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The emotional intelligence of wine blogging and its vitriol eruption

 Mark As Read    

OPINION: Recently, poop finally hit the fan for the wine blogging community. Everything that's right with it and everything that's wrong with it collided in the biggest mess I've yet to witness. I believe it's finally hit a paradigm shift that's been so needed, but not without its pain and suffering. Imagine creating a wine […] The post The e...

Wine Blog 21 hours, 50 min ago

The many charms of a winemaker ~ Mark Beaman ~ During harvest, no less

 Mark As Read    

[Image borrowed from the Wines That Rock Website. Mark Beaman is in the middle of this image.] One of the many charms of Mark Beaman is that I got a winemaker profile during harvest. One would think that it's pretty hard to do right now. Certainly I did. So I used a different technique than […] The post The many charms of a winemaker ~ Mark B...

Wine Blog 1 day ago

Oregon Pinot Gris is getting it’s Gris On, Redux

 Mark As Read    

Oregon Pinot Gris is once more Getting it's Gris on, with a statewide tasting to celebrate this varietal wine. Oregon, Get Your Gris On!™ is wine and food nibble tasting event is consumers and is happening at wineries that want to join the fun, on Saturday and Sunday, September 27 and 28, 2014. The second […] The post Oregon Pinot Gris is get...

Wine Blog 2 days ago

Salads with wine pairings? Seriously?

 Mark As Read    

You might ask, salads with wine pairings? Seriously? Yes, I'm here to tell you that it not only works, but it works really well. When I was working at a winery in the Sierras, we had a chef that worked there every day. It was he who turned me on to the fact that we […] The post Salads with wine pairings? Seriously? appeared first on Wine Blog...

Wine Blog 5 days ago

Looking for free wine writing content?

 Mark As Read    

Free wine writing, does this happen anymore? When wine blogging first got going, I got emails like this a lot, as a sign of the times… Bloggers wanting their names to become associated with wine sites, and they were willing to give away their content to build their credibility. I'm not willing to write for […] The post Looking for free ...

Wine Blog 6 days ago

Pairing Fusion Food in the Vegan Kitchen with delicious wines

 Mark As Read    

Pairing Fusion Food in the Vegan Kitchen recipes with some recently tasted wines was a great education for me. REMINDER from yesterday: Fusion Food in the Vegan Kitchen, published by Fair Winds and written by Joni Marie Newman, offers fresh ideas and flavor combinations for anyone, as it would for any vegan on the path […] The post Pairing Fu...

Wine Blog 7 days ago

Fusion Food in the Vegan Kitchen and great wine pairings

 Mark As Read    

When Fusion Food in the Vegan Kitchen arrived, I wondered how limited the audience could be. Yeah… Not even. If people think that being vegan lacks flavor or excitement, think again. Jose and I have really pared down the foods that we do eat, and he's come to have even more discipline than I have. […] The post Fusion Food in the Vegan K...

Wine Blog 8 days ago

Some common misconceptions about wine blogs + reality checks

 Mark As Read    

The following are some are common misconceptions about wine blogs, and I'm taking it a step further by presenting a reality checks to go along with each misconception. This is coming from a seasoned wine pro, who is also blogging. Additionally, I'm and very aware of the cadre of wine writers who've come before many […] The post Some common mi...

Wine Blog 9 days ago

The First Global Village ~ How Portugal Changed the World, by Martin Page

 Mark As Read    

Image via Wikipedia When a book arrives on one's doorstep as a gift, it has not only come from the sender, but it's also arrived from the universe as a token of change and an opportunity for expansive knowledge. This is what The First Global Village by Martin Page became for me. Before it arrived, […] The post The First Global Village ~ How P...

Wine Blog 12 days ago

Get On Up: James Brown moment + a lifetime memory + a befitting wine

 Mark As Read    

Get On Up… What a chant… It's no secret that I have a rock n' roll background, long before I moved to California and segued into wine. Our friend Corinne Reichel of Respite Wines just asked us, before seeing the movie  Get On Up, "Did you ever meet James Brown?" Ask about most rock and […] The post Get On Up: James Brown moment + ...

