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When you hire someone to do PR for you, that’s not where your job ends

 Mark As Read    

It's where it begins for true success… I wish I had penned that bit of wisdom, because it's brilliant. Alas, it was penned by another, and I don't take credit for someone else's words of wisdom. So, credit to the universe. When I read it, I didn't make note of the author. The words, however, […] The post When you hire someone to do PR f...

Wine Blog 2 days ago

Wine Tasting Etiquette ~ Perfume is for romance, not for wine tasting

 Mark As Read    

Wine Tasting Etiquette ~ 101 Although there's a lot of "romance" associated with the "wine experience," additional aromas when tasting wine doesn't really add anything. In fact, it takes a lot away from a really pleasant experience. I'm no saint with this one. I'll admit it… I learned this the hard way. It was when […] The post Wine Tas...

Wine Blog 3 days ago

A classic restaurant, bar, caterers, and picnic item… Boxxle

 Mark As Read    

Being asked if I'd consider Boxxle, I had no clue what it was or that it even existed, so I curiously said, "Sure." When it arrived, I thought, "What a great restaurant, bar, caterer or picnic item!" And, I'm hooked. Restaurants, bars, and caterers For people in restaurants and bars… Remember me? I'm the one […] The post A classic resta...

Wine Blog 4 days ago

Viticulture 101 – 2

 Mark As Read    

Viticulture 101 continued from last Monday… APRIL 8, 2015: Vines are trained in two different ways. This is the other way, with cordons being discussed in last week's Viticulture blog. It's called a "head pruned vine." The trunk grows up, each spring it grows canes (with leaves, shoots, and tendrils). It then is pruned back […] The post...

Wine Blog 5 days ago

The timing of the Green Parade has never been better… Irrigation-wise

 Mark As Read    

Earth Day is just days away…. California's drought versus viticulture is very complex, but has the ability to get people thinking more intelligently and scientifically. And, the Green Parade may have finally just arrived, more than a few decades from the summer of love, peace, and ecology. I just read an article by Dan Berger […] The po...

Wine Blog 8 days ago

Earth Day in Green Valley of Russian River Valley

 Mark As Read    

Earth Day in Green Valley of Russian River Valley is near and dear to my heart. I'm a Summer of Love survivor and apostle. In Northern California, nobody does Earth Day better than our own Joy Sterling of Iron Horse Vineyards. She, too, is an apostle of treating Mother Earth with dignity and r-e-s-p-e-c-t. For […] The post Earth Day in Green ...

Wine Blog 9 days ago

The only way to get over this is to get under it, Governor Brown

 Mark As Read    

Governor Brown, this blog post is dedicated to you: If you see me in this vineyard tomorrow morning, only five minutes from my home, with my bar of soap and towel, know that this is where I'll be taking my showers from now on. My husband went out and about yesterday, to get coffee, something […] The post The only way to get over this is to ge...

Wine Blog 11 days ago

Viticulture 101 ~ A Perspective

 Mark As Read    

My background perspective of viticulture comes from college classes, being in the field, and being and behind a camera for that better view. My blog is my journal about my being a wine publicist, for not only viticulture, but for enology, marketing , PR, sales, wine education, for writing about it for over 20 years… […] The post Viticul...

Wine Blog 12 days ago

Turning wine into vinegar, almost

 Mark As Read    

"Why would anyone be turning wine into vinegar?" you might ask. Sonoma Portworks has the answer and the goods to prove it… And, they're mighty delicious, so now I know why. Perhaps you will too, someday. Besides producing completely delicious port-style wines, Sonoma Portworks in Petaluma also produces some really delicious flavors for you to...

Wine Blog 17 days ago

Yes, I’m “that one”

 Mark As Read    

Being fussy isn't easy, especially when you've written about that one yourself. In my story, it's called Road Warrior Survival Guide." In the air, it's probably called Air Warrior Survival Guide… Or, at least it should be, because flight attendant service seems to be a very difficult job, these days… Having to put up with […] The ...

