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Wine of the Week ~ Super Bowl 50 Wines

 Mark As Read    

Football fan or not, Super Bowl is a great excuse to party. And, since Super Bowl 50 is going to last for an entire day of celebrating, I'm moving away from just one wine for the wine of the week recommendation, into a couple of wines. If having wine rules with your crowd, I've got […]

Wine Blog 5 days ago

Mr. Bigglesworth is preparing for Super Bowl 50

 Mark As Read    

Helping me with this blog story is my friend Jane Kettlewell of Creative Palate.As  We share lots of stories back and forth, as we both get our jobs done. I'm on the west coast and she's on the east… Talking about Super Bowl 50, Jane just shared her cat story with me. It sparked my […]

Wine Blog 6 days ago

Winesellers, Ltd. ~ Importer of the Year Award from Wine Enthusiast Magazine

 Mark As Read    

It's always great to see a company receive it's just desserts. Winesellers, Ltd., a wine importer, has earned it's recognition, and I'm happy to praise the company, as they've been very kind to me. As a California-based wine publicist, I have little opportunity to taste import wines. Fortunately, my wine blog has opened up the […]...

Wine Blog 7 days ago

February – the sweetheart month, and some of its women wine blogging sweethearts

 Mark As Read    

February is the month (astrologically) of altruistic love… Aquarius rules. Valentine's Day is the height of it all, and a heart is the totem. In this month of altruistic love, I'm going to be sharing a few profiles of women wine bloggers, whose passion is wine; and, sharing (via blogging) their own personal experiences, in […]...

Wine Blog 8 days ago

Presidents of Prohibition

 Mark As Read    

Presidents of Prohibition were many, not just the ones during the actual time of Prohibition. As with any major project, it takes an inordinate amount of time to change anything politically. I was inspired to write this blog post when I read the book Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt… Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt, The […]

Wine Blog 11 days ago

Wine of the Week ~ NV Valdo Prosecco

 Mark As Read    

NV Valdo Prosecco, Demoninazione dorigine Controllata Brut Bubbles, we've got bubbles, we've got lots and lots of bubbles. This wine was really enjoyed. I hadn't ever heard of Valdo, but now I have. I'm really getting turned on to wines from around the world and I feel like Sir Francis Drake. It's a great adventure […]...

Wine Blog 12 days ago

Wine Doesn’t Have To Be Rocket Science – It Can Easily Be Wine Folly

 Mark As Read    

While making wine does involve the two sciences of viticulture and enology, for those of us wanting to learn about it, is doesn't have to so complicated that it loses its luster. I do have 60 college units dedicated to understanding it, so I could work with wine clients and not be a dolt on […]

Wine Blog 14 days ago

Wine Business Monthly ~ And they said magazines were going to die

 Mark As Read    

Since my early days in wine, which started in March of 1993, I've watched Wine Business Monthly (WBM) morph. For those of you who aren't in the wine trade, it's our professional bible… When it first arrived, is was akin to a newspaper (same kind of paper) and it was free. Seemingly, their advertising took […]

Wine Blog 15 days ago


 Mark As Read    

The Capricorn personality is geared towards that of leadership and achievement, they always want to climb the corporate ladder and be the best they can be. Capricorns have excellent sense of time and manage it very well, they are excellent organizers. Capricorns are very creative, not spontaneously creative but it is incorporated into their time [&...

Wine Blog 17 days ago

Inflatable furniture and what wine was enjoyed

 Mark As Read    

Confessions of an emerging wine educator; in Iambic pentameter (da-da, da-da, da-da, da-da) Bullet points give you the wine progression When I was young and with my folks, home was filled with colonial. Manischewitz Married, moved to Bangor, Maine, where candles dripped on window panes. Chianti in baskets Graduation meant moving back, and yet anoth...