Wine Blog 13 days ago

99 Bottles of Wine On the Wall, it’s no longer a joke

 Mark As Read    

It's easy to joke about 99 Bottles of Wine on the Wall, when you've got it going on. I've been doing it for years. We got this wine storage unit from a client as payment, years ago. I loved it when I got it… Who wouldn't? In July 8, a pipe burst in our upstairs […] The post 99 Bottles of Wine On the Wall, it's no longer a joke appeared ...

Wine Blog 14 days ago

You can’t ride two horses with one behind + professional ethics

 Mark As Read    

Whomever said, "You can't ride two horses with one behind,"  never saw the circus act where the pretty, young girl is riding two horses while standing up. You can ride two horses, but you have to be on your feet to do it, not on your behind. That's where I am… I'm riding two horses, […] The post You can't ride two horses with one behind...

Wine Blog 15 days ago

What Labor Day Means to Me

 Mark As Read    

What labor Day Means to Me… is not what you might expect. It's not a day to go boating for the last time of the season; or, heading off to the beach one more time, before I settle into apple picking. No BBQs for me today. Nay… It's pretty sobering for me. It's  time to […] The post What Labor Day Means to Me appeared first on Wine...

Wine Blog 16 days ago

Sunday Sojourn ~ The Man Who Cried + A Wine Journey

 Mark As Read    

Any wonderful story deserves equally wonderful wines, and so I got to work... The post Sunday Sojourn ~ The Man Who Cried + A Wine Journey appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 19 days ago

Retailer With Beverage Education As A Priority ~ Total Wine & More

 Mark As Read    

I applaud Total Wine & More… Being on the inside of the wine business, I get to see things happening that let me know who's who and what's what. [Image: center is Ron Rubin, owner and president of The Rubin Family of Wines, greeting his guests.] I have been in the wine business for over […] The post Retailer With Beverage Education ...

Wine Blog 20 days ago

Napa Valley Earthquake ~ Halt The Sampels

 Mark As Read    

This is a public service announcement (PSA) from the Napa Valley office of Wine Spectator… You know how you ask, "What can I do to help?" Yeah… it's one of those moments. NAPA VALLEY EARTHQUAKE 2014 I just received this Email and know it's importance, as I have samples that I'd like to send in […] The post NAPA VALLEY EARTHQUAKE ~...

Wine Blog 21 days ago

Social Media Faux Pas, Reminder to Keep Your Social Media Local

 Mark As Read    

The Napa Valley Earthquake was very close to home. It was also quite a reminder for me how important it is to keep your business local; most especially your social media. Don't expect someone sitting in Kentucky, for example, to understand the local geography. And, how can you even begin to measure someone's emotional intelligence […] The pos...

Wine Blog 22 days ago

Napa Valley Earthquake: Not too shaken, just a little stirred in Sonoma County

 Mark As Read    

I terrible pun, I know, but actually very true, about this Napa Valley earthquake, as it relates to outlying regions. Our hearts go out to all of the wine companies, their owners, and their employees, whose lives just got turned upside down. this is PR pro Mia Malm's office. While This is an office pick-up, […] The post Napa Valley Earthquake...

Wine Blog 24 days ago

Conscientious wine making and scrupulous storage are required to go the distance

 Mark As Read    

[Image borrowed from the Best of Wines.] Bacchus, author of the site, writes of Jim Ruxin: You will receive an email twice a month listing current holdings in Bordeaux, California, collectibles from current Parker-rated wines, Burgundies, Alsatian (a fetish), and even German Rieslings. His specialty is older vintages but you may have to wait until ...

Wine Blog 26 days ago

Writing you don’t see, revealed… Cadaretta’s Soil Composition at Southwind Vineyard

 Mark As Read    

Cadaretta Wine’s Soil Composition at Southwind Vineyard is a story that I wrote for our client. Because it's for their Website, it's got a copyright on it and stories like this I never put onto my blog ~ like so many other internal documents that I produce daily. But this one has just stuck with […] The post Writing you don't see, revealed...