Wine Blog 19 days ago

The Writers Museum, Edinburgh, Scotland

 Mark As Read    

What I do on my weekends, these days… I saw this picture of the Writers Museum in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Facebook, and I wrote, "I wonder if any of my grandfathers were ever at the Writers Museum, Edinburgh, Scotland?" Lately, on weekends I'm researching and developing a personal story, since, I need to now step […] The post The Writer...

Wine Blog 22 days ago

Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah 2015, as the dust settles

 Mark As Read    

These wine barrel hoops are very symbolic for this year's Dark & Delicious event, as I know I jumped through all of them. Did I come out unscathed? Good question. Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah 2015, as the dust settles, I continue to think about how multifaceted and a bit challenging this year's event was… […] The post Dark ...

Wine Blog 23 days ago

Evelyn Trentadue of Trentadue Winery passes away

 Mark As Read    

Matriarch Evelyn Trentadue of Trentadue Winery passed away, on Saturday, March 21, 2015. When asked if I'd help the family to distribute the news spread, my thoughts ran back to the days when I worked closely with the winery, and what a sweet person Evelyn was. She was always so gracious, and loved entertaining. The […] The post Evelyn Trenta...

Wine Blog 24 days ago

The Wine Institute clarifies arsenic in wine

 Mark As Read    

As a public service, the following is what the Wine Institute has distributed, since the article about arsenic in wine has been published… The are keeping us all informed. Wine Institute Fact Sheet on Arsenic Mar 20, 2015 FACT SHEET Wine Institute is the association of 1,000 California wineries. In recent days, unfounded litigation has [̷...

Wine Blog 25 days ago

Americans reacting to the lawsuit regarding high levels of arsenic in wine

 Mark As Read    

Regarding the story that CBS reported on last week, regarding high levels of arsenic: Very high levels of arsenic" in top-selling wines With a title about high levels of arsenic, it's enough to scare anyone… And, sustainable, organic, and biodynamic wines are looking better all of the time… unless you know the producer and its […]...

Wine Blog 26 days ago

Somewhere in the vast array of options

 Mark As Read    

Procrastination creates burdens, but those who march forward open up opportunities for life is as it should be… Not wasted… a vast array of options. The post Somewhere in the vast array of options appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 26 days ago

Boutique ~ Who’s with me on this one

 Mark As Read    

Every time I hear the word "boutique, you might as well be dragging your fingers down a blackboard in my world. When I entered my freshman English class in high school, Miss Samways immediately said to us, "Don't ever use the word ‘nice' in anything you write in this class. I have one idiosyncrasy, and […] The post Boutique ~ Who's with...

Wine Blog 31 days ago

Dalst Wine Cellars creates magnificence

 Mark As Read    

Once upon a time, Dalst Wine Cellars was a client of ours. If you like a writer, it would seem that that person would make a great PR person for you, right? I thought I was up to the challenge, but I quickly found that I wasn't. I know how to talk about wine and […] The post Dalst Wine Cellars creates magnificence appeared first on Wine Blog....

Wine Blog 32 days ago

Angels, Thieves, and Winemakers, by Joseph Mills

 Mark As Read    

It was a perfect afternoon for rug cleaning. Professionals were zipping though the house. The decision of what to do with this "found" time Turned into poetry reading and wine sipping… Although I couldn't be at "The Beach," I was sipping a 2007 Viña La Playa Block Selection Reserve Chardonnay ("La Playa" is Spanish for […] The post Ange...

Wine Blog 33 days ago

Wine and sex, as prescribed by Dr. Ruth

 Mark As Read    

Wine & Sex… A great subject. PLUS… How many calories in a glass of wine + How many calories in sexual activities Forget "Lite" wine. Enjoy real wine, know the calories, and know what you have to do to burn them off… Inspired by Dr. Ruth… The decade: The 1980… The show: David Letterman, who […] The post Wine a...

