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PRIMER FOR BLOGGERS: Winery flow chart for story lines

 Mark As Read    

So many people are blogging about wine today: from pros, to connoisseurs, to hobbyists… Pros, it's another platform. Connoisseurs, because it's fun to share their thoughts, and maybe… just maybe… it will turn into later creds… like Robert Parker did for himself. Hobbyists are writing about their experience, simply because th...

Wine Blog 8 hours, 12 min ago

Starting a legal winery? Here are things to consider

 Mark As Read    

Starting a legal winery has to be a daunting task, most especially for the people who've never been connected to the wine industry. I know that I segued from radio into wine, and it took me at least three years before I was really on any real sure footing. I was contacted by Danielle Rodabaugh, […] The post Starting a legal winery? Here are t...

Wine Blog 1 day ago

When the Dust turns to Silk – 2011 Rutherford Cabernets

 Mark As Read    

It was a beautiful summer's day, when we all gathered to taste the 2011 Rutherford Cabernets, at Francis Ford Coppola's Inglenook Winery. I need to immediately segue into the late 1990s. I was sitting on a panel for the American Wine Society in Cleveland, Ohio, I believe it was. I was invited to talk about […] The post When the Dust turns to ...

Wine Blog 2 days ago

Wine scores and reviews: those who write them and those who need them

 Mark As Read    

Wine scores: This was one of my very first stories on my wine blog… It was written on February 5, 2006. And, it was a very daring move for the time, because I knew it could enrage a few people. I wrote it, because I was so frustrated with salespeople who wanted to just take […] The post Wine scores and reviews: those who write them and...

Wine Blog 6 days ago

Living in Sonoma County, I find myself dreaming of Sea Ranch Lodge

 Mark As Read    

I need a real vacation, because this wine publicist's house is under siege with repair people. Yesterday I posted about a flood happening in our upstairs bathroom. With water fans blowing 24/7, the "loud" white noise is now really setting in. I need a couple of days at the ocean… and again, I find myself […] The post Living in Sonoma Co...

Wine Blog 7 days ago

Avalon Bay saves my day, right when I needed Calgon to take me away

 Mark As Read    

I was asked if I would review a wine refrigerator for Avalon Bay, a home appliance company; their Avalon Bay AB-WINE12S 12 Bottle Single Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, to be exact. Sure, why not? I have another Air & Water wine refrigerator in our kitchen. When I get samples in my office, I occasionally lamented […] The post Avalon Bay ...

Wine Blog 8 days ago

Dusty Moments and Luscious Wines ~ The Rutherford Dust Society’s 15th Annual

 Mark As Read    

WEDNESDAY, JULY 16, 2014 The Rutherford Dust Society is having its annual tasting on Wednesday, July 16. This annual event is held so that trade members are able to meet the vintners, growers, and winemakers of the Rutherford Appellation. Each year they have a Special Grand Tasting for wine writers, wine buyers, wholesale members, and […] The...

Wine Blog 9 days ago

Wines appealing to the adverturer inside of you ~ Rocca Sveva

 Mark As Read    

There's a group called the Wine Century Club, of which I'm a member. All you need to do is track how many different varieties that you've enjoyed… even if those varieties are in a blended wine. It almost feels like cheating; but those are their rules, and rules are rules. When I started I thought, […] The post Wines appealing to the adv...

Wine Blog 12 days ago

Old Mission & Leelanau Winery Passport + Radio station success story

 Mark As Read    

Once upon a time… There are many "once upon a times" for me. I remember when I first began Diaz Communications, Page Poulos reached out to me. At the time, she owned Paige Poulos Communications, Inc.. She congratulated me on taking that independent step. And she warned me, "Always be looking" [for new clients]. Then, […] The post Old Mi...

