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PR 101 – The Art and Costs of Being on “The List”

 Mark As Read    

Who's on "The List" at any wine event? First, it's the primary influencers. They're invited and the hosts are happy to have them. They'll attend, and today's social media responses don't even have to wait for a paper to be printed (dinosaur), or a blog story to be written (so yesterday). Today, it's Instagram and […]...

Wine Blog 10 hours, 49 min ago

Wine of the Week ~ 2014 Laughinghouse Petite Sirah

 Mark As Read    

The Wine ~ Laughinghouse Petite Why I'm writing about this one is that it's an "American Dream" wine. The dream was there to create a brand and now it's being actualized. I love wine negotiates. They get to dabble with what others have brought forth as they go on a buying trip to make that […]

Wine Blog 3 days ago

Es Rosé, José… un Estelado de Chilé!

 Mark As Read    

That's what I've been saying all spring into summer, "It's Rosé, José," and this time it was an Estelado from Miguel Torres de Chilé! Olé! A list of what's been pouring in, in an unprecedented amount… 2015 Masi Rosa dei Masi Rosato Delle Venezie 2015 The Seeker Rosé Côtes de Provence 2015 Alta Vista Rosé […]...

Wine Blog 4 days ago

Bordeaux ~ Banking on Iconic Wineries ~ partie quatorze

 Mark As Read    

[Image: As© CIVB, 2012. Design: Siksik – Cartography. Édition Benoít France] As I look at this map to the right, I realize how much father I have to go to understand Bordeaux. I've written about the Left and Right banks; as we look at this map, we have much more to learn. Left Bank North-West […]

Wine Blog 5 days ago

Sage Advice on Writing From an Unlikely Source ~ PR 101

 Mark As Read    

The sage advice is the very last "Dear Jo:" at the end of this blog post. If you follow from the top, you'll see how I make decisions on what I have time for, when it comes to helping people with their brands on this blog. It's not so much the brands I enjoy, it's […]

Wine Blog 6 days ago

Verona ~ Who Are You, Anyway? ~ seconda parte #IAMarone

 Mark As Read    

[The map of Italy, with the Vento region highlighted, is borrowed from the Website.] My husband said to me, "You don't know what Amarone wine is?" like I really should know. "No," I answered, "I don't have a clue." With the last 25 years of my life devoted to learning about and working with […]...

Wine Blog 7 days ago

Wine of the Week ~ 2014 Reserva Casillero del Diablo Carménère

 Mark As Read    

I love Carménère, especially when it comes from Chile.As  Chile has over 460 years of wine heritage. When the Spanish arrived in sixteenth century, there was no phylloxera Chilean vine rootstock (at the time) grew own-rooted, which turned out to be a valuable genetic material. This allowed Carménère to thrive hidden among Merlot vines for [R...

Wine Blog 10 days ago

Congratulations, Paul Draper, on your retirement

 Mark As Read    

My hat's off to you, sir, as I join the legion of others who celebrate all of your contributions. You not only enriched the PS I Love You agenda, but you have enriched my life, too. I asked, you helped. What more could anyone ask of another and be so rewarded for years to follow?

Wine Blog 12 days ago

Wine in Cans? Yeah… Git along little dogies, git along

 Mark As Read    

Picture yourself on a sand beach with your colorful towel¦ Or in a favorite park, hiking a long and winding trail¦ You want a sip of something special. You crack open your Pam's Cutie, take a sip, and life is exactly as it should be¦

Wine Blog 14 days ago

Wine of the Week ~ Spartico Organic Wine

 Mark As Read    

Einstein's brain, upon examination, revealed that he had an extra-ordinary network of connections. For each memory, his patterns were like looking at the grid of a busy railroad yard. To really begin to gain info about wines, reading their unique stories, where they're from, who made them and why, tasting them… These are the interconnections ...

