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Wine That Stands Up to Pesto

 Mark As Read    

It's officially summer. Unofficially, it's basil season. Right now, I am overwhelmed with the stuff. Pictured to the left is one of my behemoth basil plants. Having a lot of basil isn't exactly a problem, I admit. Who doesn't love basil? But for wine lovers, basil can make for difficult pairings. This is one assertive herb, and you need a wine that...

Good Wine Under $20 1667 days ago

Fish Eye Pinot Grigio: A Genuine Bargain in White Wine

 Mark As Read    

I first enjoyed the Fish Eye Pinot Grigio in 2009 with my fellow wine bloggers at our annual conference (and wrote about that experience here). It was a humbling moment for many of us, who were a bit sniffy about the wine based on the cute label, its availability in large-format bottles and boxes, and because it was Pinot Grigio. There is a lot (an...

Good Wine Under $20 1790 days ago

Miracles Happen: Three Worthy Pinot Noirs for $25 or Less

 Mark As Read    

Pinot Noir is a budgetary nightmare for most of us. Pinot is a finicky grape, which makes it difficult to grow, which translates into expensive bottles on the shelves. And that was before the movie that put Pinot Noir in everybody's glass, displacing Merlot.Recently, I had not one, not two, but THREE bottles of Pinot Noir that were impressive--and ...

Good Wine Under $20 1800 days ago

Sauvignon Blanc...from Slovenia

 Mark As Read    

Wine is an adventure. At least that's what I've always thought. So many grapes. So many styles. So many countries to visit--even if it's only through the liquid in your glass.So when one of my favorite addictions--er, on-line retailers--Garagiste up in Seattle offered a three-pack of Slovenian whites to try, I jumped at the opportunity. The three-p...

Good Wine Under $20 1804 days ago

Classic Cabernets for $15 or Less

 Mark As Read    

There are all kinds of Cabernet Sauvignon out there. Some are too fruity for me. Some are too green. Some are too expensive. Some are too huge, with big alcohol and palate-punishing tannins.I like my Cabernets to have a classic profile: plum and currant in the fruit department, pepper for spice, and enough acidity that I know I'm not drinking water...

Good Wine Under $20 1807 days ago

Aromatic Food Calls for Aromatic Wine

 Mark As Read    

If you are fond of aromatic food--including Thai, Moroccan, or Indian dishes--you might find them difficult to pair with wine. All those spices can overwhelm an ordinary white or red, and very tannic or very acidic wines can clash with what's on your plate. Often, I recommend Gewurztraminer or Riesling when there are lots of spices in a recipe (and...

Good Wine Under $20 1811 days ago

Warming up Winter with Syrah

 Mark As Read    

I'm not sure why Syrah tastes like summer to me--but it does. And by 'tastes like summer' I don't mean it's the kind of wine you reach for in July: cool, fresh, and zingy. I'm talking, instead, about a wine that conjures up images of fruit ripening on the vine, dusty back roads, purple-and-red sunsets, and a garden full of herbs ready for picking.N...

Good Wine Under $20 1814 days ago

Spicing Things Up With Zin

 Mark As Read    

Whether you love them or hate them, the next eight weeks are widely regarded as something of a challenge. Holidays. Family. Bad weather. Trips to the mall. Schlepping kids all over creation. Lots of turkey and mashed potatoes.To survive, you need to keep some spice in your life. Start with some nice Zinfandel, and throw a pot of chili or pasta on t...

Good Wine Under $20 1905 days ago

Exiting the Wine Superhighway with Malvasia Bianca

 Mark As Read    

One of the great things about wine is that no matter how much of the stuff you taste, there is always a new adventure to be had on the shelves of your local store or at your local winery (and yes, most of us actually do have a winery somewhere within driving distance!) Don't get me wrong: I love the taste of wine. But I also love discovering new ta...

Good Wine Under $20 1909 days ago

Much-Maligned Merlot

 Mark As Read    

Once the darling of wine-by-the-glass programs around the country, and purchased by the gallon by people who didn't know what else to buy, Merlot has been relegated to the margins of wine culture. "You drink Merlot?" people have asked me with horrified expressions.Yes. I drink Merlot. It's a great food wine--far easier to pair with most dishes than...