Wine Blog 19 days ago

A Mentor for Success ~ Everyone Needs One

 Mark As Read    

A book is like a garden carried in the pocket –Chinese Proverb p. 154 We all need mentors, whether employed or self employed. I can list every single one of mine, who are related to the wine business. and from previous life incarnation. And I'm betting that you can, too. The need for expert counsel […]

Wine Blog 21 days ago

Open Letter to Oprah Winfrey ~ Super Soul Sunday

 Mark As Read    

Dear Oprah, Thank you for having your Super Soul Sunday show on Thank you for also having your 11 Life-Transforming Talks from Spiritual Thought Leaders, Change Makers and Wisdom Teachers. I'm not sure where Dr. Tom Pinkson would best serve your audience, but I know that you will decide what's best. I'm compelled to […]...

Wine Blog 22 days ago

In Wine PR, what went around has come back around

 Mark As Read    

Two very thoughtful pieces, one written by wine blogger Tom Wark and another one by Steve Heimoff, are telling the story I've also been watching unfold, as clients continue to narrow their wine samples releases down to those wine writers who remain in power. Unfortunately, there's a hierarchy of who will and does have influence […]...

Wine Blog 23 days ago

Don Melchor ~ A highly performing wine from Chile ~ Wine of the Week

 Mark As Read    

When I look at its history, I see that Don Melchor is a high performance wine. Would I like to taste it? Indeed, bring it on. I received the 2011 Don Melchor Cabernet Sauvignon, Puente Alto Vineyard for review. This wine is kicking off my 2016 wine blog project… Wine of the Week. 2011 Don […]

Wine Blog 26 days ago

Fruitful Aging by Tom Pinkson

 Mark As Read    

If there's one thing I've learned as a wine publicist, it's knowing where to draw the line. And, I had regrettably to do just that recently with an offer made by Tom Pinkson, Ph.D. Just for background of who Dr. Tom Pinkson is, from Tom's Website: For over 45 years I have traveled the globe […]

Wine Blog 29 days ago

Why is Petite Sirah still so obscure, you might wonder?

 Mark As Read    

I hear this wonderment all of the time about Petite Sirah… "Why is it still so obscure?" Well, one would think that it is. What it is, though, is a best kept secret, sort of like my grandfather's blueberry patch. As a kid, we'd go blueberry picking, high up a mountainside in Wales, Maine. Even […]

Wine Blog 30 days ago

Petite Sirah in Paso, at last we’re taking PS education to the people

 Mark As Read    

PS I Love You‘s mission has always been, since 2002… To promote, educate, and legitimize Petite Sirah as a heritage variety, with a special emphasis on its terroir uniqueness. The only change that's now happening is that we're taking it away from a food and wine event, and getting it back to the heart of […]

Wine Blog 33 days ago

Robert Biale Vineyards, Chef Chris Cosentino, and James Beard, can I get a big YUM?

 Mark As Read    

Napa Valley's Robert Biale Vineyards is joining forces with renowned chef Chris Cosentino of San Francisco's Cockscomb, at the James Beard Foundation's Beard House in New York City. Small aside: I've been watching Robert Biale Vineyards since September 2004. It's a great cult winery. The day they became members of PS I Love You, I […]...

Wine Blog 35 days ago

Commitment to quality is always rewarded, as Vintner Ron Rubin recently learned

 Mark As Read    

An Extraordinary Man Is Recognized: The Republic of Tea's Ron Rubin has been named to Specialty Food Association Hall of Fame… As his wine publicist, I was part of the first line of learning, then part of the distribution, and also provided some insights for copy about his continued commitment of excellence through his Rubin […]

Wine Blog 36 days ago

Top 10 things I’ve learned in the past 10 years of wine blogging

 Mark As Read    

It'sAs  now been 10 years of wine blogging for me. My anniversary date is December 29, 2005. So, I celebrated on that day by not writing anything, and continuing with my last week of the year's stay-cation. I can now let a weekday go by and not feel that I have to write a blog […]

Wine Blog 37 days ago

Happy New Year from Segura Vuidas… and me

 Mark As Read    

Happy New Year, everyone, from me and from Segura Viudas presenting Auld Lang Syne… In a most delightful way… Be safe out there tonight, tomorrow, all of 2016, and beyond.