Wine Blog 17 days ago

Bordeaux ~ Beyond the vines, while enjoying the culture ~ partie treize

 Mark As Read    

This particular story was just inspired by my friend Ken Payton. On Facebook Ken wrote: So… I've uploaded and tagged a new gallery, this one simply called ‘Bordeaux, France'. I've kept the tags clean and simple; and, as you will note, some will be unavailable for commercial applications owing to the absence of the proper […]...

Wine Blog 18 days ago

There?s something so visceral about a new client ~ Aberrant Cellars

 Mark As Read    

Aberrant Cellars, a Willamette Valley wine producer… Hello Pinot Noir and Pursuing the Profound ab·er·rant ?ab?r?nt,??ber?nt/ adjective: aberrant departing from an accepted standard. Biology diverging from the normal type. This was the birth of Aberrant Cellars… This is brand is a combination of old world, new world, and some modern att...

Wine Blog 19 days ago

Bordeaux ~ Albert Smith Work in the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux ~ partie douze

 Mark As Read    

After my first story about Albert Smith (1854–1932), called Bordeaux ~ Impressionist Alfred Smith ~ partie onze, I wanted to know more about the Bordeaux artist. I thought, "Shouldn't there be a museum in Bordeaux where Albert Smith's works are located?" I mean, he's a home boy, right? Well, there is… The Musée des Beaux-Arts […]...

Wine Blog 20 days ago

A Republican and a Democrat bumped into each other this 4th of July for a drink

 Mark As Read    

Interesting concept, huh? I have a friend in the CIA, who once told me, when the GOP is in the house, they enjoy hard liquor. When the DEMs are in the house, they prefer wine. Meanwhile, I know who has their "House" wine, but can't tell. How about celebrating this Fourth of July weekend by […]

Wine Blog 21 days ago

Wine of the Week ~ A Juicy Cadre of Rosés

 Mark As Read    

Einstein's brain, upon examination, revealed that he had an extra-ordinary connection network. For each memory, his patterns were like looking at the interconnections of a busy railroad yard. To really begin to gain info about wines, reading their unique stories, where they're from, who made them and why, tasting them… These are the interconn...

Wine Blog 24 days ago

Q&A ~ Do you wanna come out and play?

 Mark As Read    

Remember those fun days, when you had more friends than you had chores? Hide and go seek, kick the can, dancing in your friend's living room, and playing a good game of Monopoly were your greatest joys… Then we all grew up. Today's games surrounding wine have such solitary and serious goals… "Should I go […]

Wine Blog 25 days ago

Bordeaux ~ Impressionist Alfred Smith ~ partie onze

 Mark As Read    

(Le quai de Bacalan le soir ) is a full bodied image calling for a full bodied wine. Let's say a Left Bank Bordeaux, because it's quite substantive and a bit mysterious, just as the wharves at Bacalan are so described in texts.

Wine Blog 26 days ago

Thinking About the Mountaintop ~ Justin Style ~ While My Guitar Gently Weeps

 Mark As Read    

Good, better, best: never let it rest, until the good is better and the better is best...

Wine Blog 27 days ago

The Cesari Vineyard of Verona

 Mark As Read    

As I've written about Portugal, To Understand a Wine, Once Must First Understand its People. Now, it's my time to learn about Verona, Italy: The customs of its people, its foods and wines, art and music, it's landscapes, and its history. This is all for the purpose of understanding Cesari wines and what makes the […]

Wine Blog 28 days ago

Wine of the Week ~ 2015 biokult Zweigelt Rosé of the Niederösterreich

 Mark As Read    

Einstein's brain, upon examination, revealed that he had an extra-ordinary connection network. For each memory, his patterns were like looking at the interconnections of a busy railroad yard. To really begin to gain info about wines, reading their unique stories, where they're from, who made them and why, tasting them… These are the interconn...