Wine Blog 13 days ago

60 different grape varieties, what would you do with them: Acorn Winery has an answer…

 Mark As Read    

A question that I can't help but ask, "If you grew 60 different grape varieties, what would you do with them?" The reason for asking this is that I just met with Bill and Betty Nachbaur of Acorn Winery, for a second time. I say second time, because I met with both of them, not […] The post 60 different grape varieties, what would you do with ...

Wine Blog 14 days ago

Amphoras as seen through the eyes of Portugal

 Mark As Read    

As I've written previously, To Understand Portuguese Wines, One Must First Understand the People. I would add the word "history" to what must also be understood. I can now say this, most especially after having spent 10 days in Portugal last fall with Delfim Costa of Enoforum Wines. This has become abundantly clear to me. […] The post Amphora...

Wine Blog 15 days ago

Immigration law at the Sonoma County Wine Library

 Mark As Read    

There's going to be an informative, hands-on workshop in both Spanish and English on Immigration law at the Sonoma County Wine Library. I've asked wine grape growers what it's like, now that we have stricter immigration laws, and none of them are happy. Many are being forced to by mechanical harvesters, because workers are no […] The post Imm...

Wine Blog 16 days ago

Happy 4th of July with Happy Camper wines!

 Mark As Read    

Popular varietals: Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet... that's what Happy Camper is all about. What does it taste like? Spend the money and find out! At only nine dollars a bottle, you can't afford to not have this experience (and you won't be disappointed). The post Happy 4th of July with Happy Camper wines! appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 19 days ago

When wine becomes a bitch… Treasury, I feel for you…

 Mark As Read    

I just read the headline: Law firm launches shareholder class action against Treasury Wine Estates I had to chuckle to myself. Here I sit in the wine business. Treasury Wine Estates is doing everything right, in my humble estimation… Staying engaged in their wine companies advancements and participation in the industry. As the exec director [...

Wine Blog 20 days ago

Coming to wine coutry with kids… Safari West is your answer

 Mark As Read    

make sure that your children are happy and engaged The post Coming to wine coutry with kids… Safari West is your answer appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 21 days ago

Children in wine country… get over it

 Mark As Read    

I was just reminded of this, last weekend at the Bacigalupi 50th Anniversary celebration of the Judgment of Paris decision… Bacigalupi's grapes were a portion of the Number One chosen wine from Chateau Montelena… Yeah, Sonoma ruled and Napa got the credit. (Easier for the French to say "Napa," n'est ce pas?) FROM Rusty Gaffney: […...

Wine Blog 22 days ago

Wine Grape Varietal Leaves

 Mark As Read    

Wine Grape Varietal Leaves can all be found in resource books, but I wanted my own images. There are many wineries where I've worked, prior to becoming a consultant. At each one I learned a different segment of the wine business. While at Kendall-Jackson, I took advantage of Santa Rosa Junior College's Demonstration Vineyard; which […] The po...

Wine Blog 23 days ago

Top 10 Reasons I Blog

 Mark As Read    

I don't write this blog for other bloggers. I know they're not my audience; although, for many, that's their joie de vivre and that's just fine. There's a camaraderie among wine bloggers, and once a year they gather to enjoy each other's company. Sometimes I wish I could join them; but, the reality is that […] The post Top 10 Reasons I Blog a...

Wine Blog 26 days ago

Did you know that the Judgment of Paris had mostly Sonoma County Wine in that “Number One” winner?

 Mark As Read    

It isn't often that I turn my blog over to someone else's writing. This is my "journal," so if I didn't experience it, it's hard to segue into someone else's news. That said, I do have an introduction, because over the weekend Jose and I attended the Bacigalupi Family‘s 50th Anniversary Celebration and Third Anniversary […] The post Did...

Wine Blog 27 days ago

Mission not-so-impossible: Know your audience and then pitch it

 Mark As Read    

Want to know how to get my attention? With an email that has a personal message in it, directed at me. If you send a press release to me, odds are I'm going to delete it before I even think about considering it. Why? My blog is not a journalistic news outlet resource. My blog […] The post Mission not-so-impossible: Know your audience and then...

