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Join us for Sneak Peak of The Wineyard at Santa Rosa Vintners’ Square!

 Mark As Read    

Another Wine Blog and fellow bloggers Grace Hoffman, Dezel Quillen, Lain Bradford, and Beau Carufel will help host a special TasteLive! webcast demonstration during a VIP Sneak Peak into The Wineyard at Santa Rosa Vintners' Square on Tuesday, December 20 at 6:00 p.m. Pacific (8:00 p.m. Central). Continue reading →

another wine blog 1256 days ago

Site Map for Cheers2wine

 Mark As Read    

This site map provides a link to every page of for your convenience. Plan a California Wine Tour the easy way with our help.

Cheers2Wine Blog 1256 days ago

The Components of Wine Quality

 Mark As Read    

The distinction between subjective personal taste preferences (largely accidental), and objective wine “quality” is an age-old puzzle. Just to show that this is an eternal question, I encourage you to visit “Drink what YOU Like”, a blog post by Virginia-based … Continue reading →

Crushpad Blog 1256 days ago

Missing Moscato: lessons from the bottom shelf of the supermarket

 Mark As Read    

We were talking at Wine Enthusiast the other day about trends in the wine world, and I admitted I’d missed Moscato. I blogged on this last October, so I won’t go into detail except to say that the Moscato thing started in the street (whether via hip hop or something else), then leaped onto the

Steve Heimoff| Wine Blog 1256 days ago

Fairhaven Vineyards TVM 2009 Lomanto: Texas Bred, Texas Savored

 Mark As Read    

Fairhaven Vineyards TVM 2009 Lomanto: Texas Bred, Texas Savored It was truly one of the most incredible wine tastings…in Denison, Texas, at Vinita, the familial home of Thomas Volnay (T.V.) Munson. We had a host of wines, but not a name among them was recognizable from any of my previous wine tastings. The names included

VintageTexas 1256 days ago

Wine Basics ~ The Beginners Guide, by Brett Graham

 Mark As Read    

Last Friday, I talked about A Fabulous Holiday Gift for Your Favorite Wine Enthusiast ~ Le Nez Du Vin by Jean Lenoir. The Le Nez du Vin wine aroma kits, although great for beginners to get a handle on wine aromas, is more suited to a bit more advanced wine enthusiasts… people who fancy themselves

Wine Blog 1256 days ago

Australian Shiraz Blends for Your Cellar or for the Holidays

 Mark As Read    

As I’ve said before, in 2005, we took the trip of a lifetime to Australia. We fell in love with the country, the people, and the wine. While Australia is quite versatile in the number and quality of wines it can successfully produce, it is best known for Shiraz. When you visit Australia, you quickly Australian Shiraz Blends for Your Cellar or for t...

Wine Peeps 1256 days ago

Rex Pickett’s “Life on Spec”

 Mark As Read    

I have written quite a bit here about Sideways, a rare film that somehow combines wine, humor and middle age crisis into an Academy Award winning package. But until recently I had no idea how close Sideways came from never being made. In a series of posts by author Rex Pickett over at the Stage Rex Pickett's "Life on Spec" originally appeared on Wi...

Winecast 1256 days ago

The Best Gifts For Wine Lovers

 Mark As Read    

Believe it or not, it's much more difficult to list the best wine gifts than it is the worst wine gifts. The worst ones stand out like bruised, battered and worn out soar thumbs. You can't miss them. But the...

Comtesse Therese 2010 Sauvignon Blanc

 Mark As Read    

By Len n Thompson, Executive Editor For years, Comtesse Therese and its owner-winemaker Theresa Dilworth produced mostly red wines, with a chardonnay made in Russian oak the lone white. In 2009 that changed when Dilworth added sauvignon blanc to the...

New York Cork Report 1256 days ago

The New York Cork Report 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

 Mark As Read    

By The New York Cork Report Team Here it is -- our first-ever holiday gift guide. You won't find any decanters, aerators or corkscrews on this list though. You won't find breathable wine glasses or magical wine wands either. What...

New York Cork Report 1256 days ago

Dining and Wining where the Royals Eat: Dario Cecchini's Solo Cicca Restaurant in Panzano “ the Butcher of Chianti Classico

 Mark As Read    

Picture: Christian G.E. Schiller with Dario CecchiniFollowing the 2011 European Wine Bloggers Conference in Brescia, I spent three days in a beautiful and exciting location “ in the Chianti Classico zone in Tuscany, at the invitation of the Chianti Classico Consortium. We visited several wineries and tasted perhaps as many as 70 different wines fro...

Schiller Wine 1255 days ago

Swirls: An appeal for some restraint and self-editing in wine social media

 Mark As Read    

It is a fact of life in the online wine world: just about everyone who makes or sells or writes about wine these days promotes their efforts via social media, especially Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. I use all three at times to make readers aware of stories on this website, especially Twitter, whose robust wine community I enjoy being part of, at...

Vint-ed 1256 days ago
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