Wine Blog 31 days ago

Consider Hyposmia ~ the aging palate

 Mark As Read    

Probably not too many people in this lifetime want to admit that their palates are on the wane. No awards are given for fessing up, and it will definitely work in one's disfavor, but I've always been one for telling it like it is, not like it isn't… I've got to thank Dan Berger for […]

Wine Blog 32 days ago

One of 80 and darned happy to be #IAMarone

 Mark As Read    

Do I love adventure? I have wings on my feet, if you don't know. And I'm a storyteller, which you may also not know… So, this Email arrived. Hi Jo, Cesari Vineyard of Verona, one of the finest Vineyards of the Valpolicella region is celebrating 80 years of producing some of Italy’s greatest wines this […]

Wine Blog 33 days ago

In the morphing of time, what once was, becomes what is new again

 Mark As Read    

[Artwork by John Tewey, Portland Maine Rotary Club] People in Maine sent me off with the tribute to the right. By December 29, 1992, I was on a plane with husband, kids, pets, and all of my earthly belongings… With thoughts of, "Would I ever have such appreciation and understanding again?" Now, when the grape […]

Wine Blog 34 days ago

PS I Love You Report Card, 14 years later

 Mark As Read    

Reviewing the Mission Statement "To promote, educate, and legitimize Petite Sirah as a heritage variety, with a special emphasis on its terroir uniqueness." Since 98 percent of its terroir being California, we've got that covered. This mission statement was created after the first Petite Sirah Symposium. Since 2002, when winemakers had stated that ...

Wine Blog 35 days ago

Wine of the Week ~ 2014 Trivento Reserve Argentinean Blend of Cabernet-Malbec

 Mark As Read    

Rich and ripe fruit, with a dusty, smokey character… The finesse is very much there, like a fine Stetson cocked to the right on a gentleman farmer, overlooking his vineyard… The 2014 Trivento Reserve Argentinean Blend of Cabernet-Malbec ~ Delicious… Some day, I've got to get to South America… Specifically, Mendoza Argentina....

Wine Blog 38 days ago

Happy Father?s Day, Syrah!

 Mark As Read    

[Copyright: mcininch / 123RF Stock Photo ~ Purchased image.] Credit where credit is due… Syrah (father) + Peloursin (mother) = Petite Sirah I did NOT write the following, in this rendition. This was written by Stephanie Douglas of Aratas Wine, who – like me – just "gets it." History, lineage, heritage, passion… We're on it! ...

Wine Blog 39 days ago

2016 Masters Winemaker Dinner Series in Napa Valley

 Mark As Read    

I'm listing this one, because I know you'll enjoy more than a few of these dinners if you're local or coming to California for delicious fun. 2016 Masters Winemaker Dinner Series Includes Napa Valley's Top Wineries The Meritage Resort and Spa, in Napa, has announced its 2016 Masters Winemaker Dinner Series line up. Featured wineries […]...

Wine Blog 40 days ago

Bordeaux ~ What You Don?t Know ~ partie dix

 Mark As Read    

[Copyright: phbcz / 123RF Stock Photo – paid image of Chateau Cos D'Estournel, Bordeaux Region, France] I searched on "What You Don't Know About Bordeaux," just out of curiosity, so see what I've been missing with bigger picture items. Up popped my friend Monique Soltani's Website with that exact same name… Her Website is, [&#...

Wine Blog 42 days ago

Wine of the Week ~ 2015 Nik Weis Selection Urban Riesling Mosel

 Mark As Read    

"We should have gone swimming, first…" [What's underlined below are the connective dots for which I'll be remembering this 2015 Nik Weis Selection Urban Riesling Mosel. Try this system for remembering your wines, too. It works.] We happily ended the evening, when Corinne said, "We should have gone swimming, first…" Here's how it all beg...

Wine Blog 45 days ago

When Wine Education Matters & Who Are Its Preeminent Leaders?

