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ABC Anonymous – Confessions of a wine hater

 Mark As Read    

ABC Club members tend to be easy to spot. Along with repeating the mantra elucidated above, they know all of the important rules required to be cool kids in the wine world: It is important that red wine goes in the big glass and white in the small, otherwise it is ruined. Continue reading →

another wine blog 1401 days ago

VintageTexas Write Off the Vine: Texas Wine News – Texas Wine Month Edition

 Mark As Read    

VintageTexas Write Off the Vine: Texas Wine News – Texas Wine Month Edition Tale of Two Gregs: Far Flung Wine and River Paddling Many years ago, two Gregs became friends.  One Greg made wine and loved paddling rivers.  The other Greg paddled rivers and loved wine. So, in a flash, the annual Far Flung wine

VintageTexas 1401 days ago

2009: The Year of Beaujolais That Took Me a Year to Understand

 Mark As Read    

2009 Beaujolais. People couldn't get enough of it. Jancis Robinson, whose wine opinion I value more than any other on the planet, called 2009 "The Year of Beaujolais". Countless other writers and critics were early adopters compounding the fervor of the vintage. If the title of this post makes no sense to you, I will quickly provide a diatribe on p...

Wine & Spirits Blog 1401 days ago

At the Black Sheep Inn, Organic is More than a Buzzword

 Mark As Read    

By Rochelle Bilow, Finger Lakes Food Correspondent “Come here, you,” Debbie Meritsky cooed, coaxing a brown cow closer to her. It batted its eyes and licked her hand. “Oh!” she said, and added with a sweet-as-pie grin, I’ll take that...

New York Cork Report 1401 days ago

A Rare Washington DC Appearance from one of the Best Importers in the USA - Fran Kysela “ at MacArthur's Beverages, USA

 Mark As Read    

Picture: Christian G.E. Schiller with Fran Kysela at Mac Arthur's BeveragesI joined the team of Mac Arthur's Beverages on Saturday, September 10 for a rare Washington DC appearance from one of the best Importers in the USA, Fran Kysela.Fran KyselaFor those of us who aren't familiar with Fran, the invitation of Mac Arthur Beverages included a quick ...

Schiller Wine 1400 days ago
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