Wine Blog 41 days ago

Sauvignon Blanc Claw Factor

 Mark As Read    

What's the Claw Factor? Sauvignon Blanc is a wine that has a fascinating range and it deserves its own rating system, in my humble opinion. On one end of the spectrum, there are the commodity Sauvignon Blancs. You know, the ones that have no character, no finesse, and something important is missing (like flavors). On […]

Wine Blog 43 days ago

Art to enjoy with wine, by Liudas Guzas

 Mark As Read    

My wine blog is my wine journal as a wine publicist. I don't always write about the wine business, in the process. I'm a stream of consciousness kinda gal. As random as my blog appears to be, there's one constant thread… My love of writing. And since I write about wine all day, sometimes I […]

Wine Blog 44 days ago

Polly Klass, every year I say “hello” again

 Mark As Read    

Angel on my tree, Miss Polly Klass, how I do miss thee. As the angles come out each Christmas to adorn our time of generosity, There you are. Someone finds you in a box marked fragile, mostly me, and hangs you on our holiday tree. I am reminded of you, Polly Klass, who returned to […]

Wine Blog 48 days ago

American AgCredit ~ Scholarship Program

 Mark As Read    

I'm very familiar with American Ag Credit. They're exemplary when it comes to supporting the farming community (which includes viticulture). The agriculture credit company has an acute understanding of how important it is to not only enrich the present generation of farmers, but to also guarantee that future farmers are provided with enrichment opp...

Wine Blog 51 days ago

When you want something this season that’s NOT wine, but wine related

 Mark As Read    

I'm ever thankful that Ron Rubin of The Republic of Tea contacted me three years ago… My life (via Diaz Communications) took an upswing. Not only had Ron been in the tea business for a couple of decades at the time, but he had also spent his entire life in the beverage industry. Ron Rubin […]

Wine Blog 54 days ago

Hump Day Late Spring Rain

 Mark As Read    

Water feels so good on my face, when I haven't felt it for a long time. Oh, yeah… misty glasses, tiny drops upon my life. Huh…. (‘Huh' always reminds me of James Brown, but that's another story.) Life in wine country as a wine publicist, now taking a few precious moments for my soul… with […]

Wine Blog 56 days ago

Hello, this is Piedmonte calling, I’m sure you hear me now, right?

 Mark As Read    

Simply Italian 2015 US Tour, continued… These are the people and brands that I found to be extremely engaging, soulful, and my pleasure to have met at the Simply Italian 2015 US Tour. Produced by the Italian Wine & Style Promotion company this past October, it was held in San Francisco's opulent Fairmont Hotel. All […]

Wine Blog 57 days ago

Hello, this is Piedmonte calling, can you hear me now?

 Mark As Read    

Simply Italian 2015 US Tour, continued… These are the people and brands that I found to be extremely engaging, soulful, and my pleasure to have met at the Simply Italian 2015 US Tour. Produced by the Italian Wine & Style Promotion company this past October, it was held in San Francisco's opulent Fairmont Hotel. All […]

Wine Blog 58 days ago

Simply Italian Great Wines US Tour in San Francisco

 Mark As Read    

[This stunningly beautiful image, of the Fairmont in San Francisco, has been provided by the Fairmont Hotel. It's an important picture, because it sets the stage for this amazing Simply Italian Great Wines US tour. All of the stops were pulled out, as you can see.] Steve Heimoff once said to me, "If I accepted […]

Wine Blog 61 days ago

D&D = Done and (Re)Done + Official Wine of Millennial American Males

 Mark As Read    

Certainly, I could also add Official Wine of Millennial American Females to this title, but the title itself would just be too darn long… I know plenty of women who also love Petite Sirah. Petite loves that the Millennials are gravitating toward this "ain't your papa's Cabernet" wine. I've always felt the same way about […]...