Wine Blog 27 days ago

PR 101 ~ The Art of Diplomacy

 Mark As Read    

I'm a Sagittarian; and in astrology, we're known to be pretty blunt. This isn't a cop out for my being blunt, nor does it say that astrology is the be all to end all for supposed traits within that world… It's just my life's observations about myself, and the realizations that my bluntness has sometimes […] The post PR 101 ~ The Art of ...

Wine Blog 28 days ago

The ‘Res Ipsa Loquitor’ mutual admiration society circumlocution

 Mark As Read    

What goes round and round and round again? The ‘Res Ipsa Loquitor‘ mutual admiration society… [pronounced rayz ip-sah loh-quit-her (the thing speaks for itself)] On Sunday, August 17, PS I Love You and Kent Rosenblum (below, from Rock Wall Wine Company) hosted our annual volunteer and Groupies picnic. The following is a thank you ...

Wine Blog 29 days ago

The state of the Petite Sirah grape – Harvest 2014 and where it’s at right now

 Mark As Read    

As I personally think about Petite Sirah for the 2014 vintage, in terms of this year's grape season, it's going down as the season of "bewitching fog" in my neighborhood. However, I'm in Russian River Valley and I'm seeing it from a very narrow band, I just found out. I decided to reach out to […] The post The state of the Petite Sirah grape ...

Wine Blog 30 days ago

Night Train to Lisbon with a fine Chardonnay

 Mark As Read    

A day in the life of a wine publicist with a night train… Night Train to Lisbon ~ A Sunday Segue Searching for my comfort film A Good Year, I fell upon Night Train to Lisbon. It's a film based on the novel of the same name. Written by Pascal Mercier in German, and later […] The post Night Train to Lisbon with a fine Chardonnay appeared ...

Wine Blog 33 days ago

Throw Back Thursday for me: Women for WineSense

 Mark As Read    

It's been a long time since I've made it over the hill to attend a Women for WineSense event, but this might be the one I'm going to do. I was just invited by Marcia Macomber, and I had to write this Email of interest, but the caveat is great at this time. Not sure […] The post Throw Back Thursday for me: Women for WineSense appeared first on...

Wine Blog 34 days ago

PR 101 ~ Personal emails are a true path

 Mark As Read    

PR 101 I don't get as many comments on my wine blog as I do private Emails… Why I don't get as many comments on my wine blog as I do private Emails… I don't write a blog to elicit extensive comments on what I've put out there. Controversial stories always elicits emotions and that's […] The post PR 101 ~ Personal emails are a true...

Wine Blog 35 days ago

Wines of South America by Evan Goldstein

 Mark As Read    

More than Wines of South America being an important body of work, it's about the author for me. Please don't misunderstand me. This latest book by Evan Goldstein is just brilliant, but that's what I've come to expect from him; and, that's why he's even more important to me than the books he's producing… Evan […] The post Wines of South ...

Wine Blog 36 days ago

Red Wine for delicious dishes

 Mark As Read    

Who doesn't love Red Wine, when it comes to pairing deliciously full red wine with the perfect foods? Raise your hands, everyone. 2012 Trivento Amade Sur ~ 70% Malbec, 18% Bonarda, 12% Syrah ~ Mendoza, Argentina This red wine called Trivento Amado Sur is translated literally into "South Love." About 6,214 miles away from their […] The post Re...

Wine Blog 37 days ago

What to wear in wine country… The answer is casual, unless it’s black tie

 Mark As Read    

This is one of the most popular search items on my wine blog. Everyone wants to know what to wear. It reminds me of when I was in high school, and all of my friends would ask me, when we were going out, "What are you wearing tonight?" What to wear, what to wear… Calm […] The post What to wear in wine country… The answer is casual,...