Good Wine Under $20 1912 days ago

The Pursuit of Chardonnay

 Mark As Read    

There are days when I just despair for the future of Chardonnay. All it takes is a string of uninspired, overly manipulated examples with loads of fake oak flavors and it makes me swear off the stuff for weeks.But it only takes one good bottle to remind you why some of the world's great wines have been made from the grape.If you're in pursuit of Ch...

Good Wine Under $20 1919 days ago

Napa Cabernet for Under $20

 Mark As Read    

Cabernet Sauvignons from California's Napa Valley are among the iconic wines of the USA. They have a cult following, and are in heavy demand, which means that they have hefty price tags, too. Is it possible for those with leaner wallets to see what the fuss is all about.Absolutely.If you're looking to try a Napa Valley Cabernet--with all the rich f...

Good Wine Under $20 1923 days ago

Something to Celebrate

 Mark As Read    

Five years ago, on 7 October 2006, I wrote my first blog post after going wine shopping. Here we are, more than 714, 000 visitors later. As with most things in life there have been ups and downs, some bumps in the road, and some unexpected miracles which led to unexpected hiatuses in posting. Thanks for sticking by me through thick (when I wrote a ...

Good Wine Under $20 1927 days ago

When Life Gives You Lemons...

 Mark As Read    

There is something fresh, clean, and bright about the scent of a lemon. No wonder we use the juice to liven up the flavors in food, and put fine ribbons of lemon peel in so many dishes to add just the right crisp, sweet note.Today I have two recommendations for lemony wines. Like lemon juice or lemon peel, these bottlings will brighten up your ...

Good Wine Under $20 1930 days ago

The Future Looks Ros?

 Mark As Read    

Now that we're into autumn, you may think the future looks decidedly less Ros?.Those of us who drink Ros? wines--those pale to dark pink bottles of wine made from everything from Cabernet Sauvignon to Zinfandel--tend to think of them as summery offerings, suitable for picnics and barbeques but not for serious food.Actually, Ros? wines are versatile...

Good Wine Under $20 1933 days ago

Advanced Topics in White Wine

 Mark As Read    

It's that time of year. If you have kids they're back in school with their pencils sharpened and their notebooks already full of doodles. You might be feeling a bit nostalgic about your own schooldays-gone-by, when you were taking courses and learning new subjects.The best thing about loving wine (ok, one of the best things...) is that there is alw...

Good Wine Under $20 1937 days ago

Autumn's Transitional Red

 Mark As Read    

The temperature is up.The temperature is down.You want to use your grill once last time before you put it away.You want to break out your crock pot.If this sounds like you, then you need to have some Malbec on hand. Many people associate Malbecs with summer barbeques, but this versatile red is just as good with soups or stews as it is with grilled ...

Good Wine Under $20 1940 days ago

To Reserve or Not to Reserve? And What's the Difference Anyway?

 Mark As Read    

In your wanderings down supermarket aisles and through wine stores, you may have come across wines labeled "Reserve" or bearing the name of a vineyard and wondered what the designations were all about. What does it mean to be a "reserve" wine? A vineyard wine? And what difference--if any--does it make to the taste? Or the price tag?If you are confu...

Good Wine Under $20 1944 days ago

Love Fish? Try Falanghina

 Mark As Read    

I don't know why, but recently my largely-chicken diet has turned in the direction of fish. This means my white wine preferences are shifting subtly, too. It's harder and harder for me to find a Chardonnay that doesn't overwhelm fish's delicate flavors. Sauvignon Blancs can be too assertive. Riesling doesn't work for my tastebuds for some reason, u...

Good Wine Under $20 2055 days ago

Fire Up the Grills--and Buy Cabernet Sauvignon

 Mark As Read    

It was 90 degrees in Los Angeles. I know it's snowing in Buffalo, but here it is spring (or maybe even summer). So last night I fired up the grill for the first time, marinaded a skirt steak, threw some sweet potatoes in the oven (note to self: roasting potatoes in oven for an hour heats up the house), and tossed some cherry tomatoes with mozzarell...

