator and district sales position. I was at a crossroads; did I want to continue with communications, or did I want to […] The post The ...

Wine Blog 64 days ago

Adega Coop de Redondo in the Alentejo Region of Portugal

 Mark As Read    

If you get a chance, you'll be doing yourself a tremendous favor, when you discover the Wines of Portugal. As my host, Enoforum Wines introduced me to winemaker Pedro Hipólito of Adega Coop de Redondo (established in 1956). Based in the town of Redondo, in Portugal's Alentejo district, this is a municipality of the Évora […] The post Adega ...

Wine Blog 65 days ago

From Bordeaux with Love

 Mark As Read    

I thought I'd share this one, since Bordeaux reached out. I'm not there, I haven't seen the harvest, but the Ouellette/Bernier woman inside of my DNA loves any news from France. It's one of my joies de vivre. So, From Bordeaux with Love… Who wouldn't want to journey here? [Purchased images.] By: Union des Grands […] The post From Bordea...

Wine Blog 66 days ago

Wine Etiquette ~ The 10 most important things to remember

 Mark As Read    

I once wrote a story called Wine Country Casual, because people are so concerned, wanting to know the best thing to wear. We're like that as people, aren't we? It's also one of my most clicked onto stories. Everyone wants to know what to wear. But, what about behavior? After we dress to fit in, […] The post Wine Etiquette ~ The 10 most import...

Wine Blog 67 days ago

Smaller Producers Are Enjoying Significant Growth

 Mark As Read    

I've wanted to blog about Jon Moramarco, who's based in Santa Rosa, California. A long-time wine industry executive, Jon's launched an interesting new research report for the wine, beer, and spirits business called bw166 Total Beverage Alcohol Overview. Before launching bw166 in 2014, Moramarco spent four years as president and CEO of Winebow, Inc....

Wine Blog 70 days ago

Adega Coop de Borba in the Alentejo Region of Portugal

 Mark As Read    

Another day in the life with Enoforum Wines as my host, while enjoying The Wines of Portugal. Winemaker Óscar Gato of Adega Coop de Borba is based in the town of Borba, a municipality of the Évora District, in Portugal. As I've written earlier this week, to understand the people and their culture helps to […] The post Adega Coop de Borba in...

Wine Blog 71 days ago

Carmim Winery in the Alentejo Region of Portugal

 Mark As Read    

This is a beginning of a series of wineries in the Alentejo region in Portugal. I was based in the amazingly charming and very historic town of Évora. Enoforum Wines was my host, while I was introduced to the Wines of Portugal. At some point, I'd love to return to explore the spectacular beauty of […] The post Carmim Winery in the Alentejo R...

Wine Blog 72 days ago
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