Wine Blog 28 days ago

Who doesn’t love a little black dress?

 Mark As Read    

When I was graduating from the eighth grade, my mother took me from Maine (where I was growing up) to Boston, to get my graduation dress. We met my cousin Ann in the city, she came in from Stoneham, to give me fashion guidance. Plus, living in the Boston area, she knew all of the […] The post Who doesn't love a little black dress? appeared fi...

Wine Blog 29 days ago

Hyposmia ~ the aging palate

 Mark As Read    

Probably not too many people in this lifetime want to admit that their palates are on the wane. No awards are given for fessing up, and it will definitely work in one's disfavor, but I've always been one for telling it like it is, not like it isn't… I just didn't know there was a […] The post Hyposmia ~ the aging palate appeared first o...

Wine Blog 30 days ago

The week my computer fried itself

 Mark As Read    

This is the week my computer decided to fry itself. Oh, yeah… All new start… All new programs. All new computer. Whole new appreciation for when it's going well. I also spent a lot of time in my organic garden, waiting for things to come together in my office, Thanks to Jose. This is a […] The post The week my computer fried itsel...

Wine Blog 33 days ago

Understanding sulfites’ role in wines

 Mark As Read    

Véronique Raskin and I have embarked on a journey that has to do with organic wines. And, we really got things going…. That I know for sure. When I saw a link coming in from Italy, I knew that this is huge. Meanwhile, Véronique also knows that this is her moment to finally get out […] The post Understanding sulfites' role in wines appea...

Wine Blog 36 days ago

Marvin Shanken knows how to throw a party

 Mark As Read    

After each event, when those in attendance begin to wax poetic in the afterglow, those who didn't attend ask, "How do I get onto that list?" The post Marvin Shanken knows how to throw a party appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 37 days ago

Uncorked! in Suisun Valley continues on June 21, 2014

 Mark As Read    

Uncorked! is happening in Suisun Valley, on Saturday evening this coming June 21, 2014. From 6:00 p.m. — 9:00 p.m. guests will be savoring Suisun Valley appellated wines… The Suisun Valley Vintners and Growers Association is hosting this event, at Il Fiorello Olive Oil Company. This annual wine and food event features a wide selection […...

Wine Blog 41 days ago

Devo Tour 2014, after Gerald Casale launches his new wine brand

 Mark As Read    

Devo Tour 2014 Devo Tour 2014, comes right after Gerald Casale launched his new wine brand this past May 28, at the McLoughlin Gallery, in San Francisco, called The 50 by 50. Devo, an American rock band formed in 1972, is made up of members from Kent and Akron, Ohio. The band included two sets […] The post Devo Tour 2014, after Gerald Casale ...

Wine Blog 42 days ago

2014 Digital Wine Communications Conference

 Mark As Read    

Registrations Now Being Taken The post 2014 Digital Wine Communications Conference appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 44 days ago

Tres Sabores Winery offers a great marketing concept

 Mark As Read    

Leave it to Julie Johnson of Tres Sabores Winery to come up with one of the best marketing concepts for turning people onto her wines. Remember drive-in movies, anyone? Yeah, it's like that. OUTDOOR FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT at Tres Sabores A Night of Animation, Napa Valley Lore Food & Wine Celebrate the heritage of Napa […] The post Tres Sabore...

Wine Blog 48 days ago

Can you send your review to me about my wine, so I can market myself?

 Mark As Read    

Ronn offers a stellar wine program... The post Can you send your review to me about my wine, so I can market myself? appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 49 days ago

Smart move, Tasting Panel, on The SOMM Journal

 Mark As Read    

I've not only enjoyed reading The Tasting Panel Magazine for all of these years, but to also have written a few stories for them, has been both a treat and an honor. I've watched Anthony Dias Blue come in as editor, something that Meridith May was doing by herself, ever so long ago it now […] The post Smart move, Tasting Panel, on The SOMM Jo...

