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2009 Napa Valley Cellars Merlot

 Mark As Read    

Merlot has a bad reputation. It is often described as "feminine," as if that is an insult. Yeah, if you're a 14-year-old boy trying to fit in on the playground, then it might be time to bloody a nose. But other than that, can we all grow up? Continue reading →

another wine blog 1289 days ago

Wine Entrepreneurship at Sonoma State

 Mark As Read    

I am delighted to announce that Anisya Thomas Fritz, proprietor of Lynmar Estate, will lead Sonoma State’s Wine Entrepreneurship Course.  I had the good fortune to meet Dr. Fritz at Lynmar after she brought on an intern from Sonoma State’s … Continue reading →

TasteWine 1289 days ago

True Fabrications Countertop Corkscrew

 Mark As Read    

This corkscrew can be set on top of a counter using a suction base. Its height is adjustable so it can quickly open different sized bottles. A foil cutter is included in the design, and conveniently located on the corkscrew … Continue reading →

Wine Blog Pro 1289 days ago

Wine Maker Count of Bentzel-Sturmfeder in Frankfurt am Main Presenting his Wines from Wuerttemberg, Germany

 Mark As Read    

Picture: Christian G.E. Schiller and Wine Maker Count of Bentzel-Sturmfeder Wuerttemberg is one of the wine regions in Germany that sells a relatively low share of its output outside the region in other parts of Germany or even exports its wines. So, I was very happy when I heard that Count of Bentzel-Sturmfeder, Weingut Graf von Bentzel-Sturmfeder...

Schiller Wine 1289 days ago
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