Good Wine Under $20 2101 days ago

A Candidate for Your House White: d'Arenberg's The Stump Jump

 Mark As Read    

Last week I was extolling the virtues of red blends. After I wrote the post, I realized that though there were many red blends in my cellar, there weren't many white blends. I'm not sure why that's the case, because what goes for reds is true of whites as well: the blending can make the wine especially food friendly and versatile. And, just as with...

Good Wine Under $20 2108 days ago

A Red for All Seasons

 Mark As Read    

Last week I was extolling the virtues of spring. Now it's grey and drizzly again. In some places, it's still snowing. With the variable weather, it's hard to know which way is up. Do you dust off the grill and barbecue chicken? Or do you make a pot of stew? And what do you drink in the wine department, given it can be 86 degrees one day and 59 degr...

Good Wine Under $20 2115 days ago

Spring/Sprung: Three White Wines Perfect for the Season

 Mark As Read    

Sorry about the long silence, folks, but I've been--er--busy. And I managed to catch the mother of all winter colds, which lasted three weeks and pretty much made tasting anything (wine included) an impossibility.Now that I'm sprung from booktours and the 'flu, I'm back home, and having a glass of wine with dinner again, so I've got some tasting no...

Good Wine Under $20 2119 days ago

The Virtues of Simple Perfection: Cep Sauvignon Blanc

 Mark As Read    

Simplicity is underrated. Perfection is overrated. But what do you do when you find a wine that is quite simply perfect? Well, you enjoy it first. Then, if you're me, you write about it here and hope that you can still get your hands on some later.Some readers will find it surprising that the wine that I'm touting is a Sauvignon Blanc. One person I...

Good Wine Under $20 2150 days ago

Your House Red: Boxed and Ready to Go

 Mark As Read    

I'm the only wine drinker in my house. And there are times, like now, when things are so crazy that planning menus and opening bottles of wine that will in all likelihood go off before I can finish them up doesn't make sense. Enter the new generation of boxed wines.I'm particularly partial to the Octavin, which has a fantastic spigot contraption th...

Good Wine Under $20 2171 days ago

Not All Rh?nes are Red

 Mark As Read    

I love red Rh?ne blends. They're zesty, spicy, and offer great value. Even wines from well-known appellations like Ch?teauneuf-du-Pape are relatively inexpensive when judged by the standards of Bordeaux and Burgundy.Most wine drinkers are not as well-acquainted with the delicious white blends that are made with Rh?ne varietals such as Grenache Blan...

Good Wine Under $20 2185 days ago

Inspired by Mustard--and Merlot

 Mark As Read    

In late December, I went on a cookbook binge. I was not feeling inspired in the kitchen, and my cooking needs had changed from "meals that can be done in thirty minutes" and might involve 28 minutes of standing at a hot stove to "meals that can be thrown together in 5 minutes and then put in the oven for an hour while you answer your email."One of ...

Good Wine Under $20 2192 days ago

Game On! A weekend food and wine pairing

 Mark As Read    

This weekend you might be having friends over to watch sports on tv. No matter what your game, you need something that is comforting, fun, and not too much of a hassle to prepare. You also need a wine to go with it.If so, pick up a bottle of Zinfandel and the ingredients to make these relatively healthy, entirely decadent-tasting Buffalo Chicken Pa...

Good Wine Under $20 2196 days ago

Affordable Holiday Sparklers

 Mark As Read    

When I'm not indulging in dessert wine this month, I'm usually rooting through the cabinets for a bottle of sparkling wine. It's not something I save for special occasions--unless you consider a Tuesday night sufficient! More sparkling wine is sold in the US between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day than in the rest of the year. So what will you be d...

Good Wine Under $20 2224 days ago

Dessert Wines for Drinking and Gifting

 Mark As Read    

I don't drink much dessert wine between January and November, but something happens to me at Thanksgiving and between then and New Year's Eve I find myself longing for a glass of sweet wine, a good book, and some holiday music.Dessert wines typically come in smaller bottles (usually 375ml or 500 ml, rather than 750 ml), although there are exception...