Wine Blog 62 days ago

Wine Lover Who Has Everything ~ Almost

 Mark As Read    

I have titled this "Wine Lover Who Has Everything ~ Almost." Some of you know what I'm talking about. I've been in those wine cellars… And, I've seen those collections, but I have NEVER seen this one in the cellar, except in my own. To have the wine is one thing, to know the essence […]

Wine Blog 62 days ago

Great Holiday Gift for Your Wine Lovers

 Mark As Read    

Want to really impress your wine lover this holiday season? A membership to the original Wine of the Month Club might make that just so easy… This is an image of what I received. I was amazed, when this package arrived. I responded to Wine of the Month Club, when asked if I would consider […]

Wine Blog 64 days ago

VIT 101: Macroclimate, Microclimate, Mesoclimate, and Canopy Climates

 Mark As Read    

Image via Wikipedia For all of the words that are used in writing about a vineyard's climate terroir, there are significant differences with each. If you don't have the luxury of a viticulture class close by, or you're just too busy to attend a class, here's a good primer. Vit 101 brought some interesting concepts […]

Wine Blog 65 days ago

Winemaker John Kane ~ The Biography

 Mark As Read    

Step 2 in the writing of a winemaker biography After the questions and answers from yesterday's story, along with all extra research that has been digested, the next three steps of the four-step process begins. Reminder of the four-step process: DONE: Thinking, planning, and researching your subject, in order to begin writing Writing Editing Rewrit...

Wine Blog 68 days ago

How to write a winemaker biography – John Kane is my example

 Mark As Read    

How to write a winemaker biography ~ Step 1 Writing is a four-step process: Thinking, planning, and researching your subject, in order to begin writing Writing Editing Rewriting (as many times as it takes, to get it as perfect as possible) With as many winemakers as I've had the pleasure of meeting and with whom […]

Wine Blog 69 days ago

2015 Wine and Spirits Books for the Holidays

 Mark As Read    

Each year I enjoy putting a list together of the best wine and food books I read throughout the year. This year is no exception. Here are my 2015 Wine and Spirits Books. Angels, Thieves, and Winemakers ~ Second Edition, by Joseph Mills Every bit as good as his first edition; Joe Mills begins this […]

Wine Blog 70 days ago

The Charlemagne Connection, by Novelist R.M. Cartmel

 Mark As Read    

If I were writing my own autobiography, I might have come up with this title, The Charlemagne Connection. Direct descendant of Charlemagne, including his first born Pepin the Short Pepin born from Charlemagne's first wife, and heir to the throne This genealogy led to Kings of Scot Which lead to the Reverend William Blackstone, who […]

Wine Blog 71 days ago

Beyond Bordeaux – Season 1 – A Travel Series with Host Patrick Cappiello

 Mark As Read    

I'm really pleased that I was asked to consider giving publicity to a new travels series called Beyond Bordeaux. The LCBO Broadcast Production Group‘s series takes us beyond the obvious… the wines. When I had time to review the episodes, I was hooked. Culture, baby. If you want to know a wine region, learn the […]

Wine Blog 72 days ago

Indigenous versus Autochthonous ~ Thankful for Thomas R. Riley

 Mark As Read    

There is a huge difference between Indigenous versus autochthonous, I've just learned. On Facebook I wrote. "Every now and then you meet someone w-a-y smarter than you. "And HE said that there are NO indigenous grape varieties in Italy." This was in reference to an experience I had just had in San Francisco, when I […]

Wine Blog 75 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours!

 Mark As Read    

I'm so thankful for a wonderful family, now all over the US (Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Colorado, Atlanta, Puerto Rico, Florida, and California). This all happened in my generation. (Incredible!) My friends are all over the globe, and that number has greatly expanded via social media. Where are you from? Places I've yet to ...