Wine Blog 36 days ago

Writing, the lost art

 Mark As Read    

I love writing about wine, but I also just love the exercise of writing. When I was in elementary school, I learned the Palmer Method. Anyone remember that one? I found that I loved it, because it was so artistic. It was the closest, in Catholic school, that I got to any kind of art […] The post Writing, the lost art appeared first on Wine Bl...

Wine Blog 37 days ago

Malolactic Simplified

 Mark As Read    

You, too, can join the "Cheap Date Society." The post Malolactic Simplified appeared first on Wine Blog.

Wine Blog 38 days ago

Yeah… Wine’s high rent district

 Mark As Read    

I love my friends. They send me Emails that they think I should read, which of course will elicit an opinion. My friend Paul Moe in Florida just sent a link to me from Smirky Chimp saying, "They’re all ‘wine barons!'” I wrote back, after reading the story entitled, Sour Grapes in ‘Wine Country’—Intense Challenges […] The post Yeah…...

Wine Blog 39 days ago

Back Label Girl is available to spin your story

 Mark As Read    

Wine labels, including the back label, are portals to a winery. In the the late 60s, my friend Leon Pinkham said to me, "Album covers have the greatest art on them." I hadn't thought much about it before he said that to me. I had just taken it all for granted, but once Leon pointed […] The post Back Label Girl is available to spin your story ...

Wine Blog 40 days ago

Integrated Pest Management: Cats, bats, birds, and dogs in the vineyards

 Mark As Read    

Oh, the discoveries of integrated pest management… CATS: My first lesson came just after I arrived in California… while waiting for a full-time job at a winery. I had secured a part-time job at Belvedere, who had a winery cat. Watching that cat turned into a project that was such a fun. I had no […] The post Integrated Pest Management: ...

Wine Blog 43 days ago

Wine Books I’ve read over the years…. Getting ready for some summer reviewing

 Mark As Read    

With weather averaging in the 70s in Northern California, our summers begin a bit ahead of other areas, in terms of getting outside, having weekends where we leave wine country to the tourists, and find quiet moments to get back to slower times on longer days. Also, I'm still rebuilding my life from our house […] The post Wine Books I've read...

Wine Blog 44 days ago

Veraison is fruit set to raisin

 Mark As Read    

In California, everything in nature is coming early for 2015, as regards growth of plants. This has been the winter from hell for most of the country, but we've been really blessed in the Golden state. Bud break has happened, this is when a grape vine's tiny nodes begin to burst forth with the year's […] The post Veraison is fruit set to rais...

Wine Blog 45 days ago

The Thank You That Changed My Thinking

 Mark As Read    

Do you have a publicist? Second question… Have you ever said thank you? PR – for the most part – is a really thankless job in many regards, and so it should be. I have no doubt about that one. I've learned some things along that way that are really worth sharing, though, that have […] The post The Thank You That Changed My T...

Wine Blog 46 days ago

Food safety guidelines for wine and food events, the rigors

 Mark As Read    

I was told, by one of our food partners, at Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah, The Alameda County Environmental Health Department is the most stringent, for compliance regulations being met in the entire US, as an example of letter-of-the-law compliant. That's the bad news. The good news is that any event, which anyone goes to […] The post Fo...

Wine Blog 47 days ago

Pardonez moi in writing

 Mark As Read    

Portia (1888) by Henry Woods… Portia is the heroine in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice. This is my wine publicist's journal. In most journals, nothing written matters to anyone but the author… but this one is public. In a public one, everything matters to everyone. Portia: The quality of mercy is not strain'd, It […] ...

Wine Blog 50 days ago

From the “Get a Clue” department on Bad PR form

 Mark As Read    

Get a clue, PR people…You're giving all of us a really bad name, when you do something like the following story, but before I go there… I once read how this one writer hates PR reps. I didn't get "why," because PR people try to bring joy to writers, so they have a good story. […] The post From the "Get a Clue" department on Bad PR...