Good Wine Under $20 2227 days ago

Comparing Oregon and California Pinot Noirs

 Mark As Read    

Pinot Noir's popularity doesn't seem to be waning. That's no surprise, since the grape is capable of producing food-friendly wines that have a beautifully silky feeling in the mouth and great acidity along with bright fruit.As with most grapes, however, the final flavors in the bottle can vary widely depending on where the grapes were grown. When I...

Good Wine Under $20 2234 days ago

Got Gew?rztraminer?

 Mark As Read    

This week, I'm on the run. From home to work to appointments, to the store, to run errands--you know exactly what I mean. Often, this means that there is a fair amount of takeout and/or prepared foods bought at the supermarket sitting on our dinner table. When I'm feeling frazzled, I'm always glad if there's some Gew?rztraminer on hand.Gew?rztramin...

Good Wine Under $20 2238 days ago

The $10 Red Wine Miracle for the Holidays

 Mark As Read    

Most of us are planning meals in the next four weeks that call for red wine. No matter what your family tradition--latkes, brisket, bowls of spaghetti and meatballs, roast beef, or even turkey--I have THE red wine for you. It's versatile, it's rich-tasting, and it's around $10 in most markets.The wine in question is the excellent QPR 2008 Marchesi ...

Good Wine Under $20 2241 days ago

Malbec and Mole, or How to Transform Your Turkey Leftovers

 Mark As Read    

I love turkey leftovers--the day after Thanksgiving. Then, I want nothing more to do with turkey, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes. I crave spice and warmth and something that will go with red wine. So what do you do with the leftover turkey? I'm too busy to make soup!First, dive into your wine closet or go out and buy a nice, affordable bottle...

Good Wine Under $20 2244 days ago

Albari?o: Not Just for Summer

 Mark As Read    

Many people think of Albari?o as a summer wine. Its bright, citrusy flavors and saline tang do conjure up images of warm evenings on the deck, long walks by the beach, and the fresh fish and vegetables of the summer season.But Albari?o shouldn't be drunk solely between June and September. Right about now, with the days shorter and the cold temperat...

Good Wine Under $20 2246 days ago

Simply Delicious Syrah

 Mark As Read    

Syrah is one of my favorite grapes, as most regular readers know. Finding a good, affordable bottle can be a challenge, however, because a lot of Syrah out there today is overproduced and not terribly impressive. Syrah should have some recognizable characteristics, like blackberry fruit flavors, spicy notes of black pepper and clove, and perhaps so...

Good Wine Under $20 2248 days ago

When Spending a Little More Is Worth It

 Mark As Read    

Though my wine reputation is all about finding great bottles that cost less than $20, I do on occasion stray over that financially responsible line. Sometimes I regret it, since the wine I splurged on (even if it's only a $2 splurge!) isn't worth it. Other times, I feel like those few extra dollars deliver significantly more in terms of taste and e...

Good Wine Under $20 2252 days ago

Fondue! (and the wine that goes with it)

 Mark As Read    

In an a rare moment of retro chic, I bought a fondue pot. We had one growing up. It was that burnt orange color so common in the early 70s (or at least that's how I remember it). As the years went by, the regular presence of a flame underneath discolored the burnt orange to something more like burnt umber. There were forks with wooden handles and c...

Good Wine Under $20 2255 days ago

Do You Know What Chardonnay Tastes Like?

 Mark As Read    

Here's a quiz.Do you think Chardonnay tastes like vanilla pudding?Do you think Chardonnay tastes like toothpicks?Do you think Chardonnay tastes like what you imagine it would be like to lick an oak tree?If you answered yes to any of the above, you don't know what Chardonnay tastes like. But don't worry, you're not alone. All those flavors that you'...

Good Wine Under $20 2259 days ago

Before Your Thoughts Turn to Turkey...

 Mark As Read    

It's easy in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving to lose sight of everything but turkey and what to have with it. After Thanksgiving? I don't know about you, but the weeks between late November and early January are always a complete blur with too much going on.So I'll be suggesting some wines in the next few weeks that you might want to get in th...