 Mark As Read    

The Wine Spectator Scholarship Foundation and Wine Business Institute at Sonoma State University hosted this groundbreaking ceremony, for the future of the Wine Spectator Learning Center. The day was hot by mid-morning, when the event began. Sun was bearing down, as most of the early arrivals had all found spots in the shade.

Wine Blog 47 days ago

Some Feet Not Meant for Shoes ~ Pamela Klein

 Mark As Read    

So, I know that my feet have never been meant for shoes, and it's a great day when I meet someone else with the same joie de vivre. I first met Pamela Klein on Facebook, through our mutual friend Nancy Weil Brown. Pamela and I instantly clicked as twin sisters from other mothers. In many […]

Wine Blog 48 days ago

Swallow This ~ Second Edition ~ Mark Phillips

 Mark As Read    

I love this guy Mark Phillips… He's the brains behind His site begins with "Making Wine Fun." Yes, indeed, he's got quite the sense of humor. I learned a long, long time ago, make what they have to learn be as much fun (and funny) as possible, and even the most complicated concepts become […]

Wine Blog 49 days ago

Wine of the Week ~ Champagne Forget-Brimont

 Mark As Read    

Sometimes it just hits you so right… A hot, late spring day (90ºF), you only want to eat light fare, and it has to be bubbles to make it all so refreshing… That was last night, as I reached for the newly arrived bottle of Champagne Forget-Brimont Brut Premier Cru. Everything was right with the […]

Wine Blog 51 days ago

Exploring Israel?s Wines

 Mark As Read    

[Image from] Will there ever be a day when I am headed to Israel to taste wines? I do know that they're working hard to create a great Petite. Beyond that, I'm just plain ignorant, as very little has come to me in this regard. I can tell you that Kerry Damskey is a […]

Wine Blog 53 days ago

Tasting 101 Simplified for a Novice ~ Especially if you?re faced with teaching it

 Mark As Read    

I was just asked by someone, who's writing an article on tips of how to train your palate. He asked if I would be interested in sharing a tip for developing tasting chops.

Wine Blog 54 days ago

A New Book From Dick Rosano ~ The Secret of Altamura

 Mark As Read    

If you're looking for a wine county novel to read, Dick Rosano's books won't disappoint you. He's an excellent author.

Wine Blog 55 days ago

Bordeaux ~ Mirror of Water ~ partie neuf

 Mark As Read    

Bordeaux, the pearl of Aquitaine... the fascination continues. Millesima If I were to travel to Bordeaux, where is one place I would definitely want to visit, based on what I've now learned? The Miroir d'eau (Water Mirror)

Wine Blog 56 days ago

Bordeuax Mirror of Water ~ partie dix

 Mark As Read    

Bordeaux, the pearl of Aquitaine... the fascination continues. Millesima If I were to travel to Bordeaux, where is one place I would definitely want to visit, based on what I've now learned? The Miroir d'eau (Water Mirror)

Wine Blog 56 days ago

Wine of the Week ~ 2015 Casillero del Diablo Chardonnay from Chile

 Mark As Read    

Consistently tasty wine from Casillero del Diablo is something you can bank on as a great value, I don't care what varietal grape it is. When it retails for $8 in the US (average, not the same pricing in PA or Puerto Rico, for instance), it's an easy crowd pleaser.

Wine Blog 59 days ago

When the party arrives in a box ~ Mon Dieu, Decadent Saint, Rocky Mountain High

 Mark As Read    

C'est dans l' sac ~ Decadent Saint ~ What we love, the Winery Two 12 ounce cans of "Refresher" Seltzer Water 1 bottle of NV Ruffin Prosecco Sparkling Wine, Product of Italy Decadent Saint Batch 9, Bottle 902: Decadent Saint White Sangria White Wine, Real Fruit, Fresh Spice A Gold Medal Concetrate Rocky Mountain Crafted […]...