Wine Blog 51 days ago

Don’t burn bridges ~ PR 101

 Mark As Read    

The Lion and Mouse An Aesop's Fable Once when a Lion was asleep a little Mouse began running up and down upon him; this soon wakened the Lion, who placed his huge paw upon him, and opened his big jaws to swallow him. "Pardon, O King," cried the little Mouse: "forgive me this time, I […] The post Don't burn bridges ~ PR 101 appeared first on W...

Wine Blog 53 days ago

The food safety license was issued at 5:59 p.m.

 Mark As Read    

… Which allowed the doors to open for another Dark & Delicious at 6:00 p.m., only one minute later. Why? Because we had just successfully passed the food safety licensing requirements of Alameda County. It wasn't ever official, until that very minute. Yeah, Dark & Delicious 2015 is going down in history as the steepest […] The p...

Wine Blog 54 days ago

It might help to spell Syrah correctly

 Mark As Read    

I got a terse and fascinating Email, which was sent after we had put out an announcement about a Petite Sirah event we annually organize,  direct, and produce. Nothing more was said than, "It might help to spell Syrah correctly" Jose forwarded it to me and chuckled. I read it and said, "What? Forward that […] The post It might help to spell S...

Wine Blog 57 days ago

Can a writer make a cent on a Website?

 Mark As Read    

Question from a freelance writer: "I want to make some changes to make my Website, making it a little friendlier and to perhaps induce more people to subscribe, offering a few more members-only services. Memberships are very low and I'm not making a cent on the site. I may eventually have to go to advertising…….What […] The post C...

Wine Blog 58 days ago

How to start a wine organization

 Mark As Read    

I once received an Email from someone wanting to create a wine organization: "How did you organize PS I Love You, as there are some wineries in this state that I just moved to [not California] that would like to start an association for a particular hybrid that grows here?" Answer: Start with passion, build […] The post How to start a wine or...

Wine Blog 59 days ago

Cork removal from a bottle is NOT brain surgery

 Mark As Read    

Cork Removal Filling the heartiest among us with fear, when we're on stage… I'll never forget the image of a brain surgeon fumbling with a wine cork, trying to get it out of the bottle. I thought to myself, "Really?" Then I thought, "I hope you're better at your own craft…" Why is pulling out […] The post Cork removal from a bottl...

Wine Blog 60 days ago

Once you’ve gone European… Kenwood Restaurant meets the standards

 Mark As Read    

If you've traveled abroad, you know that a restaurant table is yours for the taking. Nothing is rushed; and if you are, it's because the restaurant wants you to leave. Check out the film "A Good Year…" From the movie notes: London-based Investment expert Max Skinner (Crowe) moves to Provence to sell a small vineyard […] The post Once yo...

Wine Blog 61 days ago

Petite Sirah FAQs ~ People are still asking, after all of these years

 Mark As Read    

My very first blog posting on December 29, 2005, this was my first wine blog topic. I'm doubling back over 14 years later, and not mush has changed, in terms of the questions surrounding this intriguing and exclusive wine grape variety. If you've been lucky to taste some spectacular ones, you're a rare palate in […] The post Petite Sirah FAQs...

Wine Blog 64 days ago

Earth day at Iron Horse with Kevin Jorgeson ~ 2015

 Mark As Read    

Always climbing to new heights, Joy Sterling of Iron Horse Vineyards nabs Kevin Jorgeson as a guest speaker. From Joy Sterling: I am very excited to announce that our speaker for Celebrate Earth Day in Green Valley will be Kevin Jorgeson, who free climbed the 3,000-foot Dawn Wall of El Capitan, with climbing partner Tommy […] The post Earth d...

