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Interesting Assignment, Media

 Mark As Read    

For those of you wine writers, who are looking for an interesting assignment, this may be right up your alley. Richard Keenan of Kick Ranch and Overland Wines is hosting a special wine media event on Thursday, July 23, in his vineyards in Rincon Valley, Santa Rosa, California. This assignment is NOT open to the […] The post Interesting Assign...

Wine Blog 2 days ago

Around the Wine World in Seven Days

 Mark As Read    

Around the Wine World in Seven Days is going to be a celebration of my appreciation for the wine import brands that have discovered and appreciate Wine Blog as a resource. I've always had winged feet. If it's from somewhere else, I want to exploring it all. While my immediate neighborhood has always been import-ant […] The post Around the Win...

Wine Blog 3 days ago

Hard Ciders from France… Wait, let me put on my Fleur de Lys hat!

 Mark As Read    

Bring on the hard ciders from France The post Hard Ciders from France… Wait, let me put on my Fleur de Lys hat! appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 6 days ago

Protected: Concannon

 Mark As Read    

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. The post Protected: Concannon appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 6 days ago

Protected: Bob Ecker – Petite Sirah

 Mark As Read    

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. The post Protected: Bob Ecker – Petite Sirah appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 6 days ago

How can I promote a wine I’ve never tasted?

 Mark As Read    

This is a Public Service Announcement: I just got another one of those E-Mails. Dear Friends, It would be greatly appreciated if you could help us spread the word about our new Pinot Noir Rose?s. It's our third Pinot Noir release, but it's the first time we've made it as a Rose?, and we're pretty excited […] The post How can I promote a wine ...

Wine Blog 7 days ago

Wine Pros are the best resource for humor

 Mark As Read    

Wine pros, if you also see yourself, enjoy what you're seeing… It's all great fun. This was first published in Wine Business Monthly. Under the name of Road Warrior Survival Guide. It's one of my rants, and it was born from being on the road a bit too much (I think) at the time. While […] The post Wine Pros are the best resource for hum...

Wine Blog 10 days ago

Uncorked! in Suisun Valley this Saturday

 Mark As Read    

This one is r-e-a-l-l-y close to the Bay Area, is one of those "far from the madding crowd" type of events. Come and Taste the Wines of Suisun Valley This Saturday June 20th, 2015 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at Il Fiorello Olive Oil Company Purchase tickets now online LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE Join the Suisun […] The post Uncorked! in Suisun ...

Wine Blog 12 days ago


 Mark As Read    

Much needed. Back to blogging on June 17, 2015. Be well! — jo The post V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 18 days ago

New Book – Wine Trivia

 Mark As Read    

Wine writer Dick Rosano has finished writing and has published another wine book. Author of other these previously released wine books: Tuscan Blood: A mystery set at a winery in Tuscany Hunting Truffles:A mystery involving the grant theft of truffles in Alba, Italy Wine Heritage: The Story of Italian-American Vintners And now, Wine Trivia: In [...

Wine Blog 20 days ago

Russian River Valley Passport, formerly Passport to Pinot

 Mark As Read    

The 2015 Russian River Valley Passport Weekend (formerly called Passport to Pinot) will be taking place on Saturday and Sunday, June 27 and 28, 2015.  More than 30 acclaimed wineries in the premier AVA for world-class Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and other cool-climate-loving varieties will share current, early, and limited release wines. The images on t...

Wine Blog 21 days ago

Consider the trade discount, people

 Mark As Read    

The biggest shock early on was visiting an artisan winery, asking for the "trade discount," and being asked a question in return… "Are you a winery principle?" I was stopped dead in my tracks. I was new to the wine business and the tasting room I was working in was filled with people constantly throwing […] The post Consider the trade d...

Wine Blog 24 days ago

Italy is weighing in as having the most indigenous grapes + Cabernet labrusco

 Mark As Read    

Who has the most indigenous grapes? I once wrote that Portugal has more indigenous grape varieties than any other country in the world. At the time (June 17, 2010) I was entrenched in Portugal, it's culture, it's people, its wines. I then glimpsed that Italy also declared that it had more indigenous grape varieties, but […] The post Italy is ...

Wine Blog 25 days ago

How to Get Your License Bond when Opening a Winery

 Mark As Read    

Scenario: I get an Email, asking if I would want a story by Vic Lance, founder and president of Lance Surety Bond Associates. A surety bond expert who helps small businesses get licensed and bonded. Vic graduated from Villanova University with a degree in Business Administration and holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from […] Th...

Wine Blog 26 days ago

Theopolis Vineyards to The Rescue –

 Mark As Read    

Headed to Theopolis Vineyards, Jose and I were so excited to get out of our "seven days a week" home office. We weren't the frame of mind to be paying strict attention to all of our details. It was a gorgeous Saturday, and we were headed for an adventure. We entered the Yorkville Highlands on […] The post Theopolis Vineyards to The Rescue ...