Wine Blog 41 days ago

The real truth behind the story of the Jackson Family Wines

 Mark As Read    

The Jackson Family Wines is a huge umbrella. When we think of the name Jackson, it's mostly associated with their most popular and launch brand, which is Kendall-Jackson. This name is only a microcosm within their real macrocosmic selves. The real truth behind their struggle, in my personal experiences, was something that I just encountered […...

Wine Blog 42 days ago

A moving expereince… and I mean a *real* moving for Carica Wines

 Mark As Read    

Moves can be so disruptive, but in the end, they're always for a better life experience… And so it's always fun for me to keep an eye on who's doing what. I first became aware of Carica Wines, at the first Wine Blogger's Conference held in Sonoma County. Carica hosted a picnic in their vineyards, […] The post A moving expereince… ...

Wine Blog 43 days ago

Reputation Management – PR 101

 Mark As Read    

If someone has just had a very bad experience at – say – your hotel, how would you handle it? Try your utmost to make that person happy? Tell that person to "go find another hotel"? This just happened to my family members. And when I tried to call the hotel to get to the […] The post Reputation Management – PR 101 appeared f...

Wine Blog 44 days ago

The global wine market is about to get a shot in its legal arm

 Mark As Read    

For any of my wine law friends, I'm sharing the upcoming Wine and Spirits Law Academy at UC Davis, scheduled for September 8, 9, and 10, 2014. Announcing the UC Davis Wine and Spirits Law Academy Sept. 8-10, 2014 University of California, Davis, and the Napa Valley, Calif. Wine and spirits legal experts from around […] The post The global win...

Wine Blog 47 days ago

The ego versus the reality

 Mark As Read    

Ego Just another day in the life of a wine publicist… The US Trade & Commerce Research Institute Yay… we've won an award for excellence in market from the The US Trade & Commerce Research Institute (USTCRI)… "a leading authority on researching, evaluating and recognizing companies across a wide spectrum of industries that ...

Wine Blog 48 days ago

Social media is a very effective marketing tool + Lodi + Oak Farm Vineyards

 Mark As Read    

How PR works social media has amplified the process [Photo: Ken Payton] Nothing new in the title, "Social media is a very effective marketing tool." However… sitting on both sides of the fence of being a PR pro and a published writer, I'm impressed with other PR people and their efforts. Those who are using […] The post Social media is ...

Wine Blog 49 days ago

Going down in history as a Variety versus Varietal old fart

 Mark As Read    

Yup… I'm going down in history as a Variety versus Varietal old fart, and I don't care. I first wrote about his on May 11, 2007. Then, I brought it up again on March 11, 2011. My most recent post for this one was on July 3, 2012. Now, it's July 2014, and it's circled […] The post Going down in history as a Variety versus Varietal old fa...

Wine Blog 50 days ago

Grasshopper, I’m concerned about the us versus them mentality

 Mark As Read    

I wrote this story on July20, and scheduled it for today. I have to write ahead, because my day job is writing for other people, and I don't have the luxury of time each morning to write 1,500 words, as this blog post is. This takes about three to do… I'd have to be up […] The post Grasshopper, I'm concerned about the us versus them men...

Wine Blog 51 days ago

Dog Days in the Vineyard… loveable and creative promtion

 Mark As Read    

This one's novel, because so many wineries don't even want to see your dog at their facilities. The post Dog Days in the Vineyard… loveable and creative promtion appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 54 days ago

Cork … It’s what’s for dinner

 Mark As Read    

Did you know even that it's an oak tree that has this bark? From the mighty oak, comes the cork, besides the nuts. The post Cork … It's what's for dinner appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 55 days ago

PRIMER FOR BLOGGERS: Winery flow chart for story lines

 Mark As Read    

So many people are blogging about wine today: from pros, to connoisseurs, to hobbyists… Pros, it's another platform. Connoisseurs, because it's fun to share their thoughts, and maybe… just maybe… it will turn into later creds… like Robert Parker did for himself. Hobbyists are writing about their experience, simply because th...