Wine Blog 60 days ago

We?re all in Pursuit of Balance

 Mark As Read    

I just got this E-Mail; although, I also read their press release, so I did know about this one. Dear Friends, We announced yesterday that we¹re closing IPOB at the end of 2016. Therefore there will not be another membership tasting. We are very grateful for your interest in IPOB, and we wish you all the best in […]

Wine Blog 61 days ago

Bordeaux ~ The Aquitaine Region ~ partie huit

 Mark As Read    

I'm learning about Bordeaux, a big piece of my wine puzzle that's been missing since I began my wine journey in 1993. When one moves from a state like Maine to California, California wines just take over, especially if you make California wine your business and not a hobby. [Do you know that Maine is […]

Wine Blog 62 days ago

It?s all about the Silverado Pickups and Tres on Bass and Guitar

 Mark As Read    

I love rock and roll. I'm a product of The Summer of Love and then working for rock station WBLM in the 80s. I'm deeply into it, because music is a universal language, and I hear it. Have you ever noticed that when music is playing somewhere, a child about the age of two can't […]

Wine Blog 63 days ago

The Top 10 Joys of Writing, from mostly wine writers

 Mark As Read    

The Top 10 Joys of Having Wine Writer Friends I crowd sourced on Facebook for this one. Many of my friends' stories were repeated, proving that we're all part of the same tapestry. This story was inspired by my friend Pamela Kline… Number 1 below… when she declared the following and it got me to […]

Wine Blog 66 days ago

Wine of the Week ~ 2015 Biokult Österreich Rosé Secco

 Mark As Read    

Austrian wines are really so delicious. Taste their wines, and you learn a bit about their culture. Their motto: arrive and revive. I'm sure that it has a lot to do with their mountains, for starters. From the Austrian Info Website: The miracle of Austria is that all of its wine regions are incredibly easy […]

Wine Blog 68 days ago

Magic Cellar Rendezvous ~ Celebrating Napa Valley?s Stags Leap District ~ Part 2

 Mark As Read    

STAGS LEAP AVA Another day to leave the office, and explore more of my wine world? When I got the invite to experience Napa Valley for an important weekend for so many specific vintners, I had to decide… Chained to my desk, or go exploring? People come from all over the world to discover Napa. […]

Wine Blog 70 days ago

Wine of the Week ~ An Ode to Bila-Haut

 Mark As Read    

The 2015 Bila-Haut Rosé, Les Vignes de Pays, d'Oc Indication Géographique Protégee is deserving of its own ode… Delicious every day, with or without the rhyming, it's poetry in crystal. Domaine de Bila-Haut, Roussillon on the Rise, Rhône Leader Michel Chapoutier’s “Bila Heights" believes that “Roussillon has the potential to be as great as Bo...

Wine Blog 73 days ago

What I Would Love to Tell Clients ~ But, they?d think I was just making excuses

 Mark As Read    

Purchased image copyright: kasto / 123RF Stock Photo   This morning, Cathy Huyghe – a brilliant journalist for Forbes (Harvard grad, et al) and an independent wine writer for "Hungy for wine" was at the Mobile X Festival 2016. While attending, she wrote on Facebook and then quoted the following: PR people's greatest challenge, in […...

Wine Blog 74 days ago

Rewriting a Wine Bible ~ Sirah

 Mark As Read    

I have a granddaughter whose middle name is Sirah… Yes, in honor of my life's work that's involved Petite Sirah. I've been writing stories for my grandchildren, and I recently thought, "How can I explain to a two year old what her middle names means to me personally, and why she was given this particular […]

Wine Blog 75 days ago

Bordeaux ~ Cabernet Franc, a Luscious Bordeaux Variety ~ partie sept

 Mark As Read    

[Image of a Cabernet Franc leaf by Jo Diaz. All rights reserved.] Cabernet Franc is a delicious Vitis vinifera. It has luscious black fruit flavors and is the grape that gave Cabernet Sauvignon it's color and body. (Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Frank are the parent grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon, if you didn't know this already.) […]...

Wine Blog 76 days ago
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