Wine Blog 50 days ago

Pudding River is celebrating 10 years in the Oregon Wine industry

 Mark As Read    

While Pudding River is celebrating 10 years in the Oregon Wine industry, this may not seem like very much time to the rest of the wine world, but in Oregon, it's a true benchmark for this young wine region. The Oregon wine industry is really young, as compared to other regions in the world. I […] The post Pudding River is celebrating 10 years...

Wine Blog 51 days ago

Buy the Right Wine Every Time by Tom Stevenson

 Mark As Read    

If you want to make sure you Buy the Right Wine Every Time, make sure you buy the right book… Buy the Right Wine Every Time Written by Tom Stevenson, and published by Sterling Publishing, Tom is one of the wine business's most prolific authors. Tom Stevenson is a British author who's been writing about […] The post Buy the Right Wine Ev...

Wine Blog 54 days ago

Community Involvement + Art Student = Win Win Education

 Mark As Read    

In giving back through community involvement, something special has been going on at Oak Knoll Winery for years. Considered “the people’s winery” by Portlandians, Oak Knoll conducts an annual wine label art contest tied to the Portland Rose Festival Foundation, a non-profit organization celebrating everything Portland and Oregon. The festival has a...

Wine Blog 55 days ago

THE 50 BY 50 ~ Rock on Devo Guy

 Mark As Read    

If you know anything about me, you know that I come from a PR rock n'roll background, having worked for WBLM radio station in Portland, Maine. That was for 11 years, before moving to California and segueing my PR into the wine industry. It's 20+ years later, and I now know how naive I was […] The post THE 50 BY 50 ~ Rock on Devo Guy appeared ...

Wine Blog 56 days ago

Italian delights

 Mark As Read    

[Image is of an elderflower, from the Transition Leytonstone Website.] Once upon a time (true story) I suddenly awoke from an Italian delightful dream. The dream involved four people sitting in a circle. I was sitting on the southern end of this foursome. To my left, on the west side of this circle of people, […] The post Italian delights app...

Wine Blog 57 days ago

Memorial Day 1865

 Mark As Read    

Memorial Day 1865… With a Snopes True button: "KNOW YOUR HISTORY: Memorial Day was started by former slaves on May, 1, 1865 in Charleston, SC to honor 257 dead Union Soldiers who had been buried in a mass grave in a Confederate prison camp. They dug up the bodies and worked for 2 weeks […] The post Memorial Day 1865 appeared ...

Wine Blog 58 days ago

Bacigalupi Vineyards ~ 50 Years of living an loving Russian River Valley

 Mark As Read    

The year 2014 is a year of celebrating landmarks in the Russian River Valley, at the venerated Bacigalupi Vineyards. Three generations, including a vibrant Helen Bacigalupi, are in concert, bringing more vigor to the new family-label wines. The post Bacigalupi Vineyards ~ 50 Years of living an loving Russian River Valley appeared first on Wine Blog...

Wine Blog 61 days ago

Véronique’s secrets of Organic Wines

 Mark As Read    

Véronique's secrets of Organic Wines continues to amaze me… A story that's been a long time coming, and a story that a wine magazine with advertisers would never touch, this story has been incubating within Véronique Raskin's psyche. Yesterday, I said that it's a saga, and that it is. It's also going to be a […] The post Véronique's sec...

Wine Blog 62 days ago

The shocking truths behind organic wines in the United States

 Mark As Read    

Once upon a time (the 1970s), in a far off land (France), the idea and practice of organic farming began to take root and shape its history. According to the Organics Institute: "The modern organic movement began at the same time as industrialized agriculture. It began in Europe around the 1920s, when a group of […] The post The shocking trut...

Wine Blog 63 days ago

Wine tasting + perfume = disaster

 Mark As Read    

Although there's a lot of "romance" associated with the "wine experience," additional aromas like perfume, when tasting wine, don't really add anything. In fact, perfume takes a lot away from a really pleasant experience. I'm no saint with this one. I'll admit it… I learned this the hard way. It was when I began my […] The post Wine tas...