Wine Blog 65 days ago

TBNT – Thanks, but no thanks

 Mark As Read    

One of my bosses turned me onto TBNT… Thanks, but no thanks. I find that I use it a lot (at least in my head) as I read queries regarding my blog. First of all, if you think my blog is all that and you're still asking me to write for my blog, you didn't […] The post TBNT – Thanks, but no thanks appeared first on Wine Blog....

Wine Blog 66 days ago

Vintage Wine news from Friuli

 Mark As Read    

From Friuli with love… The benefits of having a wine blog is that it daily continues my wine education, beyond what I'm learning and writing about our clients. Clients pay me to keep up, so that keeping up has to do with information that will benefit them directly. Yes, social media is also moving that […] The post Vintage Wine news fro...

Wine Blog 67 days ago

Top US Wine Companies from WBM’s ~ My own Top 7 from this list

 Mark As Read    

When I got into the wine business in early '93, I knew (pretty much) nothing about wine. And so I worked it and studied it; and I expanded it, when I created the Petite Sirah wine grape advocacy group called PS I Love You. It's through this group that I've learned firsthand about the following […] The post Top US Wine Companies from WBM's ~ M...

Wine Blog 68 days ago

A Petite Auction – no small deal

 Mark As Read    

The Ninth Annual Petite Sirah auction has become an exclusive Petite auction; the only one of its kind in the entire world. [This image was taken in 2014, just before the doors opened for Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah.] The US is dominating in Petite Sirah growing this variety, and has it's own marketing group […] The post A Petite Auctio...

Wine Blog 71 days ago

Importance of Wine Competitions

 Mark As Read    

Wine Competitions… What is the importance of wine competitions? This is a frequently asked question by wineries just starting out, and their owners are stymied by the fees, the amount of competitions out there, and the ultimate value that competitions play in the wine business. Frankly, name any industry and you'll find that they, too, [̷...

Wine Blog 72 days ago

Winemaking, a simply complicated passion

 Mark As Read    

Facebook is the land of questions, including winemaking; especially for some of us in the wine business. If I get a winemaking question on this blog and I don't have an answer, I turn to my winemaking friends. Last week, on my blog about "Sur Lie aging versus aging Sur Lees," one of my readers […] The post Winemaking, a simply complicated pas...

Wine Blog 73 days ago

Historic Variety: Mission Grape

 Mark As Read    

The following was a final project that I wrote for my Enology class at Santa Rosa Junior College, taught by Pat Henderson, winemaker for Valley of the Moon. It was regarding the Mission Grape's role in California Wine Viticultural history. After my presentation, which included a tasting of a light but flavorful Malvadino Mission wine, […] The...

Wine Blog 74 days ago

Valentine day wines for 2015

 Mark As Read    

For Valentine day wines, let's start with some bubbles, segue into some delicious red wines… Bubbles are a natural for Valentine's Day and perhaps the first wine associated with this lovers' holiday. My choice for the best California sparkling wine recommendations are Brut wines from Iron Horse Vineyards,  J Vineyards and Winery, and River Ro...

Wine Blog 75 days ago

Thirteenth Annual Pinot Noir Shootout

 Mark As Read    

To all of my wine pals, I don't know anyone who works more tirelessly for Pinot Noir than Barbara Drady does. Her Affairs of the Vine annual shootouts are worth your time and energy. I believe in the process of a collective palate, just as I do for individual ones. Barbara's panels are always worth […] The post Thirteenth Annual Pinot Noir Sh...

Wine Blog 78 days ago

Sur Lie aging versus aging Sur Lees

 Mark As Read    

A very common mistake that I see, over and over again (most especially by writers who are new to wine) is the statement of "Sur Lees Aging." This is incorrect usage of the process. One "lie" Sur lie is a process of aging. It allows for a wine, when it's finished fermenting, to sit on […] The post Sur Lie aging versus aging Sur Lees appeared f...

Wine Blog 79 days ago
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