Wine Blog 56 days ago

Starting a legal winery? Here are things to consider

 Mark As Read    

Starting a legal winery has to be a daunting task, most especially for the people who've never been connected to the wine industry. I know that I segued from radio into wine, and it took me at least three years before I was really on any real sure footing. I was contacted by Danielle Rodabaugh, […] The post Starting a legal winery? Here are t...

Wine Blog 57 days ago

When the Dust turns to Silk – 2011 Rutherford Cabernets

 Mark As Read    

It was a beautiful summer's day, when we all gathered to taste the 2011 Rutherford Cabernets, at Francis Ford Coppola's Inglenook Winery. I need to immediately segue into the late 1990s. I was sitting on a panel for the American Wine Society in Cleveland, Ohio, I believe it was. I was invited to talk about […] The post When the Dust turns to ...

Wine Blog 59 days ago

Wine scores and reviews: those who write them and those who need them

 Mark As Read    

Wine scores: This was one of my very first stories on my wine blog… It was written on February 5, 2006. And, it was a very daring move for the time, because I knew it could enrage a few people. I wrote it, because I was so frustrated with salespeople who wanted to just take […] The post Wine scores and reviews: those who write them and...

Wine Blog 62 days ago

Living in Sonoma County, I find myself dreaming of Sea Ranch Lodge

 Mark As Read    

I need a real vacation, because this wine publicist's house is under siege with repair people. Yesterday I posted about a flood happening in our upstairs bathroom. With water fans blowing 24/7, the "loud" white noise is now really setting in. I need a couple of days at the ocean… and again, I find myself […] The post Living in Sonoma Co...

Wine Blog 63 days ago

Avalon Bay saves my day, right when I needed Calgon to take me away

 Mark As Read    

I was asked if I would review a wine refrigerator for Avalon Bay, a home appliance company; their Avalon Bay AB-WINE12S 12 Bottle Single Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, to be exact. Sure, why not? I have another Air & Water wine refrigerator in our kitchen. When I get samples in my office, I occasionally lamented […] The post Avalon Bay ...

Wine Blog 64 days ago

Dusty Moments and Luscious Wines ~ The Rutherford Dust Society’s 15th Annual

 Mark As Read    

WEDNESDAY, JULY 16, 2014 The Rutherford Dust Society is having its annual tasting on Wednesday, July 16. This annual event is held so that trade members are able to meet the vintners, growers, and winemakers of the Rutherford Appellation. Each year they have a Special Grand Tasting for wine writers, wine buyers, wholesale members, and […] The...

Wine Blog 65 days ago

Wines appealing to the adverturer inside of you ~ Rocca Sveva

 Mark As Read    

There's a group called the Wine Century Club, of which I'm a member. All you need to do is track how many different varieties that you've enjoyed… even if those varieties are in a blended wine. It almost feels like cheating; but those are their rules, and rules are rules. When I started I thought, […] The post Wines appealing to the adv...

Wine Blog 68 days ago

Old Mission & Leelanau Winery Passport + Radio station success story

 Mark As Read    

Once upon a time… There are many "once upon a times" for me. I remember when I first began Diaz Communications, Page Poulos reached out to me. At the time, she owned Paige Poulos Communications, Inc.. She congratulated me on taking that independent step. And she warned me, "Always be looking" [for new clients]. Then, […] The post Old Mi...

Wine Blog 69 days ago

60 different grape varieties, what would you do with them: Acorn Winery has an answer…

 Mark As Read    

A question that I can't help but ask, "If you grew 60 different grape varieties, what would you do with them?" The reason for asking this is that I just met with Bill and Betty Nachbaur of Acorn Winery, for a second time. I say second time, because I met with both of them, not […] The post 60 different grape varieties, what would you do with ...

Wine Blog 70 days ago

Amphoras as seen through the eyes of Portugal

 Mark As Read    

As I've written previously, To Understand Portuguese Wines, One Must First Understand the People. I would add the word "history" to what must also be understood. I can now say this, most especially after having spent 10 days in Portugal last fall with Delfim Costa of Enoforum Wines. This has become abundantly clear to me. […] The post Amphora...

Wine Blog 71 days ago
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