Wine Blog 76 days ago

This Full Moon in Scorpio calls for and demands extreme passion “ Viader is in the House

 Mark As Read    

Viader is in the House of Scorpio… And, Welcome… November 25's full moon is going to be with the Sun in Scorpio (dig deeper detective), opposing the Moon in Taurus (strong builder on a solid foundations.) In my wine work, I've noticed that Delia Viader exemplifies these characteristics with her cult wine standing. Delia Viader, […...

Wine Blog 77 days ago

Thanksgiving Wines continued…

 Mark As Read    

Continued from yesterday… This collection has inspired the following story. Each wine is fitting of any Thanksgiving celebration, and also popped into my head as I looked at the world map on the treasure chest, that we're all one from around the globe. White 2014 Gran Reserva Sauvignon Blanc, Produced by Concha y Toro ~ […]

Wine Blog 78 days ago

Thanksgiving Wines ~ Oooo la la, from France and beyond

 Mark As Read    

You've heard the saying, "my cup runneth over," right? Well, this is my Thanksgiving, so I'm sharing the bounty in any way that I can. Life has delivered all of this over the last month or so. The basket and its wine has arrived from Wine of The Month Club. Its contents will be going […]

Wine Blog 79 days ago

A mistake working in favor of Jeff Cohn

 Mark As Read    

I HATE making mistakes. I'm really hard on myself, but not as hard as I used to be, or some others might even be… A Wine Writer, a White Feather, and a Wine Maker A mistake realization always brings me back to my Happy Daze, and how I learned to ease up on myself and […]

Wine Blog 82 days ago

Sara Matthews ~ A photographer with an extraordinary eye for beauty

 Mark As Read    

Sara Matthews is going to be in California shooting in both May and September. If you'd like to have her photograph your wine world, because you might benefit from her eye and perspective, let her know. She normally spends a day or two at a winery to create a whole portfolio of images, which you […] The post Sara Matthews ~ A photographer wit...

Wine Blog 83 days ago

Cabernet labrusco – The creation of an indigenous red grapevine variety

 Mark As Read    

[All images are from Dr. Jeronimo Rodriques.] Cabernet labrusco is the successful creation of a brand new red grapevine variety, which has recently been achieved in South Africa, called ‘Cabernet labrusco.' This makes it an indigenous grape to South Africa. From his Cabernet labrusco Website: In 1994, Dr. Jerry Rodrigues crossed two Vitis vin...

Wine Blog 84 days ago

And HE said that there are NO indigenous grape varieties in Italy

 Mark As Read    

Definition of indigenous: "…originating in and characteristic of a particular region or country; native (often followed by to): the plants indigenous to Canada; the indigenous peoples of southern Africa. 2. innate; inherent; natural (usually followed by to): feelings indigenous to human beings." From this definition, can we find many indigeno...

Wine Blog 85 days ago

The Bordeaux Wine Experience says, “Attacks in Paris: We will never surrender”

 Mark As Read    

In a message from Ronald Rens, M. Sc., Wine Master, wine writer, and president of the Bordeaux Wine Experience: Cheers from Bordeaux, International solidarity after the callousAs attack on our Western Civilization… Bonjour Jo, It's not going to happen. I was shocked by the callous attacks in Paris last Friday and we mourn those that were [...

Wine Blog 87 days ago

Wine and Cheese Pairing 101

 Mark As Read    

[Image of Bill and Gerry Brinton, with Laura Martinez, on the right.] A few years ago, I took a cheese class in the home of Bill and Gerry Brinton. Since the holidays are upon us, here's that primer by Laura Martinez of The Artisan Palate. Each cheese had a unique style, and offered something companionable […] The post Wine and Cheese Pairing...

Wine Blog 89 days ago
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