Wine Blog 27 days ago

Number 7 reason why consumers might want to pay top dollar for wine

 Mark As Read    

Sean Piper, of Napa Vintage Wines, just posted the following on his Facebook page: "Dear Wine Consumers: You don't have to pay top dollar for wine, but there are reasons you might want to." Of course – it got creative juice flowing about what would be number 7. Doesn't something provocative do this to you, […] The post Number 7 reason w...

Wine Blog 28 days ago

PR gone awry, horribly so

 Mark As Read    

Those who accepted the trip were told that there was no room reserved for Monday night, so after a long day tasting, they were told to make their our way home. The post PR gone awry, horribly so appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 31 days ago

And the wine business brainchild gathers…

 Mark As Read    

As a public service, just in case some of you might have missed this important one… 2015 Wine Industry Technology Symposium WITS 2015 REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN… Join 400+ Fellow Wine Industry Executives and Managers at the 11th Annual Wine Industry Technology Symposium Our 11th Annual Wine Industry Technology Symposium promises to be our...

Wine Blog 32 days ago

Eight Easy Pieces Discovered at Kick Ranch

 Mark As Read    

Dick Keenan's Kick Ranch Get Together As I was talking with Rick Baum, Dick Keenan's designated consumer, I was thinking to myself, "I'm continually amazed at how easily I get along with lawyers." That's because, it's in my DNA… So many forefathers, if only my parents had guided me, seen in me that my questioning […] The post Eight Easy...

Wine Blog 33 days ago

Vit 101 ~ 8 ~ Cooling Trends

 Mark As Read    

VIT 101: With a cooling trend after a warm spell (like we're having right now in Russian River Valley), vineyard activity slows. So, if the season came early (as it did), and grape farmers might have thought that perhaps they'd have an early harvest, things just slowed back down a bit. This is how each […] The post VIT 101 ~ 8 ~ COOLING TREND...

Wine Blog 34 days ago

For National Wine Day I need 366 days in a year

 Mark As Read    

Hello [Jo], Celebrate National Wine Day on Monday May 25th with ZIOBAFFA! ZIOBAFFA takes pride in authenticity with an attention to detail and quality. It will create an genuine Italian experience, making you feel like a true connoisseur while raising a glass to National Wine Day! ZIOBAFFA is an organically grown, Italian wine that is […] The...

Wine Blog 35 days ago

Chance to win the dramatic and perhaps you’ll meet Jean-Charles Boisset

 Mark As Read    

Is there anyone in wine more dramatic and loved than Jean Charles Boisset? The post Chance to win the dramatic and perhaps you'll meet Jean-Charles Boisset appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 38 days ago

Seeing a value come to fruition ~ Suisun Valley

 Mark As Read    

One of my greatest gifts in the wine business was to have the Suisun Valley Vintners and Grape Growers Association come to my doorstep, in September of 2003. We were told that the group had some government funds for the next seven years, and they wanted help to get Suisun onto the wine maps. Finding […] The post Seeing a value come to fruitio...

Wine Blog 39 days ago

Women for WineSense needs you as a lecturer

 Mark As Read    

A new Lecture Series has been introduced by Women for WineSense. This is a new addition to the Napa | Sonoma WWS suite of member benefits. Are you an expert in the wine industry? Do you have unique knowledge? Would you like to teach others something they need to know? If so, please do the […] The post Women for WineSense needs you as a l...

Wine Blog 40 days ago

Looking for a little romance ~ Try Rosé Rendezvous at Simi Winery

 Mark As Read    

My friend Bob Ecker has found his groove, and it has to do with Rosé. Bob is a wine writer, an aerial photographer, a wine judge, and now a wine event organizer. If you're a lover of Rosé, and you're going to be in the Sonoma County area, this event of delicate rosé wines is […] The post Looking for a little romance ~ Try Rosé Rendezvous at S...

Wine Blog 41 days ago

Vit 101 ~ 7

 Mark As Read    

WARNING: If you’re in the wine business, this is only VIT 101. This blog story has been created for people just learning about vineyards. Please judge accordingly. VIT 101: Cover Crops in a Vineyard Cover crops benefit a vineyard in a few ways. They begin by repelling harmful pests. By having a cover crop of […] The post VIT 101 ~ 7 appeared ...

Wine Blog 42 days ago

Tea from wine grape skins: The Republic of Tea and Whole Vine Products

 Mark As Read    

Two very innovative companies have joined forces: The Republic of Tea has a finished product, with Whole Vine Products supplying the necessary grape products to put into these unusually unique teas. A word about WholeVine Products in the mix: Sonoma Teas utilizes fine wine grape skins sourced from WholeVine, which offers products made with all-natu...