Good Wine Under $20 2262 days ago

Thanksgiving Wine Under $20: 2010 Edition

 Mark As Read    

Here we are: at the starting line for the annual holiday rush. That's right, it's almost Thanksgiving. Every year, thousands swing by GWU$20 in search of wallet-friendly wine recommendations for their celebrations.Below, you will find my picks for the most appropriate and affordable wines to have on this year's holiday table. If you search the tag ...

Good Wine Under $20 2265 days ago

Happy Halloween

 Mark As Read    

Wishing you all a safe, spooky weekend.(Image of Kim Novak and her familiar Pyewacket from the 1958 film "Bell, Book, and Candle" starring Kim Novak, James Stewart, and Jack Lemmon.)And remember: don't drink and fly.

Good Wine Under $20 2272 days ago

Keeping Things Light with Sauvignon Blanc

 Mark As Read    

If you aren't downing bowls of pasta and stew, then you might be trying to keep things light in the weeks leading up to the holidays.Should fish, salads, and lots of vegetables feature in your upcoming menu plans, you will want to have some Sauvignon Blanc on hand. Sauvignon Blanc is a grape that can be used to make wines in any number of styles: f...

Good Wine Under $20 2273 days ago

Cal-Italians for Pizza and Pasta

 Mark As Read    

It really feels like autumn here in Southern California. And before you laugh, yes, we DO have seasons (they're screwy, but we have 'em). There's a whole lot of stew, soup, and pasta being cooked up in my house these days, whereas a month ago if it couldn't be cooked on the grill it wasn't on our table.Today I have two picks for your pizza and past...

Good Wine Under $20 2276 days ago

Comforting Weekend Wine and Food Pairings

 Mark As Read    

So, it's the weekend again. Nearly. Almost. If you are biting your nails waiting for 5 pm today, you aren't alone. This time of year it's easy to feel a bit frazzled and in need of some major comfort.I've got three wine suggestions--sparkling, white, and red--and three recipe ideas for you. One menu is vegetarian, one is easy to prep and bakes in t...

Good Wine Under $20 2279 days ago

Witches, Vampires, and Wine

 Mark As Read    

Because today marks the official beginning of the 13 Days of Halloween (don?t worry if you?ve never heard it before because I came up with this holiday concept myself), I?m here to come clean and explain why posting on GWU$20 has been sporadic and what it all has to do with witches, vampires, and wine.In the fall of 2008, my life took an unexpected...

Good Wine Under $20 2282 days ago

Zinfandel: One for Now, One for Later

 Mark As Read    

It's raining in Los Angeles, which means it's officially Zinfandel season. Every autumn, when the heat finally breaks, I look forward to making some soups, stews, and roasts and cracking open some excellent wine. Of course, Zinfandel season extends through the winter and even into the months of BBQ to come, so I've got one recommendation for now an...

Good Wine Under $20 2283 days ago

Classic, Classy California Chardonnay

 Mark As Read    

California Chardonnay has a bad reputation. Years of overproduced, overly-oaked wines left a sour taste in the mouths of many wine drinkers. But a few (or a thousand) bad winemaking choices shouldn't make you abandon a grape entirely. Recently, I've seen many winemakers going back to classy Chardonnays that are more restrained in style and more foc...

Good Wine Under $20 2290 days ago

Bargains In Pinot Noir

 Mark As Read    

(No, you are not hallucinating.)Recently I sat down to taste samples of Pinot Noir. This normally fills me with dread. As you all know, I focus on wines under $20. There's not much good Pinot Noir to be had in that price bracket. Still, Pinot Noir is one of my favorite grapes so I often taste my way through the bottles I receive and get thoroughly ...

Good Wine Under $20 2294 days ago

A Great Wine for Harvest Time

 Mark As Read    

How does your garden grow? Mine is still going great guns, filled mainly with herbs like a mammoth Greek columnar basil, drifts of Thai basil, and piles of oregano and thyme. My friends who plant vegetables are swimming in tomatoes, zucchini, and late green beans.Now that we're entering autumn in earnest, you might be looking for a wine that goes w...

Good Wine Under $20 2297 days ago
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