Wine Blog 64 days ago

GMO Grape Vines in the US? They’re found in France…

 Mark As Read    

Now, I wish I had come in as an entitled kid, instead of choosing the peace path. If I had come in with a silver spoon stuck in high places, I'd be able to take that money and turn it around into more earth saving preservation efforts. The post GMO Grape Vines in the US? They're found in France… appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 65 days ago

I’m worth $3,718 ~ Good to know that Wine-blog has done something good for me

 Mark As Read    

It's good to know that Wine-blog has given me some worth. has all the info on Wine-blog… According to their research. Cellarer: The most popular wine sites: Here is a directory of websites and blogs about wine. The table only shows the top 100 sites out of a list of 500. This exhibits the […] The post I'm worth $3,718 ~ Goo...

Wine Blog 68 days ago

Apolloni Vineyards Celebrating “A Retrospective: 15 Years of Winegrowing”

 Mark As Read    

Apolloni Vineyards is celebrating “A Retrospective: 15 Years of Winegrowing.” A premium producer of Pinot Noir and traditional Italian style wines, Apolloni is celebrating “A Retrospective: Fifteen Years of Winegrowing” on Memorial Weekend: May 24 to 2, 2014 From 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., each day $15 tasting fee Proprietors Alfredo and Laurine Apol...

Wine Blog 69 days ago

Chef John Ash wins a James Beard Award

 Mark As Read    

Jose and I had moved from Maine to California, so he could and would become KSRO's program director.  When we moved to Sonoma County, Jose found several icons at the station, and one was Chef John Ash. One of the first people at the station I got to meet was Chef John. He was a […] The post Chef John Ash wins a James Beard Award appeared firs...

Wine Blog 71 days ago

Terroir ~ The Petaluma Wind Gap

 Mark As Read    

I've been privately doing a lot of reading and writing lately about Green Valley of the Russian River Valley. Something that's been a bit elusive for me is actually grasping exactly where the Petaluma Wind Gap originates. Everyone writes about it, but knowing exactly where it comes in is not as well pinpointed. At least, […] The post Terroir ...

Wine Blog 72 days ago

A wine tasting experience ~ elitism can sneaks in and ruin a good glass of wine

 Mark As Read    

A wine tasting experience ~ elitism can sneaks in and ruin a good glass of wine… I remember the first story I wrote about wine tasting experiences. I was suggesting that people should get over the elitist BS that goes with enjoying wine. Yeah, I just wrote BS, because that's all it is to me. […] The post A wine tasting experience ~ elit...

Wine Blog 75 days ago

Elitism can sneaks in and ruin a good glass of a wine tasting experience

 Mark As Read    

At a wine tasting, in my humble opinion — and I could be all wrong — elitism can sneak in and ruin a good glass of wine. I remember the first story I wrote about wine tasting experiences. I was suggesting that people should get over the elitist BS that goes with enjoying wine. Yeah, […] The post Elitism can sneaks in and ruin a go...

Wine Blog 76 days ago

Meeting one’s inspiration ~ Sandra Day O’Connor at Iron Horse on Earth Day

 Mark As Read    

Sandra Day O'Connor has been a very important inspiration in my life; and was an anchor for me while I was dangerously adrift in my early days of getting into the wine business… "You've made me cry," she said to me. "Well, you've made me cry, too," I said to her. That was a brief […] The post Meeting one's inspiration ~ Sandra Day O'Con...

Wine Blog 77 days ago

Rock and Roll (R)evolution

 Mark As Read    

When I first came to wine country in 1992,  I was a freak. Just coming out of rock and roll radio, that was the only PR I knew; and yet, I wanted to segue into wine PR. In my early wine PR career, I actually had the audacity to call a Napa Valley wine writer […] The post Rock and Roll (R)evolution appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 78 days ago
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