Wine Blog 46 days ago

Variety versus varietal – Oh, this is so perfect

 Mark As Read    

Variety versus varietal…I think I finally understand it all. This might even be the last time I bring this one up, ever again. The meme below, in this blog post, will just say it all for me, from now on. The Big Picture I'm sick to death of wine writers who are constantly defending the […] The post Variety versus varietal – Oh, th...

Wine Blog 47 days ago

How a Soil Monolith Is Constructed

 Mark As Read    

How a soil monolith is constructed by Paul Anamosa and his crew from Vineyard Soil Technologies is a very labor intensive job. So much so that Paul isn't really looking to mass produce these works of art. He prefers the pace that he currently has, which is about one a month. Once the following pictorial […] The post How a Soil Monolith Is Con...

Wine Blog 48 days ago

Vit 101 – 6

 Mark As Read    

WARNING: If you’re in the wine business, this is only viticulture 101.  This blog story has been created for people just learning about vineyards. Please judge accordingly. VIT 101 Jo Diaz: Volunteer grapevines. This grapevine just popped up about five years ago. Last year was the first year we actually had any grapes on the […] The post VIT ...

Wine Blog 49 days ago

Happy Mothers Day

 Mark As Read    

If my mother had any proclivity toward alcoholism, I would have driven her there by the time I was five. But, I never saw her have more than one glass of Manischewitz on Easter, year after year. That tells me that she was never going to be an alcoholic. I was a spirited child, born […] The post Happy Mothers Day appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 52 days ago

Women for WineSense Offers New Scholarships

 Mark As Read    

When I lived in Maine, I produced a community issues talk program on WBLM radio that aired on Sunday mornings.  I learned a lot about the Portland, Maine area's community. I interviewed Bart Weyand, from the English as Second Language Program at the University of Southern Maine. The program was about immigrants and refugees that […] The post ...

Wine Blog 53 days ago

Volatilizing Your Esters Brings Joy to Your Wine Experience

 Mark As Read    

Image via Wikipedia Your nose is the key to enjoying a glass of wine, long before the wine ever hits your palate. Volatilizing your esters is the key to enhancing that experience 10 fold. The act of swirling your wine releases the bouquet. (The bouquet is a result of the wine making process. Aroma, on […] The post Volatilizing Your Esters Bri...

Wine Blog 54 days ago

Why would you not want to taste Alexander Valley?

 Mark As Read    

If you enjoy wine, I can't imagine why you would not want to taste Alexander Valley? I was just reminded of this event by Lisa Mattson of Jordan Winery, who invited me to taste the valley on the weekend of May 16 and May 17. This is the Eighteenth Annual Taste Alexander Valley in 2015. […] The post Why would you not want to taste Alexander Va...

Wine Blog 55 days ago

Vit 101 ~ 5

 Mark As Read    

VIT 101: Integrated pest management happens in vineyards; because when it's all said and done, a vineyard is really just a grape farm, once the romance has been stripped away. Cats, dogs, birds… they all play a role over the use of poisons. Here are a few of my favorite cats. Chimney Rock Winery (blue […] The post VIT 101 ~ 5 appeared f...

Wine Blog 59 days ago

A Good Year is a Great Movie

 Mark As Read    

IMAGE: Website. LOCATION: Uncle Henry's Chateau La Siroque is actually Chateau La Canorgue, which is set in the Provence region, Luberon, France. I loved this movie, because it's written about our wine lifestyle, A Good Year (written by Peter Mayle and directed by Ridley Scott) has really struck me. It's worth sharing, in cas...

Wine Blog 60 days ago

Preparing for Provence Through Wines and Genealogy

 Mark As Read    

I need to go to Provence, and I'm preparing for it through wines and genealogy. I can't explain it… I just keep watching A Good Year over-and-over-and-over again. I want to go around the round-about in Bonnieux. I want to visit ChAsteau la Canorgue (Route du Pont Julien, 84480 Bonnieux). This is the winery in […] The post Preparing for ...

Wine Blog 61 days ago

Number 1 Rule of a PR Pro is to be a Writer’s Writer

 Mark As Read    

The number 1 rule of a PR pro is to be a writer's writer… It's really imperative that you write to inspire, not tire, your audience. PR Pro Joe Gargiulo, of JAG Public Relations, contacted me last week about my story called, "Top 10 Faux Pas of Wine PR People." He was expecting something entirely different […] The post Number 1 Rule of ...

Wine Blog 62 days ago

Vit 101 ~ 4

 Mark As Read    

WARNING: If you're in the wine business, this is only viticulture 101.  This blog story has been created for people just learning about vineyards. Please judge accordingly. VIT 101: Bunny Boxes… When new vineyards are planted, or when just one plant needs to be replanted (as in this picture), those vines need protection from critters. […...

Wine Blog 63 days ago

Top 10 Faux Pas of Wine PR People

 Mark As Read    

Media people get tired of us. While we're the link to their samples, the less they have to do with us after the samples arrive, the better. From their list of complaints, I've compiled the do's from their don't, of the top 10 faux pas of wine PR people regarding sending them samples. I fell […] The post Top 10 Faux Pas of Wine PR People appea...

Wine Blog 67 days ago

Commitment of Joy Sterling and Kevin Jorgeson toward our Earth

 Mark As Read    

These days, Mother Nature is cleverly disguised as Joy Sterling, of Iron Horse Vineyards. For as long as I've had the pleasure of knowing Joy, I've found this to be true. She has the intellect, understanding, compassion, and resources to pull it off. She cares for the earth in ways that many of us can't […] The post Commitment of Joy Sterling...

Wine Blog 68 days ago

Macroclimate, Microclimate, Mesoclimate, and Canopy Climates

 Mark As Read    

Image via Wikipedia For all of the words that are used in writing about a vineyard's climate terroir, there are significant differences with each. If you don't have the luxury of a viticulture class close by, or you're just too busy to attend a class, here's a good primer. Vit 101 brought some interesting concepts […] The post Macroclimate, M...

Wine Blog 69 days ago

Viticulture 101 ~ 3

 Mark As Read    

Viticulture 101 ~ 3 VIT 101: During spring, the color green is bright and vibrant in the vineyards, with all of the new foliage. You can see wine grapes growing in the background of this picture. I took this picture at Concannon Vineyard in Livermore. The reason I chose this image it to show you […] The post Viticulture 101 ~ 3 appeared first...

Wine Blog 70 days ago

Earth Day 2015 April 22

 Mark As Read    

The Summer of Love gave birth to an important movement… The first Earth Day began the following year in 1970, by U.S. Senator from Wisconsin Gaylord Nelson. He witnessed the ravages of the 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. He was inspired by the Vietnam anti-war movement and felt that if he could take […] The post Ear...

Wine Blog 70 days ago

When you hire someone to do PR for you, that’s not where your job ends

 Mark As Read    

It's where it begins for true success… I wish I had penned that bit of wisdom, because it's brilliant. Alas, it was penned by another, and I don't take credit for someone else's words of wisdom. So, credit to the universe. When I read it, I didn't make note of the author. The words, however, […] The post When you hire someone to do PR f...

Wine Blog 74 days ago

Wine Tasting Etiquette ~ Perfume is for romance, not for wine tasting

 Mark As Read    

Wine Tasting Etiquette ~ 101 Although there's a lot of "romance" associated with the "wine experience," additional aromas when tasting wine doesn't really add anything. In fact, it takes a lot away from a really pleasant experience. I'm no saint with this one. I'll admit it… I learned this the hard way. It was when […] The post Wine Tas...

Wine Blog 75 days ago

A classic restaurant, bar, caterers, and picnic item… Boxxle

 Mark As Read    

Being asked if I'd consider Boxxle, I had no clue what it was or that it even existed, so I curiously said, "Sure." When it arrived, I thought, "What a great restaurant, bar, caterer or picnic item!" And, I'm hooked. Restaurants, bars, and caterers For people in restaurants and bars… Remember me? I'm the one […] The post A classic resta...

Wine Blog 76 days ago

Viticulture 101 – 2

 Mark As Read    

Viticulture 101 continued from last Monday… APRIL 8, 2015: Vines are trained in two different ways. This is the other way, with cordons being discussed in last week's Viticulture blog. It's called a "head pruned vine." The trunk grows up, each spring it grows canes (with leaves, shoots, and tendrils). It then is pruned back […] The post...

Wine Blog 77 days ago

The timing of the Green Parade has never been better… Irrigation-wise

 Mark As Read    

Earth Day is just days away…. California's drought versus viticulture is very complex, but has the ability to get people thinking more intelligently and scientifically. And, the Green Parade may have finally just arrived, more than a few decades from the summer of love, peace, and ecology. I just read an article by Dan Berger […] The po...

Wine Blog 81 days ago

Earth Day in Green Valley of Russian River Valley

 Mark As Read    

Earth Day in Green Valley of Russian River Valley is near and dear to my heart. I'm a Summer of Love survivor and apostle. In Northern California, nobody does Earth Day better than our own Joy Sterling of Iron Horse Vineyards. She, too, is an apostle of treating Mother Earth with dignity and r-e-s-p-e-c-t. For […] The post Earth Day in Green ...

Wine Blog 82 days ago
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